devdojo does not currently provide support for this item.

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any one set smart phone apps for this gear?

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Need help

Add new video get: Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

How to fix it ?


I am interested, where can I find the youtube import plugin or can we import youtube videos standard right now?

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can you help with set 0.5 volume level? tk

Good evening, Devdojo are you still going to update this script? I’m really looking forward to buying this system, but without support it gets complicated. Thank you!

What is the difference between downloading it from here or downloading nulled it from any other page??? If there is also no support

house3000—> The difference is, by buying it, you support the creator, and he may have money to develop a newer version, or maybe something else.

Ok WulffeDk… but we also prefer support. Another thing, someone knows how to add ads banners in this script ???


edward42 Purchased

I just purchase this theme and I cannot get it to work. I installed the files and everything seems to work and be connected. I saw there may be a problem with the .htaccess. So I made the adjustments to my VPS and still no luck. Please help.

Anyone know if it’s SEO friendly???

I’m face problem Whoops, looks like something went wrong. now i’m upgrade my php version to 5.4 to 5.5, and problem now solve.

Is there a PayPal payment feature

@HaithamKalo, NO but you can add it yourself

@edward42 , Are you having problem with installation…. Contact me i can help

If you need help in installation or adding more functions like PayPal or social login and more….. just contact me with your ideal. Thanks

People keep buying this cms, the unfortunate thing is that the developer left it abandoned.


whenever we active free registration from admin panel the admin tab is disappear even for Admin users also… for re accessing the admin panel i had to disable the free registration from database…

anyone have any idea why this is happening … ideally it should act like after activating free registration the new user can register without putting any credit card details and existing admin user does not changed to normal user.


tbenjis Purchased

Here is a simple contact form plugin you can add to your HelloVideo site.

You can make contributions to improve it.

video sitemap yok. lanet olsun! kötü SEO !

Your demo was hacked… Would you please, please fix this flaw?!