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Can I do this in non widget areas?

I detest widgets. I never use them. Almost never. But i would LOVE to use this in page layouts!

If it expands to other than just widgets, let me know. I’ve been looking for something like this forever. I love the expand function.

Your request was added to this plugin. Shortcode allows you to create scroll areas in your content. Also, we provided a button with modal window for visual editor, which allows you to create scroll areas more easily.
Plugin update was added to codecanyon and soon it will be available.
Check updated video preview on plugin’s demo page (From 1:56)

Awesome!!! thank you. Will be picking this one up for sure now!

Plugin update has been approved!

I would also vote for a more general usage. Creating scrollable boxes in the main content area would be great.

Thanks, Bernhard

Very nice! :-) Thanks for adding this. Will purchase soon.

One more idea, that came to my mind, is autoscrolling on over. I want to have images with a large height, that should sit inside such a scrollable box and scroll smoothly on hovering. Do you think, this is possible?

Thanks again, Bernhard

I think this feature requires a lot of settings, which will make plugin to complicated, according to our “Hello Ajax Tabs” selling experience. Guess something like “carousel” plugin is more suitable to achieve this effect. By the way, this is a good idea for another hello plugin.

Plugin update has been approved!

Hi – I have a pre-sales question Will this work inside Visual Composer? Thanks

Unfortunatelly, no nothing about Visual Composer.

Hi there appears to be a conflict with the Avada theme. pulling in double scroller. Sent a screenshot by email. Can you please advise? Thanks

Hi Mikeoc!
Can you send me on email at least your site’s url?
Thank you.


Please check this link:

This is a wordpress theme built from scratch. Is your plugin can target this area: http://yourmoneytree.com.au/custom_designs/scrollbar.png

I dont want to use a shortcode concept here because that div wrapper is very important as it’s height was controlled dynamically set by my jquery. Thanks

Hi jedlarosa!
This plugin makes scroll areas in your sidebar and scroll areas in your content by using special shortcode. Any content in this shortcode will be displayed like scroll area.

Excellent plugin works well with any gadget !!! Now I can show all their posts on the same page)))))))

can i use this plugin to change the main scroll bar ? whole of page …

Hello, i have installed the plugin and i can see the Hello Scrollbar widget but the settings page is missing, i can’t see it on “Appearance”. Any ideas please?

I think there is no enough rights to see this page.
Send me login/password from admin on email, please.
I will try to solve this.

Hello! Great plugin! I was wondering if there was a way to implement the scrollbar in my page template in php. I tried to use echo <? php echo do_shortcode(‘[hs height=”500” theme=”minimal-dark” ]’); ?> but it doesn’t seem to work… Would you have any suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance

Any change this would work with WP4.6.1 ? Any change it will become available for 4.6.1?

Works stable on 4.6.1 version.


Does this plugin work with WordPress 4.7? Thank you for checking.

WordPress 4.7, Yes and VC text block, Yes.

Would be nice if can have custom scrollbar color :)

Hi Samantha!
Glad it works on your site. This plugin was developed according to clients requests and has no color changing options yet. If you really want to change scrollbar color, write me on email using contact form on my profile’s page. Just include scrollbar’s theme name and I will send you small tutorial, which will help you to change color manually. I will reply as soon as possible, late night in my location. ;)

Sent. Thank you!