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Facebook will not display the number of likes from the page and instead shows ARRAY. This occurs with or without the access token.

Also, I’m unable to get YouTube to display subscriber count.

Oddly, you do not appear to provide any documentation regarding how to properly configure the various social accounts to work with your plugin. I found some outdated documentation from 2014 for Social Fans Counter on your website, but most of these links are dead.


By mistake we add outdated link to documentation. You can find the correct one here

Please send us to appscreo at gmail dot com the exact settings you have filled for Facebook and YouTube and we will write what you need to change.


Does this plugin allow to use any number of users accounts to show totals, similar to a social profile for different user accounts?

Also, does it show facebook followers for facebook personal accounts?

Thank You


We plan to make it possible followers number for more than one account to be displayed with the upcoming version. For now that is not available feature.

Facebook does support personal accounts. At the settings for Facebook you can choose what type is your account type.

Hi there,

What do you mean by this feature “Display User Selected Networks”?

Thanks, Igor

P.S. +1 vote for a support of differnet accounts

Thanks for a quick reply! Got it! Like a layout builder. GLWS! Igor

Thank you Igor.

Do you wish to message you once multiprofile version is released?

Yes, we have a client who need solution like this. Thank you!

Hello there seems to be a conflict when using the plugin along side easy social share buttons. I am using the share post share bar and when I activate the plugin “hello” it construes the share buttons but displays the “hello” widget just fine. Can you please help! -BTW Plugin looks awesome Thanks!!! Nate

Hello Nate,

Can you please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com so we can take a look. We will need example page to check or temporary access with steps to complete to represent the problem.

It very strange behavior as on our site we use both share buttons and hello followers with same configuration and there is no issue with it.

Hi man, into the my website not working: Followers “0” (ZERO). I did everything right! LAST HOME SIDEBAR


Please send us access to appscreo at gmail dot com to inspect settings you have made in plugin. Currently we found configuration issue with YouTube – you have set channel url but you need to have only channel ID/Name.

For Twitter and Facebook we need to check the API keys you have filled for.


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Unable to get Facebook to work for this plugin. Need help!


Send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and provide there temporary access. We will check current settings you have and provide additional instructions.

I can’t get my head around Facebook activation for the counter. Is there any API change about that as well?


Actually there was a change in the outlook of screen. Please take a look of token generator and we will update docs as well

Yes I tried it again, but it still doesn’t work. How can you help me?

If that does not help open our support system and start a new topic there. In second private reply provide us temporary WP admin access. We will login and check.


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instagram setup error: {“code”: 403, “error_type”: “OAuthForbiddenException”, “error_message”: “Implicit authentication is disabled”}


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which forum do you operate to request support for hello followers? do you have updated instructions?


We will check this. The option in screen is set as in topic that you provide. We have also second method that you can use to generate token key


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how can we order the list so total followers is first?


To order Total counter first you need to use Custom Layout Builder. There you can set custom order, color, width, etc. for each single button. Then display that layout by shortcode or widget. Find more details about how to display the layout prepared at the plugin documentation under Layout Builder section –

If you need more help, please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will assist with more instructions.

Hi man,

Two questions 1- In Instagram is working with my app in mode SANDBOX MODE?? Because, i follow tutorial into the documentation!!! ALL CLEAR!!

2- In Twitter, i follow the tutorial,but NOT WORKING!

Please, Help me!


For Instagram you have also another method to generate token without using application that you can also try. As for Twitter we need to have the settings you have set to check them.

Contact us via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and provide all fields that you have set for Twitter and in case you did not manage to generate token for Instagram we will provide instructions.

Can I have more the 1 type of each account? Multiple Account? For Example 4 Facebook pages and 3 Different Twitter Accounts?


In current version we do not have such support but we have plans to make it with possible support for up to 10 profiles from each social network. You can send us mail,to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will notify you once this is ready.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Why is it that when I enter manual user value of followers like to 6000 to test if the 6K is working, when I set “Allow User Value” to “Off” the 6000 followers still show instead of showing the automatic value. Also when I even try to set the manual value lower than 6000 it will not work. It only accepts larger values and never goes away…Is there an option to reset these values?

Never received an email from you guys.

We sent you update few hours ago but we do it right now again

your update resolved my problem, thanks for a prompt solution.

Pre sales question: We are operation more than 20 Facebook-sites. We would like to total up all our followers and display them as one number. Is that possible?


Thank you for the paying interest in our product. Unfortunately right now we does not have such function included into plugin. You can get value for only one Facebook account. Technically if code of plugin is modified to execute multiple calls to different social profiles you can display the total value of followers but here is one question – where will the button link to (standard is the social profile used to display value but in your case these are multiple profiles)?

Hello, actually we do not need a button link to the page. We only need to display the total amount of followers.