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I tried to install and it says PHP version 5.3 or greater FAILED but my server is running PHP 7. Purchased, but cannot be able to use it! Please provide support for this issue.


There is possible to create a form, and at end of filling it, it open a website in a new tab, according to form field values?


1) City 2) Region 3) Product type

So, the redirect must be something like www.domain[city].com/[region]/[product-type] Where keywords between “[ ]” are dynamic, according values entered by user.

I tested your trial it’s look nice. I need Date and Time in form. I found Date option in trial but could not find “Time” field. can you please advise do you have “Time” field option for your script? Thanks

I purchased your script. Form display fine on laptop but when I open up in mobile it’s shows blank page. Can you please advise how can I fix this issues. Thanks

Hello, I can only access form on device where I logged in “form Builder Panel” admin. As soon as I logged out I am getting blank page. It’s look like licensing issues but I am not sure. Please advise as I need to build few forms ASAP. Thanks

I resolved issues, It was session code was blocking on index file. I remove session code and now I can access web page from any device. Just let you know that your script work well for me and it’s very easy to understand and easy to use. Thanks

Is there the ability to add conditions based on selection?

Problem with License key cannot install and no doubt i will not get a replay

Consult pre sale… add icon to label?

I have been watching the demo, I notice that the buttons can not be aligned neither to the center nor to the right, the same happens with the titles as it is that a constructor of these characteristics does not handle something as basic as the alignment or place of the elements? do you plan to update and correct this ???

Pre-sale Question: Is there a place where all my leads are stores per each form? or is there an easy way to download them or transfer them to an email marketing system? Thanks