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Am having issues with uploading prescription. I keep getting:

Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2. when email is in a variable

Hi aotolorin,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you in this regard. Please drop an email to store@webandcrafts.com with your site details.Our team will help you to sort it out.

Regards, Support Team

1. I am creating a website for sale and delivery of medicine. To do this, Pharmacies must register on the website and register the medicines that are available so that the patient can search and see which pharmacy the drug is cheaper and make the purchase by registering.

What I want to know before buying the theme for my site is this:

2. Is it possible for the Pharmacy to manage the Stock and the financial part with this platform? Or do you need to do integrations? 3. Does the system allow you to register multiple pharmacies with their medicines and prices? 4. Does the system allow the generation of alerts for each registered pharmacy about the rupture of the drug stock? 5. Is the price update made by the Site Admin or by the Pharmacies themselves? 6. Does the system allow you to send notifications to patients when a new Pharmacy or drug is added to the site? 7. Is it possible to add other payment methods such as: POS Mobile for patients who want to pay at the time of delivery? 8. When there is a rupture of drug stock in all registered pharmacies, does the system change the status to “unavailable” automatically or must it be manual? And who should proceed, Admin or Pharmacy? 9. It is possible, when registering, to indicate: Producer; Composition; And sort if it is Syrup or Tablet?


Hi Innovatus_Holding,

Thank you for your message and I apologize for delayed answer.

I have listed the replies for your queries.

1.Currently our application is working as single branch method. we have not integrated multiple branch system.

2. Yes, a single pharmacy can manage stock, invoice and payments

3. Sorry, As i mentioned we have such options

4. No, We have’t developed yet.

5. Currently site admin and pharmacy is same, So site admin can change the price and other details of medicine

6. Sorry, No options like that

7. Sure, you can customize the payment system as you desire

8. Sorry. We have such options

9. Current version we have no integrated it but it is possible to add a type of property.

If you need this all, and you are ok with doing this as custom development please drop an email to store@webandcrafts.com with your briefs, Our team will reach you with a quote

Regards, Support Team


Add the option to search for customers by admin or the assistants

Add the option to receive notification by sms to both the system admin and the customer

Thank you Ronnie

Hi, Ronelgon,

Thank you for the interest and I apologize for delayed reply.

We have added your points into our wishlist.

Regards, Support Team

What are the memory requirements for installing heal wire on a digital ocean server. I currently have it on a server with 512 mb of ram and 20gb hd.

Hi lkalicharan,

Thanks for the message.

The application don’t need any special memory requirements and in your case the specification will be enough for the installation.

Please feel free to raise if you have any queries

Regards, Support Team

Dear team,

This is my first Laravel project and i tried uploading the project into my Godaddy Ultimate linux hosting but when i open the project i get a blank or empty page. I believe the procedure to host laravel would not be same as normal files. I need help with regards to the same. Please send me the installation documentation so that i can do the same.

The installation document provided is not simplified to follow.

Thank you.


Thank you for your message.

You have to install composer and then upload the whole files in to server Please navigate the link for a brief about upload into server


If you are still facing trouble while installation our team will help you.

Please drop an email with your site details in to store@webandcrafts.com

Regards, Support Team.

Hi team,

I tried hosting the file but could not. This is my first project in laravel. please help me host my file.

Hosting Details:

url: www.hostingclump.com/cpanel

username: regularblogs password: Karthik@007

There is a sub domain created named ‘pharmacy’

Please do the needful at the earliest.

Thank you.

sorry password is changed and is email to your email id.

Hello Webheay, Thank for your purchase, we have reverted back to your email.

hi i want buy healwire online store and app with some extra features is not available.

i need it for bulk pharmacy need cod and minimum cart quantity.

no need prescription.

user registration approval.

Please provide cost of these features.


Hi sharmalife27,

Thanks for your interest.

Please send a detailed brief of your requirements to store@webandcrafts.com. Our team will get back soon

Regards, Support Team

Pre-Sales Questions: Are you provide apps with source code? Can I customize something as well as permission level and upload it to play store? Are you provide apple apps? What is the minimum server requirement to setup webpage and apps? On your page no link works of apps of the given two links/image! i need it for bulk pharmacy need cod and minimum cart quantity.

hi not found vendor folder as describe in https://driesvints.com/blog/laravel-4-on-a-shared-host/

Hi bvitbd,

Thanks for the message.

We have sent you the drive link for vendor folder.Please unzip the same and host in your server. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

Regards, Support Team

Hi, problem occurred after migrating to a ssl based server. Could you please send me fresh db folder? Already sent mails to your email. please check it.

Hi, Not found vendor folder as documentation in downloaded zip file. Please update. I also sent message (vial mail also) to you yesterday. But no reply from you yet. When are you available?

Hi bvitbd,

Thanks for the message.

We have sent you the drive link for vendor folder.Please unzip the same and host in your server. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

Regards, Support Team

Hi, I’ve installed, but the problem when it is redirected to admin panel after finishing the installation. Pls check mail for details.

All was ok, But problem occurred after migrate it to an SSL based server. no works system-stup section as well as mail functionality. Already sent an email to you. Please check this.

Hi bvitbd,

We have reached you through email.Please check you inbox for more details.

Regards, Support Team

Got it. Thanks.A text box related issue sent to you mail. Check it please.

I’m having problem uploading medicine list. Its in excel and I’ve edited the headers but when i click on upload nothing happens.


Thanks for the message. You have to follow the predefined headers to upload the medicines. If you want to change it as custom you have to edit the code sections. I recommend you to look after a developer that can guide you. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Thanks Support Team


QCPS Purchased

I’ve tried uploading the excel with the predefined headers but its still not uploading, can you show me how the excel should look, maybe a screen shot or sample?. Really need to test it out before buying the apps to know if its going to work for what i need it for.


wac_support Author Team


Please ping a message to store@webndcrafts.com . We will send you the demo video and sample excel sheets

Regards, Support Team

Hi i am trying to host it to local server but getting an error Warning: require(C:\xampp\htdocs\laravelapp\medicine\bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\laravelapp\medicine\bootstrap\autoload.php on line 17

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘C:\xampp\htdocs\laravelapp\medicine\bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php’ (include_path=’C:\xampp\php\PEAR’) in C:\xampp\htdocs\laravelapp\medicine\bootstrap\autoload.php on line 17


wac_support Author Team

Hi interactiveBits,

Thanks for your message. Please install composer download the vendor files as we mentioned in the documents or please download the vendor directory from the drive link and add in your product root folder


Regards, Support Team

thanks so much!


wac_support Author Team

We are happy to help. :)

Are you available for hire for customization? Also do you plan to support authorize.net?


wac_support Author Team

Hi codernerd,

Thanks for your interest.

We are ready to do customization and please drop an email to store@webandcrafts.com with your customization details.

As a part of customization we surely gives the support of authorize.net.

Thanks, Support Team

Will this plugin integrate into any theme?

I am looking for a doctor/patient style portal that wold allow a physician to have the ability to upload new prescriptions and patients to have the ability to upload refill requests and new prescriptions.

Can the plugin handle this without modifying my template?