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I believed this is awesome!

Presale question please:

1. Can I easily change the look and feel of the widgets? Example the livechat popup design/style, logo, colors, etc?

2. Can I place the embedded support and faq widget right button instead in the right side floating?

3. Is the email piping working well? Like if they will reply through email, will it sync inside helpdesk?

4. How often do you update the script?

Looking forward for you answer.


Good Morning,

Thank you for your questions.

1. Yes, you can. There is a GUI for simple colour changes and with a little bit of CSS and HTML knowledge you can change it to whatever you want.

2. Yes, that is possible

3. Since 1.6 we have also PHP IMAP which is much easier to use and setup. https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/128/php-imap-fetch-emails

4. That depends on the feedback from our clients, major updates for example 1.6 – 1.7 every 4-10 weeks. Small fixes for example 1.6 – 1.6.1 every time we receive a report with a bug that needs to be fixed.

At this moment we run 1.8.2, updates are very easy with our build in Auto Updater: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/97/auto-updater

I have sent you questions to your support days ago, and I sent you a PM also ?? just silence ??

Hi, sorry but all questions in our support area are answered: https://www.jakweb.ch/support We always respond with usually less then 2 hours, so please where and to who did you send your question. PM we don’t have.

Did you sign up and created a support ticket on our website?

Best regards Jérôme

I got it thank You, I also sent another question – Thank You

Hi Guys!

Presales question, are there push integrations like pushover? At this moment we run multiple systems to support our users, you script look like the perfect all-in-1. Now we use for chat tawk.to, a brilliant system. It would be great if we can get somehow notified when there is a chat and tickets updates (new/reply).

Hoping you have this build-in or can make this happen.


Hi, thank you for your interest in our helpdesk solution. Operator notification is integrated in various ways. Email, SMS, Desktop Notifications and ring tone. You can transfer clients and create tickets from any chat conversation.

Best to try the demo: http://demos.jakweb.ch/?script=HelpDesk-Operator

Hi. I have a pre-purchase question…does your application work on any platform?

Secondly, can we offer and charge others to use this support and chat system? Just as Zopim is offering?


Hi, it will work on all devices with a browser installed. Fully responsive and mobile optimised.

The software has not been build to run a “zopim” like website.

Best regards Jérôme


tiacruz Purchased

How config the live chat on wordpress?

Thank you for your purchase. Please use our support as described here: https://codecanyon.net/item/helpdesk-complete-support-solution/13496402/faqs/25886

Nevermind… I found what I was looking for.

? OK :)

Hi, I just bought this script and I also have a chat license.

How can i install the business edition to work with this script? As I want to have all the features available on my chat.


Thank you for your purchase, already answered in our support area.

Hi, Presale question here, can i integrate this system into my website. i dont want to use your front end demo just a backend system service

Yes, you can. You can embed all sections of the chat into your website.

Chat example: http://scripts.jakweb.ch/helpdesk/demo/ Support example: http://scripts.jakweb.ch/helpdesk/demosupport/ FAQ example: http://demos.jakweb.ch/?script=HelpDesk

It is also possible to include the sections via iframe.

Or you can change the front end design to whatever you want, simple Bootstrap 3 template.


imgdev Purchased

how can i enable the url rewrite?


imgdev Purchased

ok, solved with last update.


imgdev Purchased

Great script, but BOT is not working as expected. It need user to type the exact word. so if user say “hello how are you?” and bot is setup on “hello” it will not answer.

Thank you for your purchase, but in future please use our support tickets. Please read following FAQ article for more information about the chat bot: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/130/chat-bot

i m getting this error on Password forget.

Warning: html_entity_decode() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home/nd8hnue/public_html/supportcenter/home.php on line 300

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/nd8hnue/public_html/supportcenter/home.php:300) in /home/nd8hnue/public_html/supportcenter/include/functions.php on line 14

For support please use our support tickets, thank you. The error has been fixed as usual you can download the package on our site (as it takes a while here) and replace home.php.

Thank you for the report, next time please via our support website.

where can i download the package. I bought it from codecanyon. as your website is complicated. sorry for that.

Already answered through support tickets. Thank you for keeping the comments clean and just for pre sales questions.

Hi,Do you code open sorcue?and can i change Language?and development script?

Hi, thank you for your interest in our HelpDesk solution. Yes you can change the code as it is not encrypted. To translate into your language you will only need to do so in two language files. RTL is also supported if needed.

Hi there, I am interested with you helpdesk solution.

But I need more information regarding this script, I would like to know : Does it build using framework?

1. Is email piping are worked well? If user reply via email does the system sync into helpdesk ticketing?

2. I am using Zoho Mail, does it supported? We have bought another script with other site before but it does’t work with Zoho Mail.

3. How often you script are update?

Hopefully, you can help me clarify about it.

Good Morning,

1. No framework has been used, pure PHP Classes and Functions 2. PHP IMAP works very well. 3. You can export email addresses from the live chat, do you need other features? 4. Depend on feedback between 4 – 10 weeks. Updates are easy via the build in Auto Updater.

Have a great day

Hi there, wanted to try before buying. None of the Demos work.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Demo is now back online.


yulkar Purchased

There are some things that I can not change the language like: show Showing Entries Search

Thank you for your purchase. Please note that support is not included when purchasing on code canyon. You can purchase support access here: https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/1/support-access Support only via our support tickets: https://www.jakweb.ch/support

There are language files that missing some translation you can complete the translation with opening the appropriate language file in the /lang and /operator/lang folder. Open with any text editor, make sure they are saved in UTF-8.

Thank you.