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can we use .ts or m3u8, hls video formats?

Will the TV Show category get improved for example instead of showing just ONE video, it shows the series link and when clicking you can select which season and which episode you want to see

is this script still in development? I don’t see any updates for last 2 years.

which all video formats are supported?

Can I upload local videos?


How is it possible to have a separate Subscriber and Guest text section in a video post (similar to the feature available for posts)

What I mean is, when a video is marked as Suscriber Only, I also want the video description to be hidden. Currently, the video description is always visible to everyone, including Guests and Free Subscribers…

Can you help?

Hi great Video CMS, I’m thinking about to buy but first some questions:

1. is it possible to only sell VOD, Vide on demand only, give a price to movies?

2. How is the security on download a movie, is it possible for user to download it? 3. Dose it have url encryption so that user can’t find the movie url? 4. sometimes you can right click on movie and there is a link download the movie has it been disabled?

5. How many user is it able to have simultaneity? 6. We have own server with movies, we only have to add video URL?

7. Is it possible to change color in backend? 8. is it possible to create tv and mobile app to show movies?

9. dose it have social login?

Thanks and great job

hello i see this is back on sale, is this working with stripe?

does this support stripe and is it possible to only sell VOD, Video on demand rather than subscription. Is there option for video on demand only ?