Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

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Helloform Builder is a contact form generator that generates html contact form for your website. This contact form builder can create forms with file upload, file attachment, captcha system, smtp, feedback form and is also powered by Ajax and Jquery Library.


Having a contact form on your page has a higher chance that your clients/customers will contact you unlike giving only your email address. The more CLIENTS, the more CONVERSIONS equals more REVENUE!

Contact form is a must in every website. Creating a secure, simple or complex and well designed contact form is very time consuming for web developers. But TODAY, a professionally well-designed and FULL WORKING form that sends email can be created within just MINUTES or can be SECONDS!

PRESENTING Hello Form Builder!

With Hello Form Builder, you don’t need to a programmer or developer to create form. Everybody can create form without TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE required. It has full of features that you need for your forms!

Now in Version 1.1 – April 17, 2015


Demo URL: Contact Form Generator


  • Paragraph
  • Textbox
  • Email
  • Textarea
  • Phone
  • Date
  • Captcha
  • Submit
  • ________________
  • Drop-down List
  • Radio Button
  • Checkbox
  • File Upload
  • Hidden Input



  • I have no knowledge in PHP, how can I install it on my server?
    You don’t need to learn PHP to install it. Just access our installer via browser and install it with 1 CLICK! It includes documentation also. You can also contact us via our profile for help.

  • Can I embed the contact form in my html template?
    Yes, it works in .html pages.

  • I installed the form builder on, can I use the generated form on
    No, the form will not show up because it requires the form builder to be installed on that domain also.

  • Does this support HTTPS?
    - No, as of the moment.

  • Can I embed the contact form in Wordpress page?
    Yes, just change the writing mode from Visual to HTML and copy-paste the code. Take note that this is not a wordpress plugin.

  • Can I save the contact form data(entries) to database?
    Right now, the answer is NO and the data is currently sent via email. But in the future, YES. We will be having feature as an addon for Hello Form Builder.

  • I want to have two forms on the same page, is it possible?
    Yes. Even 3 forms, 10 forms on the same page. Definitely is possible.

  • Can I embed form without the form builder?
    No, if the form builder is hosted in, then only that domain can display the form. If you embed it in, the form will not show because of cross-domain policy in web browser.


  • PHP 5.3 or higher (except 7.0)
  • MySQL 5.1 or higher
  • Apache Server
  • Curl extension
  • MySqli extension
  • GD extension (optional if you want captcha)


Support is free. You may contact me via my profile here in codecanyon (CLICK HERE). You may also refer to our documentation on how to integrate this to your website and other stuff.


v1.1.1 - May 20, 2015 (Current Version)
Bug Fixed:
- Installation PHP version checker (wrong value)
- Sometimes the form is not showing or working when website is accessed with "www".

v1.1 - April 17, 2015
New Features:
- Form Header
- Global Config Button in "Form Design" 
- New Templates 

- Embed Code implementation is changed 
- Admin and Builder CSS improved