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How will this work with Woo Commerce to show the widgets of Woo… Such as Latest products, best sellers, latest reviews, products by category… If this works, then I will buy in a heartbeat.

Never worked with Woo Commerce, but if they extend WP_Widget class and you can see them on Widgets page of Wordpress admin – everything should be fine)

Perfect, I will test it out then… Will report back with results. I assume the styles can be edited easily to suit the site colours with a bit of CSS ?

Sure, you can open helloTabs.css file and change or create new style. Predefined styles divided by comment line like this – ”/* === STYLE 1 ===*/”

I liked. Bookmarked!.

very appreciated

looks like a winner to me! :D

Any plans to add asynchronous load so widgets only load if the tab is clicked?

Great idea for second version of this plugin.

I really like this item. Do you have any plans to extend this into a shortcode that allows multiple shortcodes in the tabs in the WP editor? If so, vertical tabs would also be nice too. Great work!

If sales count will be more than 50, maybe I will create a second version of this plugin. If you need vertical tabs, you can change css properties a little bit.

When i use a feature image, I have to click off of the tab then click back on for it to display my image. otherwise when it first loads, the height of the image is like 15px

Plugin doesn’t have any properties to affect the tabs content. If you have any problems with using this plugin, please feel free to email via my user page contact form or use email, which was included in documentation page.

Very nice plugin!

Great functionality combined with a beautiful design! ;)

I’m glad you like it

Great plugin! My website looks new! ;-)

Thanks once again, glad you like it! ;)

Congratulations—fantastic plugin! This needs more recognition… I searched long and hard for something like this and it works flawlessly.

Thank you for choosing Hello tabs. Also, don’t forget to rate this plugin )

Hi just bought your plugin and trying to set it up. Where can I change the tab name? It’s just displaying a number now. Also, list bullets are displayed next to it, which doesn’t look very good, how can I get rid of those? Hope to sort this out as I really like it and want to implement it properly!

Hi lineenil! When you creating new sidebar with widgets, which you would like to see in your tabs – don’t forget to set up titles, otherwise it will be numbers) If you have any problems with using this plugin, please feel free to email via my user page contact form or use email, which was included in documentation page. Thanks)

Hi, I have a pre-sales question and I just want to make sure that I understand the functionality of this plugin.

I am currently using several RSS feed widgets within individual sections on my site, and I was wondering if these could all be incorporated into your tab widget? This way, I can keep all the feeds within one tabbed area of my sidebar. Thanks!

Hi mikech68! The functionality of this plugin is very simple – it takes ANY widgets, which you chose and make tabs element from them. Just few easy steps and your feed widgets will be nicely transformed into tabs)

hello unleashed2012 really cool awesome plugin i have one question too, is there any italian language localization?

Hi skynet84! Sorry, but no localization in this version of plugin )


Can you tell me how this plugin integrates itself please as it is not showing up in my theme.



Hi deancoak! If you can’t understand how to use this plugin, send me on email your site url and login/pass, then I will look where is a problem )

Thanks, I have sent you an email.

Thanks very much for your help. :)



hi, i’m buy the plugin but a procures server error. why?

Hi berybarry! I don’t know, it’s your server. I may look but you should send me on mail (which you can find on plugins documentation) url and login/pass of your site)

Hey! When i do this , I can see :Go to “Appearance -> Hello tabs” and add new sidebar. Hello tabs don’t exist. my site is in localhost. but I see the hello Widget. Could you help me.

Hi chanfimao! I can’t help you until you upload your site to the net. I must see what’s going on there)

The package can not be installed. Have not been found valid plugin.

Installing the plugin failed.


......What can I do?

Hi niser! Send me please on email your site url and login/password

Hi niser! I think you are trying to install wrong .zip arhive. Please unzip an arhive which you downloaded and there will be hello tabs plugin. If still doesn’t work, Send me please on email your site url and login/password

Oh yes! I had not even looked at the file I downloaded and tried to upload the. Entire zip!!! Sorry for that!


I resolved my problem. It’s came with my wp-config.php If i made “define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’,true)”... I can’t get the “hello tabs” in “Appearance”.

I have another problem… I can’use the predefined style. I type special class in widget form’s “additional classes” like in your exemple but nothing change. Jquery problem maybe? I don’t know how i can activate in your plugin. I use “Trim” is elegant theme. :(

For predefefined style : it’s Ok… But not for jQuery

Please use my email, which you can find on documentation page and describe your problem a little bit better, I don’t understand your problem)

Hi Is there any way to center the top tab title horizontally ?

Don’t understood exactily. Can you make a picture with example what you mean?

Hi, I would like to buy this plugin, but I have a question? The images are square in the example of the tabs. I have pictures that are rectangular, the plugin that automatically?? So that you can see pictures rectangle?

Hi partyslingers! Actually I don’t understood your question. Backgrounds of some styles use images, just backgrounds)) If you mean tab buttons, you can style it easily by yourself