Reviews for Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

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for Code Quality

Utter rubbish. Based on how the code it's done and the functionality of the script I say don't bother purchasing. It doesn't work, I've contacted the author and no reply back at all.

for Bugs

Unfortunately this is not sending emails through. I went through and properly installed the form builder, have no errors, and yet it doesn't send the emails. Disappointing so far. I'll work with it a little more and build another form, etc. If I can get it to work, I'll come back and change my rating. I really just needed to get a form up and running quick, unfortunately, this hasn't been the answer.

for Customizability

The best form builder that I never seen, very easy to use.

If it has a progress bar when clicking the submit button, that will be better, this is also my suggestion.

for Customer Support

Amazing form design facility with great customer support from author. Someone professional and very responsible guy. absolutely recommended.

I was never able to successfully set this up with a normal email account (yahoo, gmail, etc) apparently you need your email to be @ wherever the form is hosted in order for this to work. Also, it has some bugs, after you hit submit it gives the message that it was successfully sent, but it was never sent. It should at least give you an error message that it was not sent.

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