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Hi, I’m a doctor of traumatology, one could make an Customisation services, I would like to sell is an online query using a system Panel with a form for data query and attachments patient with X-rays, CT scans, etc. (Like a ticket system) and mobile app use an online chat, always prior to the consultation a payment system with credit cards, paypal and payment market in Spanish language default regards I hope to answer

Hello @germanspace,Currently we are working in cash on delivery, chat system and multple store.We will roll out these features soon.You can customize the product of your own or if want it to be customized by us, please drop a mail to store@webandcrafts.com

Hello, I have liked the idea. But i would like to see the option to add My Prescriptions by typing too and not just uploading the data.

Secondly, help us to add this payment gateway www.pesapal.com. This payment gateway has been integrated for me in several scripts bought here and just in a short time.

I also wait for the multi stores/Vendors option added and the cash on delivery feature.

Please let me know how to be able to get notifications when added.

Thank you Ronnie

Hi, We will let you know the updates at the time of new version release.

Desperately looking forward to see those updates made sooner than later.

I wait your notification in the near future

Thank you Ronnie


wac_support Author Team

Sure Ronnie.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Thank you so much. That was a temporary password.

I have changed it ever since.

Thanks alot. you rock!!!

Thank you :)

Hello, Is there away to import pharmacy data from the computer?

And how soon is the new release with the Multi store option?

I have also created an account on your demo site but login is not working. it says that security code is wrong .

What is the problem

Hi ronelgon, I have listed the response for your queries 1. There is a feature in admin panel. Import.xls .xlsx file with following headers to update the pharmacy datalist. (item_code ,item_name ,batch_no ,quantity ,cost_price ,purchase_price ,rack ,composition ,manufactured_by ,marketed_by ,group ,tax ,expiry ,MRP ,discount).

2.We are currently working on the feature and will update soon.

3.Please try now with the security code which we have sent through email at the time of registeration

If you have any queries let us know on store@webandcrafts.com

Hello, Kindly also help add cash on delivery and also the option some one to add some written information when submitting an uploaded subscription

Thank you


sure ronelgon… We have already included the points for the future release.

Hello, I have noted that the prescription image should be able to zoom to original size when clicked on. Because the default automatic size message the image not to be clear to the doctor.

Thank you Ronnie

Hi, Thanks for your interest. We will look into that point and update in the next release.

I wait to see those features added and the minor issues fixed like the one for a prescription image being too small of which should be able to zoom to original size of the image when clicked on by the doctor. Because the current image size, is not clear at all


wac_support Author Team

Thanks Ronnie. Your suggestion is noted.

The following also noted;

- When you try to print the invoice, the invoice get downloaded but does not include invoice data.

-On verifying prescription, the system should as well allow the admin to add medicine not already added in the system? right now when you try to add medicine name not already added in the database, the system does not verify the prescription. This is very important because someone can be using the system before adding all the medicine to the database of the script.

-Lastly, an option to just type the medicine name in the prescription instead of all the time taking a picture is very important. Let both options be available so that its the choice of the customer to choose

Thank you Ronnie

Hi renelgon, The development is going swiftly. We can’t ensure you with a certain date due to other developments undergone by side

Still waiting for the changes mentioned above and then buy.

Thank you Ronnie


wac_support Author Team

Thanks for your message. We will notify you the updates through email and the new version undergone through a quality assurance process, hope we can release it soon.

Does it sync with desktop application to update medicine on the app

Hi mkkak, Sorry we can’t understand what your point is. If you wish to upload the medicine list to our application we have feature in admin panel where you can Import.xls .xlsx file with following headers to update the pharmacy datalist. (item_code ,item_name ,batch_no ,quantity ,cost_price ,purchase_price ,rack ,composition ,manufactured_by ,marketed_by ,group ,tax ,expiry ,MRP ,discount).

Can i reduce the headers of the medicine to just four categories

My Excel upload is not working

Hi aotolorin, We strongly recommended upload the medicine list as per our headers.Create empty columns whether you have no values as in the headers and it will not affect your further developments. If you have any queries please email us to store@webandcrafts.com with site and other basic details.

Hi activation code mail is not working. When new user joins it new code is generated in database but no mail sent to the registered mail id. I have tried to change configuration but still not working. Other mails like shipment confirmation mail etc are working.

Hi manu, We have addressed you the concerns through e-mail and we will help you to sort it out

when will you add COD payment i will wait until you release it ?

Hi mkkak, Thanks you for your interested with the product, Next release we will rolling out with the feature COD. Please click the follow button to get latest notifications https://codecanyon.net/user/webandcrafts

You can expect a probable release by second week of December.

Will that release also include multi branching for both web and android and also what about ios app ? what includes in next release ? Will consider buying. Thanks

hi thanks for reply. what about multi branching ? its very important feature ..

Hello, Thanks for you suggestion. Currently we are focusing on the feature COD, and after the updates we will start the developments of multiple branch system.

OK thanks for fast reply :)

is it possible to get multiple pharmacy?

Hi sachinthana, Thanks for your interest. Currently we are focusing on the feature Cash on delivery, and after the updates we will start the developments of multiple branching. If you want to customize the same, please drop a mail with your detailed requirements into store@webandcrafts.com

Hi, just to clarify, multiple branching is still the same pharmacy branches, not multiple pharmanies listing. If so, will the Ussr get to choose the nearest branch etc.


wac_support Author Team

Hi encirogex, Thank you for the comment. Absolutely, Multiple branching means the branch management system of a pharmacy not for multiple pharmacy. Happy New year!

But you can have as many as required, that is branches with different address, correct?


wac_support Author Team

Thanks for the interest. Sure, You can add unlimited number of branches in the future update. Please click the follow button to get latest notifications https://codecanyon.net/user/webandcrafts


mahim007 Purchased

Hi men I fullfill all requirements than why I am getting this error


Warning: require(/home/tabwrapcom/Tabwrap.com/bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tabwrapcom/Tabwrap.com/bootstrap/autoload.php on line 17

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ’/home/tabwrapcom/Tabwrap.com/bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear’) in /home/tabwrapcom/Tabwrap.com/bootstrap/autoload.php on line 17


wac_support Author Team

Hello mahim007, Happy New Year. Could you drop an email with a brief to store@webandcrafts.com We will help you to sort out the same.

Dear Support,

I have purchased the Healwire medical project from here. I am getting the some installation issue on the my server .I have the linux(Centos) VPS server and install all the requirement module in php.

I stuck now for this project. I can not understand the following comments may be this is creating the issue

Updation (Existing Users) • Replace the existing files from following folders o app > controllers o app > models o app > views o assets > images • Remove the files from the following folders o app > storage > views o app > storage > cache o app > storage >

Pls help me .My skypid is samarmca


wac_support Author Team

Hi Sumit, We have sent a Skype request. The product working on Laravel framework. We have used htaccess files and routes to redirect pages through URL and requires Apache module mod_rewrite to be enabled to work properly. Please ensure all these points with your server administrator

But you can have as many as the system can handle?

But you can have as many as the system can handle?


wac_support Author Team

Hi envirogex, I didn’t understand your query. Could you brief the points or drop an email with your requirements into store@webandcrafts.com

Hi, am struggling with my prescribtion upload.

Address in mailbox given [admin] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.

How do i fix this? I have done everything in the book


wac_support Author Team

Hi aotolorin, Happy new year. Please replace the mail driver into mail with smtp in email client tab in system setup page and try the prescription upload. If you are still facing the issue drop an email with site details into store@webandcrafts.com Thanks Support Team

Hi, I had few questions before making the purchase. 1) Is there a SMS notification feature for the status update. 2) Cash on Delivery System for payment. 3) Can we integrate Razorpay payment system for INR Payment as it is better than payumoney. 4) SAAS option or multi vendor. 5) Can we have API integration for medicine list from software like medivision. 6) Is there push notifications for Mobile App also can we integrate Razorpay in mobile app as well. 7) Social Login Feature. Is any of the changes are on customisation base do let me know.


wac_support Author Team

Hi artcreationnsk, Thanks for your interest,

Here i listed the replies for your queries.

1.Currently we have no feature for SMS notifications.

2.The current system have’t Cash on Delivery feature, but the feature in underdevelopment.

3.Sure, You can customize payment gateway and proceed with this change if you are familiar with PHP and Laravel

4.Sorry we have no such options

5.The customization is possible and currently we used excel sheet upload for bulk medicine uploads.

6.We have’t Implemented the push notifications feature.

7. No options for social media logins.

These customization’s are possible and would be chargeable. If want it to be customized by us, please drop a mail with your detailed requirements to store@webandcrafts.com

Regards, Support Team

Do you need our own server or is it possible to install in shared hosting?