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Thank you awesome plugin! Happy holidays

Nice plugin. Thanks so much!

Please follow up with a premium version to enable display of text or category names over images!

Hey, what is the exact idea behind this? I’m not sure i understand what you need :)

Many people need an easy way to display text over images (text overlay). I recommend you launch another tool HelloText to do just that. In the same way you designed HelloPins.

Interesting idea, we will keep that in mind for the future. Thanks for the input :)

Hi there,

Thanks for the gift! :)

How do I change the colour of the link text?


Edited the code and then pasted it into my themes custom CSS.

ok, try sending me the exact code you pasted and effect you want at support@hellostudio.eu and ill try helping you out ;)

Hello and thanks for your great job. I have freely downloaded this great plugin but it makes disapear the front page admin bar on the samba theme. Have you got a solution for this problem ?

Hi, send me a direct message to support@hellostudio.eu and ill see what i can do :)

Hi, i like the plugin. I have the same problem – “it makes disapear the front page admin bar” on my Avada theme and WP 4.4.1

updated version works fine! Great plugin!

Thank you for your help with the coding. I love this plugin, it is so easy to use.

no problem, we try to help ;)

Hello, I downloaded freely the plugin some months ago but installed it just now. I like it very much, it is very easy to use, but I’ve noticed that it makes disappear the front page admin bar on Atelier theme. Maybe that is because I have only 1.2.6 version? Is it possible to update? Thank you very much anyway.

hey, write directly to us at support@hellostudio.eu and ill see what we can do ;)

Very kind of you. I’ve written at the above email address, did you receive my email?

I am looking to develop series of pages where users may internet with the site and track a purchased item on a map. The functionality is equivalent to where’s George http://www.wheresgeorge.com/ where multiple registered site users can add a pin to the map on a page using an address submit feature available on the page to pin each user’s location.

Most map programs I find are ADMIN configured. This is no good. I need a good front end map pinning plugin.

Does your plugin have this functionality? Please let me know.

no, admin config only :(

We’re having trouble with the responsiveness of the pins? Is there a way to troubleshoot this? You can see the example on https://starfishproject.com/spring-2017-lookbook/

Hey, sorry for late reply, what kind of problems? seems fine as far as i can see

Hi there, I am interested in this plugin, but when I go to preview link, my Avast AV is reporting a Virus-Trojan infection on your website http://prntscr.com/hc4hts Is this somehow connected to your plugin? Thanks!

Is this for WooCommerce product links only? I would like to pin images and link to other sites.