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I tried many times to install into my web server, when I click on the Install button, the error of License problem came out and I can’t even move forward to the next step.

Hi, I been getting this in my last install::

Database connection failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Please contact your hosting provider about this as this is a mysql configuration issue. Thanks.

Hello Form is a great script…Easy, friendly, and pr=productive. Was doing wonderful….But got stuck in embading. 1. I embed the code on the html and html5 page in html view but the code shows up on the page in normal view and even in the browser. I’m doing something wrong. What? Please. 2. Question: In the Documentation folder, there is an “Asset” folder. Where does this folder go or uploaded.. The instruction does not mention it at all. Other wise ..Job well done. Thanks for the help.

I replied to your email. Thanks.

SCRIPT: I give 5 stars and thumbs up to the HelloForm Builder. It’s unbelievable and incredibly user friendly, flexible, with ease of use with a lot of functionalities even for a newbie. Using and modifying the template is a big leg up. Creating. Editing, and moving a field is a piece of cake.

One can use “Paragraph” for useful information and instruction to the user. Changing the color and appearance of a field can enhance it’s value and importance. Giving immediate message that message was send is very satisfying to the user.

It is mobile responsive to even Microsoft phone by making the side by side fields lining up “up and down” without any loss of information.

AUTHOR: When contacted, his response was quick and professional. He is as good as his script.

CAUTION: Please, check SMTP compatibility with your server. Also, be careful using Microsoft Front Page -2

MY WISH LIST: A “Logo” on the Header an “Image Field”. An “Image Paragraph”. A list of “Subscriber” for the Admin.


Please contact us via our profile or support tab.

Please also provide the url of the page. You might forgot to add meta tag charset utf8 on your page.

Thanks, Anthony

5 stars, the best form builder that I never seen!

if it has a progress bar when clicking the submit button, that will be better, and also my suggestion.

and hope it can store the form data to database also.


Thank you for this script and i forget the admin password, what can i do ?


Please contact us via our profile or support tab.

Thanks, Codeadik

Error: Problem with License key. Please contact support – recently purchased one showed error on key. Please do help at the earliest!

Hi, I’ve replied to your email. Thanks.

I installed without problems. But I can not enter the administrator. What I can remove the hosting where you install it? To install it on another Hosting, where I can choose the PHP version. Or I’ll have problems with the license ?? Send an email on 26 or 27 July 2016, and still have no answer. Thank you.

Hi, I have replied to your email. Thanks.

Purchased your program and I can’t get the install.php file to run. I am entering website/helloform/install.php. I have the files in a folder called helloform in the root of my website folder on the host server. I have installed many programs and yours is a first not to install. Did I waste $10. I get a 403 error. If I run the install.php file outside of the helloform folder it shows the database etc passed. Help is needed asap…

Hi, please email us via contact form or item support tab. Please provide us the url of the form. We have documentation about installation of the form. Install.php should be placed inside helloform folder. If you need this asap, provide us an access to your server, database info and we will install this for you. Thanks.

Followed your documentation and the install.php is inside the helloform folder. A

Any updates for getting the background colour option of set to transparent? Great product and have purchased a number of licences – but transparent backgrounds are really important for modern websites.

Currently the development of Helloform is on hold. Thanks

Thanks for the reply. Its a shame that development is on hold for this product as I think it’s generally a really good product! I hope you make enough sales to continue making it better.

Hi, just a couple of questions: 1. Can i install it in multiple domains (my own or my client domain)? 2. Form works with any e-mail address (gmail, yahoo, etc..)? Because in your demo, e-mails don’t get delivered into my gmail box. Thanks in advance.

You need one license for one domain. In our demo, email function is disable to avoid spamming. But it works in Gmail, yahoo and etc as long as you have the corrent smtp information.

When do you update the form?

I’ve tried to reinstall but it’s now saying my license key is invalid.

Hello, I just installed and server configuration is OK.

But I am not able to get any message delivered. Have already tested my own domain emails, smtp/php, gmail and nothing is delivered. Curious also that thank you page is not redirected.

Could I get someone to help me asap?

Hi, I just changed some more configs and now it is OK. Great form builder!

It´s me again… I found out that when I add the codes to a new empty page it works.

But when I add to contact page, it does not work. After sending, page does not redirect and current url keeps all form data.

Please kindly answer me asap. Thanks

Just replied to your email. Thanks

Hello. This form is really cool but I’ve tried to install the form on three different templates that I have purchased from themeforest and every single one of them have altered the form causing it to not work and the ‘submit’ button to shrink. If I add the form to a blank .html page it works perfectly, but I need it to work on a template. Please inform me what I need to do for this script to work. Thanks…

Please consider adding a way to “clone” or duplicate existing forms. That way, we only have to do minor edits, instead of creating from scratch. Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion. Duplication of form is already in our list of new features. Though development of this item is currently on hold.

hi there i have setup this script with ssl

when you go to after i have logged in its blank

but if i got to after i have logged in it works just fine is there a way to fix this

Unfortunately, SSL (https) is not supported by the builder. You may contact us via support tab.

I’m trying to save a form and after I enter in a Label Name for the form and click ‘Save’ I get a message that says ‘Not Saved’ with no explanation. I have tried many different label names with the same result. Please advise.

I have replied to your email. Thanks

when i am trying to setup form style using table and css code in message body all time i am getting ajax error

Hi mkkhan, please contact us via support tab. Can you please provide us more info. Thanks.

Hello Codeadik,

I would like to have a pre-defined text in a message box which is also send by email together with the users contact details. If possible but not necessary, it would also be nice if the pre-defined text cannot be edited by the user.

For example, it could then be used as a registration form for our courses. I would then make a new contact form with an individual pre-defined text for each course.

Is this possible and if YES where should the text be added and how?

Thanks in advance for your support :-)

Cheers Maxplay


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