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Hi, Could you please advise the specific server requirements to host this 1. Any recommend server? 2. The power of server specs to run the script smoothly Very much appreciated for your Cheers, Dan

Hello, and I bought your product please can you help me that I get error? I need auya, thank you

susanu, I can help you contact us

Has this script been abandoned? There have been no updates in more than 1 year and two hosts have rejected the code due to vulnerabilities. This thing needs some major security updates.

Hello, Who has the latest Paypal plugin?

If you need Paypal and Social login Plugin: Contact me through THANKS


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I don’t understand how Envato allows publishers to release new products when they have failed to deliver promises for existing items they have published.

This script was supposed to be updated a very long time ago, (it’s in writing) and the response times are outrageous. Then, the only response was that there is no plans to work on this particular script because you have others in the works with greater priority.

Perfect example on why Envato’s fairly new refund situation is complete crap; allowing the developers to debate whether or not the customer is worthy of a refund, etc.

I hope Envato customers read this and stand tall, and that publishers / developers understand that you can’t keep doing that.

It’s like Tesla rolling out a car, with 5 charging stations, with the promise that 50,000 new charging stations are coming soon so the customers sit tight and wait; then they say that they are not going to roll out with the new stations for x amount of years. How will your item function? How can you sell a product promising people what’s ahead and not deliver yet publish other things?

*Envato, you’re slipping, you’re slipping BIGTIME.

Hi, i am trying to make some changes and modification on the code can’t seem to do that, can anyone please help, Thanks.


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Are you going to make any ads support? For advertisement. And is the PayPal plugin going to get fix?


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Everyone one the author no longer support this CMS stop wasting your time commenting.