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Hi, I understand that there are many styles included but my question is if the widgets in the tabs can be shown without any change in the css classes/ids? I want that widgets like “Woocommerce Recent Products”, “Recently Viewed” etc. are shown in the tabs in the same way they are shown separately.


Hello whiterider!
Predefined styles do not affect on tabs content. We have another tabs plugin, but a little bit more advanced, called “Hello ajax tabs”. Go to demo site and download demo version of tabs for free and test it on your site. The purpose of demo plugin is to give you a chance to test your theme before buy. All options are disabled in demo version, but you are still able to choose predefined styles there.
We recommend you to check your widgets also. Drop your widgets in first position of sidebar one by one and check how they look like in tabs container.
Hello tabs and Hello ajax tabs have the same creation process, so it’s up to you what plugin to choose!
Kind Regards

Thank you, I downloaded the plugin, at first glance it is exactly what I need – no additional styles applied – I want the content of sidebars to be showed as it is if it was without tabs. But there is an error, tab names are shown as numbers and when I click on them, the content is not changing and I am redirected to the same page with /# at the end of the url. You can take a look:

It’s absolutely normal! As I said earlier, all actions are disabled in demo plugin, even click events. Demo plugin intended for layout testing only.

Plugin uses “titles” as tabs buttons, so if you don’t set titles for your widgets – you will see ordinal number instead of title.
Kind regards

Whenever I add this to my site and activate it my site just goes blank and will not work what so ever.

Use contact form on my profile’s page

I sent the invite and emailed you. Did you get it?

I recieved your massage – “My email is this one above. What is yours?” and answered to it. I think you didn’t get this one.

Hi, I have the same problem X7anoonah had. If I add the widget to my site it goes blank and doesn’t work (the entire site). I need help. It’s been 14$ paid for sth I cannot use…


Send me on email your site’s url and login/password from admin, I’ll check ASAP what settings do you have there.
Kind Regards

Hello. This widget looks great, good job! Just one minor question: Can I change the font colors (in style 10 for example) from for example yellow to another color and do the same for the “tab” color(via the widgets editor I mean)?

Hello DennisViliardos! Sorry for late answer. Use contact form on my profile’s page and send me your email. I will send you some instruction about styling tabs.

This plugin doesn’t appear to work with google+ badges anymore. ( I’ve added the same code to a widget within HelloTabs, and in its own widget below the tabs. The one on its own shows up perfectly, however in the tabs it is blank. Other tabs (facebook and twitter widgets) show up perfectly, it’s just the google+ badge that appears to be incompatible. It used to work, but I’m assuming Google must have changed their badge codes recently that did something to break it. Please advise?

Hello purrdesign!
Send me on email your site’s url and login/password from admin panel, please. Leave all code in current state, I will check ASAP. I’m not familiar with google+ badges, but at least I can look at it and try to do something.
Best Regards,

Just sent you more details.

Just changed the theme on my site and the tabs are stacking vertically instead of displaying side-by-side horizontally. Please advise on how to fix this. Thank you.

I send you information on email.

can i use this plugin with multiple categories? for ex( news, blogs, pics, latest etc..

Hello furry! You can create tabs with any widgets you have. We released a new tabs plugin with a lot more features called “hello ajax tabs”, you will find this plugin in my portfolio section. Video demonstration and free demo version available. Thanks!

Whenever I try to use this widget, it keeps on giving me this error – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/50/6436450/html/wp-content/plugins/hello-tabs-widget-plugin/hello_tabs_widget.php on line 17

Please tell me how to fix this?

unfortunately I can’t release the admin information because the site is private and is in construction mode.. i am sure this is a class clash error, so being the coder, you must know what I need to do to make it work? Please provide the patch-code.

Whoops, sorry, I thought we talk about another plugin. Send me at least your email, please. I have a great solution for you.

Can you put shortcodes inside tab’s?

This plugin doesn’t make any changes in your widgets. Yes, you can use shortcodes in your text widgets if this option enabled in your theme.
If not – simply paste this filter in your functions.php file.

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Is there any way to load the scripts for this plugin in the site footer? I’m trying to improve my overall pagespeed and this seems to be one of the main recommendations.

Perfect, thank you! I was missing the ‘false’ before the ‘true’.

I’ve installed this plugin, it seems like a great solution, but the tabs are showing up vertically rather than horizontally. Also, I’m not able to change the style class to what you’ve got on your demo site.

I’m not sure, but looks like your theme’s css styles override some of the tabs styles. Send me your site’s url and login/password from dashboard on email, please. I will check what’s going on there.

Hi there

I’m looking to create tabs on a Wordpress site in the page template itself (not the sidebar). Can you tell me whether this widget would work please?

I also want the tabs to contain content from another page on my site. Would your widget work for that?

Many thanks


Hello James,
Tabs widget is a standard widget, which groups other widgets in tabs. The easiest way to display widget in content is shortcodes. I added a FAQ entry related to this question ( You can also google it, there a lot of similar articles describing this solution.
Tabs widget displays only widgets, so you should have a widget in your dashboard, which displays content from another page. For example you can try to find in google a shortcode, which displays a page content, then paste this shortcode in a text widget and drop it in tabs content sidebar.
If you interested in this tabs plugin, I recommend you to check Hello ajax tabs, which is more stable and advanced. ( You can download demo version of this plugin. Almost all options and even click events are disabled there, but you are still able to check if tabs work in your sidebar or content without purchase.
Best regards,

I have installed it and setted the class, but I fould my style did not work. It’s not any photo in your display. Could you tell me how to solve this problem??

Uh… I am not sure I realized your meaning. I try to add a new tab and change style to 11, but I failed again.

Did you red documentation page? This is the clearest explanation I can give you. First of all you will need an empty sidebar, which will hold all widgets you want to see in tabs. (Each widget = 1 tab). Next, drop hello tabs widget in your page’s sidebar and choose previously created sidebar on widget’s form and click save. I think you made this right (You created “hello tabs” sidebar and drop there 3 widgets). After saving, under sidebar’s dropdown list you will see multiselectable list with widget ids from your tabs content sidebar. Each id in this list is equal to widget in tabs content sidebar. By default, after first saving, all widget ids are selected, so you will see tabs with every widget in your sidebar. If you want to add few widgets to tabs – just drop these widgets in tabs content sidebar and click save button on hello tabs widget’s form. This action will refresh multiselectable list with widgets ids. You will see few more ids in this list, which are not selected. Hold CTRL + left mouse click to select or unselect widget ids. After you will choose widgets ids – click save button again to save all changes.

i got it. thanks for your help!!


I did purchase the Hello Tab, but it seems that does not work in Word 3.9!

As you can see in the picture, he repeats the Tab 1 In the image “ERROR”, you’ll see that it starts to load, but Tab 2 is equal to Tab1! Can you help me?

Hello jpinheiro!
send me your site’s url, please.

I will put the plugin in the air again. Had removed!

You can check in

Send me on email login/password, please.
I think I found the problem and I need to modify the script a little bit to make it compatible with your site.


I sent the message!

When repairing, please just let me know?

Thank you!

Well, I just paid $16.00 and the plug-in crashed my site as soon as I pulled the widget into my sidebar. Thankfully, I had windows of the site “up” still open and I was able to delete the plugin and the site went right back up. Since I’m not going to give you my login and password, I guess I’ll have to consider this a loss. Too bad because it looked like exactly what I was looking for. I’m not happy about it and I could really start trouble about the loss if I wanted to but I don’t have the time so I won’t. It appears I am not the only one this has happened to and that doesn’t look good for you at all.

Hi Zarib!
Unfortunatelly, I can tell you exacty what’s going on on your site without admin access. Never seen this problem at all, maybe there is a confict with other plugins or something else, but no one reported about it before. I think you can request a refund here, since you unable to provide admin access.


I have some questions:

  • Is your “Posts widget from demo site not included” available for sale too?
  • And what are the benefits of the ajax version?
  • Can you tell me how much RAM this plugin (either the ajax of the normal version) uses?

Thank you, Maurice

Hi Maurice!

Posts and comments widget used in plugin’s demo are not included. These plugins are part of premium theme and not for sale. You can download similar plugin widgets from official widget’s repository – Just type something like “popular posts” or “recent posts” and you will find a lot of free widgets with thumbnails.
Hello Ajax Tabs is a modified version of Hello Tabs. I recommend you to buy Hello Ajax Tabs, because it’s more stable and we added there a lot more users’ requested features like ajax loading, active tab support, vertical tabs support, header selector, new css styles, dropdown list for responsive layout and much more.
Jquery part – 6,96 KB, CSS part with all of styles – 75,4 KB (You can remove unused styles to reduce file’s size)

Best Regards,

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the answers. Just bought the ajax version and it’s indeed lightweight and very customizable. I found some other plugins to show posts and comments in your widget. All is working great! Thanks!!

Kind regards, Maurice

Hi Unleashed2010

So I’m an idiot and clearly have been staring at this screen for way too long and purchased your plugin not realising that it was actually a few years old and I am running the latest version of Wordpress….so it’s not compatible! Do you have an updated version? Or is it possible to get a refund? I’m volunteering for an NGO in Cambodia and trying to redevelop their website so every dollar counts!

Thank you


Hello Laura!

You are not an idiot and I think the problem is not related to wordpress version, because it works on my site very well. Use a contact form on my profile’s page to contact me and I will send you another version of this plugin.

Thank you,