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Hello there i have just purchased your script, but upon downloading and installing it seems i don’t have the latest version of the script ?

Hello Nikki,

Updated and sent you, do you have any issues?


Hey !

I buy this script but i cant install him !!

1 . in index page its show : ‘); $charset = ‘utf-8’; $cs=$mysql_charsets[$charset]; mysql_query( “SET CHARSET ’”.$cs.”’ ” ); mysql_query( “SET NAMES utf-8” ); ?>

2. i cant go to “install.php” file!!! and i cant install this script

please help 0.. .

Hi, I bought your script and I cannot install like most of your customers here! During the installation process, when I click on “set your information” link, I just get an error! your script is not enough documented.

nice script but how do i auto create user and disable login for user

Where can I remove in the footer www.dijitals.com?


This script sucks. Third one today. The installation doesn’t work, it gives blank page and there’s an error in the provided database.


I need a modification of your ticket system. I need a pay per ticket module.

I get the following error after importing the sql file ….......... help!

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `messages` (`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `ti’ at line 2


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp1\www\files\install.php on line 156

Now I get this error, help!

This script does not work. Installer is a no go. Would not recommend.

I had a earlier downloaded version of this that actually worked. I downloaded the new version and i see on a bunch of boxes disabled=”disabled” for the fields. Why is this filled in like that? is there some testing that was done before packaging this to save from testers messing with this. Can the file be fixed.

Got it installed but decided not to use it because there seems to be some deprecated PHP functions which would need to be fixed and just seems better to buy a script that works from the start.

If you want a working script I wouldn’t recommend this. From the past comments it seems that the author isn’t responding either.


I am very impressed. It is a very clean looking web application. Great work!

I was just about to buy 3 licences for websites, but had some questions, as noticed a few fields missing. I was not sure if the screenshots were out of date…

Here is some feedback, as well as questions on whether various things can be achieved or not…

  1. I cannot see any date and times in the list! Is there date of Last Reply? OR Date Created?
  2. No category or department. How do you filter responsibilities? How do you know what the ticket relates to?
  3. No priority listing. Is it urgent? is it unimportant? Low, High, Urgent…
  4. No sortable columns! Cannot display columns ascending or descending?
  5. Do you have a search field for people (admin or clients) to search their tickets, messages and replies?
  6. Why is there Edit and Delete buttons? Shouldn’t this be a CLOSE instead of delete?
  7. Where is “TICKET STATUS”?? e.g. Open, In Progress, On Hold, Waiting Customer, Customer Reply, Closed. ....
  1. No Date + Time stamps on ticket replies.
  2. No Date + time stamp on ticket creation!
  3. No ticket priority levels (low, high, urgent).
  4. No “Department” (Accounts, Support, Sales, Billing) or “Category” (General, Feedback, Help, etc…) either! These are very important!
  5. File Upload – Thumbnails for attachments! GREAT! Well done! :D
  6. File Upload – For allowed file formats to be uploaded, does it filter by file type (extension) or MIME type? e.g. Documents, Spreadsheets, Text files, Compressed files…. Or only ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ, DOC,DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TXT, RTF, LOG, ....?
  7. File Upload – Can you restrict max file upload size in admin? e.g. 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB?
  1. I like the Save Draft. Where is the draft saved for the customer/client?
  2. You must move the DELETE button to the LEFT of the page, and have SUBMIT button to the RIGHT hand side. Everyone follows this format online these days…
  1. Is it mobile friendly? Can it resize itself down to single column mode?
  2. Is there a skin provided that offers adaptive screen widths?
  1. What does “Sil” button mean? There is a button in the user area
  2. Where in the Admin area can you manage categories, priorities, departments, and associate users to specific department?
  3. Can you sort tickets by date, status, category or department??? ....

Thank you again and well done!

I really look forward to seeing this project grow, and adapting it to suit our clients, who require a simple, but feature rich help desk interface. :D

Demo does not work Sir!

can you atleast make sure that the demo is working?

How to install anyone who successfully installed? getting parse error

Does this script work or not? before i buy

Where can I remove in the footer www.dijitals.com?


Good day. Demo is not loading please.