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Hi again :) how do I get the styles? I do not see these options. Do I need to edit css files to get the different styles you have?


I think you should check documentation page first. You need to type a special class in “additional styles” field on tabs widget’s form. These classes consist of “h” letter + number of style for horizontal tabs and “v” letter + number of style for vertical tabs. So, for horizontal tabs styles type: h1 or h2 or h3 and so on. If you use vertical tabs option, type: v1 or v2 or v3 and so on.

Ohhh ok thank you… I will look again.

Hello, quick pre-purchase question….in addition to equal tabs support is your widget capable of fixed width in lieu of sizing to the tab’e element width?. . thanks in advance.

Hello danroh!
Sorry, but I didn’t understand your question. Tabs container has no width and takes 100% of sidebar’s width. Equal tabs options (beta version) sets equal width to all tabs’ buttons (sidebar’s width / tabs count).

I made a test with your free demo plugin and activate it, but when i tried to add your tab into a sidebar in widget control panel , it couldn’t work , and it also affect other widgets becoming all widgets couldn’t be inserted into sidebar till i deactivat this plugin, all widget control panel got normal again, it seemed a conflict or else ?

Sir , i have reflected your plugin couldn’t work in my site, also asked Envato Market Team to refund as your mention, but this team said you didn’t reply to their email for refund request, what’s up ?

Request was confirmed now.

thanks, sorry, although i need a lazy loading tab to reduce content’s burden, but your plugin really conflict with my site


Any way to have the script/styles only load on the homepage? I am only using this plugin in once instance in a widget area on the homepage, and I’d prefer not to load the scripts anywhere else on the site. Please let me know if this is possible!

.js file can’t be loaded from “unknown” sidebar. It can be loaded only if you have a sidebar with tabs widget in it on your page. I don’t even know this mechanism, which loads js file standalone, it’s not a cache and not a wordpress mechanism. Send me email your site’s url and login/password, I will check, but I’m not sure I can help you with this (it’s can be theme issue or even server issue.)

I am referring to the .js in the site header, loaded through wp_head.

Anyway, send me your site’s data again if you need a help. I will check it tommorow. (Already night in my country.).

I cannot find any documentation file in my download, I cannot find anyway to format the plugin I cannot find any tutorials that show what all the functions do can you send me the neccessary links please

Hi Wandarnold!
Main .zip archive consist of plugin’s .zip archive and 2 folders. First folder contains documentation page and second folder – tutorials about styling tabs.

Thanks , Anton awesome aftersales service.



Thank you, Susan. I’m glad you like it !

I want to use it as a replacement for wp tabbed widget in my wordpress blog. But after installing the demo plugin I cant see my sidebar widgets which already I have placed earlier. Can it be possible to replace my tabbed widget only in my wordpress blog?

Thanks in advance.

Hi say2kuna!
Send me on email your site’s url and login/password from admin panel. I’ll make a free tabs plugin test on your site.


We bought Hello Ajax Tabs but the images on the posts recent posts are not showing… why?

Here is the tab how it is showing:

Can you tell us how can we show the imagesof the posts…?


Hi cityshopkosova!

Posts and comments widgets are not included. This is tabs plugin and we used these widgets only for demonstration.

We recommend you to visit official wordpress plugins’ page (, where you can find a lot of posts widgets with thumbnails absolutely for free.


is this working with woocommerce attributes filter widget under ajax?

Best Regards and wish you a happy new year!

Hello sersealal!
Basically it should work with all widgets, but I can test it for free if you’ll send me your admin login & password on email. Best Regards, Anton

Hi, sent you email, best regards!

can I use video with this?

Sorry for late reply. This plugin groups your widgets and makes tabs from them, if you have a video widget, you can simply create a tab from it. Thank you!)

Just tried the demo but cannot get it to work. Page on which it was installed will not load in browser until I remove this. Is the demo up to date and working?

Yes it is. Demo site has the latest wordpress release.
Hard to say now, maybe you have some incompatible plugin install.
Send me on mail your site’s logn/password, I will check if you want.

I bout this plugin about a year ago, I no longer have the documentation and am having trouble changing the css, is there anywhere where I can get the documentation?

Hello aunt_clara!
You can download purchased products on downloads page as many times as you want. Download plugin’s main archive there, where you will find plugin’s archive, documentation page and tutorials page also.

Is your tabs can create vertically?

Hello ajax tabs can display tabs vertically, but make sure your sidebar is wide enough to hold buttons and tabs content.

Hello, This plugin seems perfect for what I need, but I have one question. If there is no content in one of the tabs, does that tab disappear? I would need the tabs to only show if there is content in them.

If tab has no content, you still will see a button for this tab and if you click on it – just previously opened tab content will be closed.

When the page layout is corrupted add-active

Send me on email your site’s url, and login/password from admin, I’ll try to help you.

I sent the information…

With this plugin and yours can I do something like this but with the maximum speed, right? Thank you!

Smart grid plugin`s guy told that probably the tab`s content won`t be loaded by ajax on this case, because the gallery dhortcode is triggered on page`s loading: What do you think about that? Thank you!

Smart Grid Gallery developer is right. If gallery triggers on page load, it won’t be loaded, because you are able to click tab after page is loaded.

To enable shortcodes in text widget you need to simply paste this line in your functions.php file


If you want to show widget somewhere outside of sidebar, look at support tab of this product. There you will find solution.

Ok. Thank you very much! ;-)

Is it possible to remove the title of the widget in the sidebar? I want to have the same margin from the bottom of the sidebar on the top.

Hello Jblink!
It’s a tab button and it’s impossible to remove it. If you want to display just one widget like on your example – I don’t recommend you to use tabs plugin. Tabs consist of 2 widgets minimum and they should have buttons in any case.
If you’ll not set titles for these widgets, you will see queue number.

Does your plugin support load on click? I mean that the content of one tab does only load when i click on it and not the whole content of all tabs does load when i load the site.

For example: Tab 1, Tab2, Tab3 – Obviously Tab 1 is loading synchronously loading with the site, and tab 2 and tab3 content doesnt load with the site, only after i click on tab 2 or tab3? Is the Plugin working with the newest Wordpress Version?

Nevermind my fail, i saw that this is a widget and not a plugin, any idea which Plugin does match which i want?

Some clients asked me about this. This tabs plugin is a standard widget and you can display widgets in content area using shortcode. It’s not a part of this plugin, but it work on my PC and my clients never told me about problems with this solution. I wrote a FAQ question about this;

Not a support request as such but I just wanted to comment that on my wordpress site your plugin is causing this error “Notice: The called constructor method for WPWidget in hatwidget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use error” Here are some others Thanks.