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Nice Script really useful for contact form.

Thank you!

Is there a way of changing the not so calming dark color scheme of the builder to something brighter and paler (pastel colors for example) with white backgrounds?

Well done, great script – GLWS

You mean the black orange color of the builder? It can be customized via CSS of the builder. Thanks for your suggestion, we will create a light theme in the future. :)

Good Work, I need to know if I ge the code of any form I created, I will able to past it into my project ?

Yes, just simply paste the one line script code on your page to display it. Your project should have the form builder installed.

Looks really nice and useful. However I have a particular requirement to save the submitted data into a custom database table. Is there a way to do that?

I see a way to have the information sent via email, but no way to setup a way to submit to a script/database.



Right now, it does not have a feature to automatically save form entries into database. This feature is already in our checklist for addon/plugin for Hello Form Builder.

For now, contact me via my profile and I will give you an instruction on where do you put your database queries.


Hello, is there some price calculation oprion?

I’m afraid, it does not have this option. Maybe in the future.

Ok, I went ahead and purchased with the thought I could modify for my needs. Here are some issues and ideas for the future versions.


  • You can not save form without an Email field and Submit button. One We may not always need or want an email address. Second if I am working on a larger form I may not be ready to put those elements in. I might be saving just to stop working on the form for a bit.
  • That last part leads me to the second major issue. If you walk away from you pc for too long, your login session/cookie times out. Now I get that this may be due to a server setting, however this is where an auto save or keep alive should be used. I walked away for a call and came back to find I lost white a bit of work.
  • Just because you are required at least one email field, adding additional email fields should not lock them into being required. I may want to have alternate email fields that are optional.
  • The Paragraph field is not a paragraph it is a header. This should either be raw HTML or have a separate one for headers and one for regular text. I would recommend a raw HTML as well.
  • In the code you call several remote resources for font awesome, etc. However you have it hard coded to use HTTP!! This should be set to // instead of HTTP://. It would not work for me until I did.
Road Map / Like to haves
  • Global settings for colors and fonts. I hate having to change every single field just to fit in to my sites look and feel.
  • For Radio, Drop Down, and Check Box, it would be nice to have a bulk editor or text field to enter options separated by commas. Just adding a list of states is a pain in the backside.
  • Would be nice to either have some preset lists for those as well or a way to build and store preset lists
  • Also need a way to set a default value on all fields.
  • Auto Save option!!!!!!!

I really like the simple interface and it is a good start, but there are some killer issues right now.

I enjoy reading your comments. Thanks.

I addressed your issues below:
  • First of all, the main function of the form builder is create form that sends email so it really requires submit button and email address element. We will think about it for the next version release if we will remove submit and email address requirements for saving the form.
  • We are aware of this issue about session. To be exact, it’s 24 minutes before your server deletes the session if your pc is idle. This will be fixed in the next version. You don’t need to change your server configuration.
  • I think this is not an issue. Ideally email address element is used for sending email “From:” so you are not allowed to add more than 1. If you want to add more email address field, just use “Textbox” element and add email address validation via Validation Tab and uncheck required field. That’s it :)
  • We are also aware of this issue. It’s a bug. It should be able to right html there but the output form does not render it. It will be fixed in the next version. We will also add a real form header properties (not just using Paragraph element as header) in the next version release.
  • May I know why it did not work for you because I don’t see any reason unless you are in “https”? Using ”//”, it automatically detect whether to use HTTP or HTTPS.

Some of your suggestions are also in our checklist. We will definitely consider it.



Hi just bought your script – Great!!

With required email field and required submit button I still can’t save a form. Has a specific folder to be set with the right permissions (I guess so) and which folder(s) concerns this?

Could you please contact me via my profile and send me the url and your login details of your builder so I can check it myself. Thanks


It does not have to do with folder permission i think.

I need to create a multipage or multi panel form, you fill the first one then hit next to show you another set to fill until they are filled, can we do that with your form builder?

It does not have a feature like this. Thanks

saludos se necesita algún tipo de conocimiento para poder comprarla y dejarla en funcionamiento ? gracias

Es absolutamente ningún conocimiento de PHP requerida para utilizar este. Gracias.

Translated in English:
“It is absolutely no PHP knowledge required to use this. Thank you.”


I have 2 questions before buying your script :

1- Is it possible to include the form on a wordpress page ?

(My website is an html and I have a blog on the same domain www/blog running on wordpress.. )

2- Is it possible to make the form send the IP adress with the data ?

Sorry for my bad english.. I hope that you’ll be able to understand me..

Thank’s in advance for your answer.

Thank you :)

Thank’s to you.. I’m so happy with your script !! It’s so easy to use and the great news is that it works fine on a wordpress page.

I’m glad that you like it.

The new version updates of Hello Form Builder will be released 3 to 7 days from now! (New Features, other improvements).

The updates are free, stay tune!

Thank you.


+1 for Urza´s Request: We also are looking for a multipage-form. Please add this feature! Would be GREAT!

2nd thing: I need to use <input name=”label:mylabelname”> (important for vTiger CRM Webforms). But if I add : or öäü it deletes this. Need to add manually after saving form? Or how can I add this characters in name of field? I really want to buy, so please, looking for positive and fast reply. regards from Austria

Hi agilis,

We still not so sure if we will add step by step form as we have a lot of features that are currently queues to implement for Hello form builder. But we will consider it in the future but not today :)

The id and name can have hyphens, dash, dot and semicolon for special characters in real world html. But if you will use “semicolon” and “dot” in ID and name, you need to escape that character with ”\” backslash for CSS and Jquery. Example: Your HTML is <input id=”label:mylabelname”> Calling this in CSS and Jquery, #label\:mylabelname

So in our form builder, it is not allowed to use “semicolon” and “dot” in ID and name because the builder use CSS and Jquery extensively and escaping those characters with ”\” is not a good idea.

Hope you get it.


I have two questions: - Can I add php script to hidden input field? - Possible save sent messages in mysql database?

Hi telemarket2,

The hidden input field can only hold a value but not php script. Currently, saving form entry to database is not supported but after the next version release of Hello Form Builder (this week), we ,might consider this feature(save to database) and start developing probably.

Thanks Codeadik

Hi, I execute the install.php with the options which indicates but it does nothing or indicate any error message.

Hi PascualVilla, could you please email me here:

also include the URL of the form builder for me to check it.

Thank you.

You mention “Drag and Drop”, but it isnt actually drag and drop. You cannot drag into the main area. You just click on it which is not really great

The drag and drop function is not on the element list. It’s on the builder.

Try to click two elements on the element list, then those two elements will load on builder area. Now hover your mouse cursor on any elements on the builder. You will see a move icon. That’s the drag n drop.


Aha i see. 9/10 times, the user will be looking as to why they cannot drag and drop elements (like in jotform). I think this is essential for a form builder like this imho.

Yes, it is essential. That’s why this feature is included in our list for future release, though we don’t prioritize it. :)

Hello Form Builder is now version 1.1!

New Features

  • Form Header
  • Global Config Button in “Form Design”
  • New Templates


  • Embed Code implementation is changed
  • Admin and Builder CSS improved

Does the upload file work on Mobiles??

Yes, the file upload works on mobile devices. In fact, we just test it again(mobile) today to make sure. :)

You could also try the our demo. Create a form with file upload using your desktop or laptops, then preview it using your mobile phone. Though, the mailing function is disabled in demo mode but you will see a success message.

Thanks Codeadik

I cannot get this to install on my server. The Server Requirement test says that eveything passed and I have all green lights but when I enter my info into the install areas and click the install button, nothing happens. Then when I go to the login page I get the following errors:

Warning: include(DIR/../admin/inc/check_install.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/z/a/k/zakhayes/html/helloform/login/index.php on line 11

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘DIR/../admin/inc/check_install.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php’) in /home/content/z/a/k/zakhayes/html/helloform/login/index.php on line 11

Can you please tell me how to fix this? Otherwise this plugin is useless to me. Thanks

Please contact me via my profile so I can help you:

Please link to us the URL of the form builder and Could you please give me a temporary ftp access to your server?

Thanks Codeadik

The form was amazing! I was wondering for the next update if you can let us copy the form, or add payment options?

That would be amazing!

Luckily, these features are included in our list of features for future updates. :)

Hi. I need to know if the created forms can have a reference number for form identification and sorting.

Secondly, can I create a form and use it in multiple websites?


Hi, each created form has its own unique id. What do you mean by sorting?

No, all created forms are linked to its form builder. Your website must have the builder installed for it to work. Though, you can create unlimited forms with builder.

Thanks for your response. What I mean is this, say I have a registration form on my website and 20 people register, these 20 submitted forms should have something to identify the forms apart from the name of the registered person. Something like Form001, Form002, Form003…Form020.

However, If I buy this form builder now, can I install it on multiple websites?


This form builder has admin panel and 1 admin account only. It can’t register another account. Only the admin account can create forms.

Like all other items in Codecanyon, it can only install in 1 website. If you want to install this in another website, you need to purchase another license.


I have bought the app. Now can you please guide me on how i can use it on wordpress?

Is there a way you can get ALacocat to show me how he achieved his own?

Never mind. I have solved my problem. Its working fine on wordpress now

Can you share? :)


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