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It’s a very good idea! :)

Thank you very much @diank123

Need live demo! Like to see what I’m buying before I buy it. Thanks

Hi, Live demo for Wordpress and Video are coming soon. In Meantime you can see our video demostration and demo for other version for Joomla here: http://hellomaps.net/. Main core features are the same. Change only the way of geocoding 3rtparty or wordpress post instead joomla articles…

Please take a look, Thanks, have a nice day

Hi, Demo for HelloMaps Plugin for Wordpress is ready. Please Visit : http://www.joomlaforce.com/wpdemo

Hi. Is it possible to use it with custom post ?

Thank you for your quick reply. But I need it for tomorrow friday to enter 20 restaurant. The map will be publish 1st of August… Possible for you ?

Wow, i’m sorry but i’m not a robot and i cannot develop the moon in one day. ;-) Send me in meantime backend access to take a look using support system. Thanks

;) Support ticket send. I think it will be a cool feature if developper can use it with custom post ;)

If we can display all the Users in a Map will be a great feature.

Hi, Thank you for the interest. Yes. it is a planned plugin. Will be available soon. Thanks

Hi, this plugin to geocode user now is part of hellomaps for wordpress. You can buy and download. Thanks

Demo for HelloMaps Plugin for Wordpress is ready. Please Visit : http://www.joomlaforce.com/wpdemo

amazing plugin. i am using custom post type, is there option to use it with custom post type ? if i purchase it, will integrate it with custom post type ? please update me if that possible ?

In Wordpress Custom Post Types are considered as external plugins. Then to geolocalize also serves to make a plugin specifically for this custom post type in hellomaps.

Currently wordpress plugin has been realized only for the posts. In the future we are developing plugins for other post types (wordpress plugin) more important. Hopefully if you need we can also develop custom plugins on demand. If necessary, contact us on our support system Thank you

i just want to enable it for custom post type, price please?

to get quote, please send request to our support system, including name of your custom post type and backend access or screenshots to take a look. Thanks

Hello, can we change “view article” by something else, and also can we put a custom link? i mean the discription from a custom post and the link to it on an other page?

Hello, Thanks for your interest.

You can easily change the text “view article” by editing the file language of HelloMaps, within the text of your article you can include links, and these will be displayed in HelloMaps, however you can customize the code to suit your needs or you can ask us.

For any request for support, contact us on our support system, here: http://support.joomlaforce.com

And can we display article from custom post?

What kind of articles ? If Wordpress Default Articles (posts) Yes. Let me know

Hi Jforceteam,

Great plugin and very nice!!!

Is it possible lo allow registered users to upload/submitt locations through the frontend?? It would be an awesome feature!!!

Thank you in advance

Hi, Thank you very much !. We will consider also your suggestions for future release.

Hi, it’s possible now when they do edit profile form.


my friends are on an all-india road trip and they wanted to be geolocated on this map. is it possible to show a road map of india with the following details:

i) the route they have completed? ii) the route they have planned to cover iii) a marker to show their current location?

Hi, you can show their current location but without route. This is not a features of our plugin at moment.

hi jforceteam. Is compatible with WP Theme Divi?. Thx

Hi, HelloMaps was developed and is maintained for compatibility with 99% of the template. Eventually we will be able to offer support for any problem. Let me know Best Regards

Thx for the info!. Best Regards

Hello, do you have it for JOOMLA?

Hi, HelloMaps it is also available for Joomla! For more details you can visit our website: www.hellomaps.net.

Best Regards.

We are available for any questions or concerns

Pre-purchase question. Can you use your own custom image for a map and place the pins with info on top of your image instead of using a google map? thanks

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean exactly. This is a google maps plugin. If you want you can change pin with your custom image.

Hi there, this plugin seems very interesting for something i’m trying to do. i would like to display posts or pages depending on the city the user is in (in italy). could this plugin work for that? if so, how? would it need an add-on for that?

i would like to test your plugin but the live preview is not working and all the images are missing from your presentation.

Hello, Is this plugin able to accept user submitted locations (as in a user submits their current location, name it and select a category and it saves / puts in a list for pending approval)

Hi, you or users can edit profile and write address in the map to assign their position. After you can show all users in a gobal map.

Hi, I´ve installed your plugin in WP 4.7 version and it doesn´t work. I can´t get an access to your support system.

Could you help me, please?

Hi, our support link is https://support.zoho.com/portal/joomlaforce/home. Please open a ticket with all details.