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Has this script been abandon?

I like to renew but the author is no longer providing support on this product

@devdojo I want to buy your script, but I want to know if you are going to update the script in case some things get outdated (like paypal plugin). Thank you

@danielciolacu if you need paypal plugin contact me


mickhall Purchased

I’ve tried installing a theme and changing the sliding background images but they do not appear on the website or in settings. I’ve disabled the demo in settings but it’s not working. The default images are completely deleted on the server but they are still showing on my site!

@mickhall Hello, I can help, contact me by email or visit my profile at codecanyon


ganisu Purchased

To: mickhall – This theme selects randomly background images of the images that thou art uploaded with videos. So that the background images are never the same.


deboard4 Purchased

hostgator is flagging files as dangerous including this one /home/domain-name/public_html/application/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php

“During a scan of our servers we identified malicious content in accounts under your control. We have quarantined the files listed below to prevent abuse.”


DGspan Purchased

Hi, something seems nt be ok with the htaccess. If i delete it, i can reach the site but nothing else works. With the htaccess on the server an internal error 500 appear. I´m a little annoyed. I tried together with the tchnical support from my hosting provider to fix it…no way. So what to do???


DGspan Purchased

Hi, we found the “bug”. Our host don`t allow the option command in the htaccess! Cheers, Daniel


house3000 Purchased

All the people say change url seo friendly for videos.. for exmp this change the url for .com/video/inside-out-trailer


DGspan Purchased

Hi devdojo, i have a few question about customizing hellvideo. 1. How to add text (not the signup message) to the signup site. We need “cancellation terms” there. 2. Change the text and symbol of “articles button” and set an external link. 3. Click on a subscribers only video shows the “Signup Now to Become…” button. and this button is still green (should be blue too). Why? 4. How to delete the share buttons (we don´t use twitter and google+)? 5. How to change the button-text?

Thank you…and so far we love your theme. Hope you can support us! Daniel


bozzo22 Purchased

Does anyone seen this error on signup process?

QueryException in Connection.php line 620: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field ‘provider’ doesn’t have a default value (SQL: insert into `users` (`username`, `email`, `password`, `role`, `updated_at`, `created_at`) values (comp,

Please help!