H-Desk - Support Ticket System, Invoice Generator And Payments Collection/Handling System

H-Desk - Support Ticket System, Invoice Generator And Payments Collection/Handling System

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Business Help Desk is a system for handling customers’ business queries in the context of providing supportive services with customers, agents, and administrators registrations system. A customer can submit his/her query ticket, he will be notified by email/SMS alerts (if configured).when an admin or authorized agent responds customer will also be notified as well. It has also the ability to generate multiple types of business invoices for customers. and also can make business payments. and customers can see this business submitted queries, invoices, and payment requests.


  • Help queries management
    • Customers can submit query ticket
    • Agents can create query tickets for customer
    • Agents can create query tickets for customer
    • Multiple files can be attached while creating a query
    • All queries can be filtered by multiple things
    • Customers will be notified at every step on updates by agents
    • Query ticket can be locked on closed
    • Query ticket can refer to creating business invoices
  • Business invoices
    • All invoices can be created under a specific prebuild business profile for certain scenarios
    • The customer will be notified on creating an invoice
    • Invoice can be printed
    • Invoice can be exported as PDF file
    • Invoice can be edited/deleted at anytime
    • Invoice can be tracked by QR code by customer (required to be login first)
    • All attachments can be downloaded by customer/admin/agent at the time
  • Business invoices types (prebuild formats)
    • Standard invoice
    • Timesheet invoice
    • Expense invoice
    • In-term invoice
    • Final invoice
  • Business payments
    • All payments can be created under a specific prebuild business profile for certain scenarios
    • Agent/admin can create payment requests for collecting payment by multiple payment gateways
    • Customers will be notified as well.
    • Agent/admin can send reminders for pipeline payments to the customer
    • Agent/admin can send update payment status manually as well
    • It can be referred by a business invoice
  • Available payment gateways
    • Stripe card payment gateway
    • Square pay card payment gateway
    • Braintree card payment (supported PayPal as well via Braintree)
  • Business invoice types management
  • Query business profiles management
  • Query departments management
  • Query statuses management
  • Query priorities management
  • Query tags management
  • Query canned replies management
  • Users management
  • User roles management
  • App Settings
    • General: Configure general site settings
    • Outgoing mail: Configure outgoing email service preferences
      • Log (save in system log)
      • Support mailgun
      • Support SMTP
      • Support sendmail (PHP function)
    • Payment gateways: Configure gateways API keys for payment
    • Currency: Configure site currency symbology
    • SMS Configuration: Configure SMS notification services
      • Nexmo gateway
      • Twilio gateway
    • Tax: Configure tax rate,type and implementation
      • Is fix or percentage
      • Is tax included or excluded
    • Appearance: Configure the site icon and background
    • Authentication: Configure registration, and related things
    • Google rCaptcha (version 3): Configure captcha settings & preferences
    • Localization: Configure localization settings for the site
  • Database backup and restore
  • Translation manager for locales
  • Lightweight and fully optimized application.
  • Form CSRF Protection
  • Overall detailed dashboard
  • SPA (Single page application)
  • Notifications
    • SMS notifications to every step
    • Email notifications to every step
  • From customer area
    • Customer can create new help query
    • All submitted help queries can be viewed and processed
    • All business invoices issued can be viewed and printed/exported as PDF
    • All business payments requested can be viewed, processed, and printed/exported as PDF
  • From Admin/Agent area
    • All back end managements
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