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hello there! you have noticed that it is not a plugin of wordpress. well, i use wordpress theme and would like to add into page a form But where can i create it? what should i do with purchsed file? upload to the hosting folder?

Yes, this is not a wordpress plugin. It’s a standalone builder. Just download the file and upload to your server. It has an installer and you just need to fill up your information then click install. After you generate the form embed code, just embed it to your wordpress page (must be in HTML writing mode, not visual). We have documentation included for installation guide. Thanks

Your form work in bluehost? I have the “bluemail” issue (

hi, i want to transfer my license on new domain, plz help me

Email us via our profile. Thanks.

Hi there,

Very interested in purchasing your form builder. I need to have three fields alongside each other i.e ‘name, email address and subject’ and below a message box extending the same width as the above three elements. Is this possible? The demo only allows two elements next to each other. Finally is the form responsive?




Subject is not supported as elements(use textbox as alternatives). You can have name, email address, subject in 1 row and another row for message (whole width). Just set the total column value to 3 for each field (name, email address, phone) and set the total column value to 1 for message to achieve your desired form format.

Yes, the form is mobile responsive.


I give a low rating because it is only for one website.! It says “Unlimited Forms” which is BS . . misleading . . You only get the real cost after you buy it. Marketing Scam!

We apologize if the item description misleads you. The builder can only be installed in one website and you can create unlimited forms for that specific website.

We are only offering a regular license. And under the terms of Codecanyon for regular license, you can only use it in a single end product (either you or your client website). This term applies to all items here in Codecanyon which also offer the same license.

About the real cost, you may try to check other contact forms here in Codecanyon :) Thanks.

You need to be honest and not hide the fact that is not software that you use on your computer. You uploaded to your hosted website location to be used (if it works) and only for that one website.Be honest you are using word engineering to trick people into buying your product.

We are honest here. Who said that this is a software desktop application??? That’s why you can see our actual demo on a web browser because the builder is a Web application. It is not a desktop application that can be use on you personal computer.


your script looks great and I have only one question.

Is there a way to insert image(s) into a form?

Thanks, v4n

Hi, adding image to the form is not supported. Thanks

Hi, Im Getting this error: after i click Save Form

eas_youremailaddr is not a string
Your email address(Form Config) is not a valid email address
ess_sendingmailtype is not a string
ess_sendingmailtype is not a valid value
ess_smtpusername is not a string
ess_smtppassword is not a string
ess_smtpserver is not a string
ess_smtpport is not an int
ess_smtpencryption is not a string
ess_smtpencryption is not a valid value
ems_subject is not a string
ems_messageformat is not a string
ems_messageformat is not a valid value
ems_messagevariable is not a string

Hi, it’s probably a php version problem. Kindly contact me via support tab or my profile. Thanks.

Does your form have the ability to POST to a Database?

Nope, it does not have ability to save form data in database. It only sends form data via email.

I can’t install this on my Godaddy Hosting account no matter what I do even GoDaddy try to help and nothing work…PLEASE REFUND!

I just replied to your email. We pointed out that you may have an incorrect database name, passowrd or hostname. We have given you a link for step by step instruction on creating database for godaddy. Yes, feel free to ask a refund. Thanks :)

Yes Everything has been taken care now I apologize thanks so much for your help it was the wrong localhots name

Welcome :)

Hi I had to remove the files due to a server issue and now when I am reinstalling it on the same website, it is not accepting the license key. I have raised this through support also. Please resolve

Please check my email. Thanks.

Ok purchased your other forms ap and it was not configurable so I purchased this one and now it wont even load… when I try to access /install a form comes up asking for username and password …. Where do I set those? Instructions do not show where to do that.

nevermind I dummy I figure it out.

Dear author, i have been trying to get support from you but you are not helping. My license key is not working. please issue a new one. My last email was sent to you 3 days ago but you have not replied. Please issue a new license key and resolve this issue


is it not possible to clone an existing form? I could not find that function… Thanks.

Hi, cloning it is not possible. Thanks.

Hi. emailed you about form not working… please respond.

Hello, Good job really ! I need to knew if I can make a nice designe whene we receive email notification ? of the form Than you :)

Yes, you can design the form details that you will receive. You can also design the autoreply email. Thanks.

it’s good ! so how can I input my code or HTML source?do you have a toturial?

On your download, it includes documentation on customizing the email. Though, it is easy to customize it. Just go to Form Builder > Form Config > Email Message Settings section. That’s it, you can paste your design there. You may also use variables used in form using Insert variables. Kindly check the documentation about this. Thanks.

Hello, I am very interested in your php plugin. Compatible with the template here? How integrated your plugin, on the contact page here? Thanks.

the goal is to add a link to the terms and conditions.

not possible. Thanks.

Hello, Think you add in the next update add a link to the terms and conditions. thank you

Hi there, awesome buy i must say. Ive a slight problem. i only get one database with my hosting. if i upload it to one of my other domains can i use the form on a different domain?

Would this form be good for customers that need to upload very large files between 300-500mb?

Yes, it can upload any size. However, this depends on your php configuration.

Trying to save the form that I spent 2 hours building and its stuck on “SAVING” When I try to go back into the Dashboard, I’m getting this error: DataTables warning: table id=hf_formlist_table – Invalid JSON response.

What would normally take me a few hours I was able to compress into under 30 minutes. You guys make me look extra good to my clients. Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it. :)


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