Helpie - The Most Advanced Knowledge Base Plugin

Helpie - The Most Advanced Knowledge Base Plugin

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Helpie is an intuitive Helpdesk plugin that lets you create and organise your helpdesk / documentation for your products and services.

Main Features:

Search any documentation article with ajax autocomplete. Search works by matching any keyword in the post title / body.

2. Restrict User Access:

Restrict who can access which helpdesk article.

Basic: You can choose from anyone, logged-in-users. Advanced: Choose categories allowed for each user role.

3. Template controls:

Choose to show / hide sidebar, search-box in category and single templates.

4. Article emo-voting:

Allow users to vote. They can “frown”, “meh”, “love” the article. Edit / Reset the count from the Edit Article page in the WordPress backend.

5. Shortcodes:

Use short-codes to display,
  • Helpdesk / Knowledge Base / Documentation Page
  • Knowledge Base Search Module
  • Knowledge base categories module : Simple, Boxed, Boxed1. ( The 3 templates for main page )
  • Add CUSTOM ICONS for boxed categories module
  • Knowledge base welcome area.
  • Single page scroll navigation titles. See preview for example.
Show posts which are popular in order of popularity.

7. Breadcrumbs:.

Show / Hide breadcrumbs.


2 more Helpdesk Main Page Templates.

Boxed: Clean module with category name and category icon displayed in a beautiful boxed grid. You can upload any image as a custom icon in the Helpdesk Article Categories page. Recommended dimension is 65px * 65px.

Boxed1: Clean module with category name, list of links to a few articles of the category and a more button linking to the category page.

9. Support:

  • less than 12 hours
  • Through Email and Live Chat
  • Ticketing system will be added soon.

10. Very good code quality.

11. Works well and looks good without a separate theme.

12. Works well with any well-coded theme and tested with Avada, X Theme, The7, TwentySixteen and a few others.

13. Fully Responsive and User-centric Design

14. NEW* Insights

  • User Happiness Score
  • Most Searched Keywords
  • Key Users : Most happy users, most unhappy users
  • Key Articles: Best Articles and Worst Articles

Translation Ready

Compatible with WordPress 4.7

More features coming soon.

Feel free to share your FEATURE SUGGESTIONS.


Version 0.4

  • Full Documentation Navigation from sidebar
  • Syntax Highlight and Copy short-code
  • Major UI Improvements
  • Loading / Interaction Animations
  • Version 0.3

    • Helpdesk Insights
    • Translation Ready
    • Compatibility with WordPress 4.7
    • Minor Bug fixes and UI Improvements