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demo please

Hi Vinaymcp,

For Android App Demo, you can download the apk from here


When i try to signup it says “Some technical failure.”

Hi Vinaymcp, Could you make sure if you have added a valid email ?

yeah demo please and is this app independent or does it works with the php script?

Hi Mystic, This app is not independent you would have to purchase the php script first for the app to work. You can get the php script from here

Healwire – Online Pharmacy

For Android App Demo, you can download the apk from here


Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you AlekseyZhdanov :)

Hi dude, any plans for iOS version?

Hi virtualgraph, the iOS version of the app is on the pipeline with top priority. Based on the response of the Android version, we would be developing & rolling out the iOS version.

will we get full source plus will this work with php script or we have to run it separately and if separately orit have admin panel in php

Hi Umariumer, You will get the entire source code once you purchase, You would be requiring the php script for the app to work. You can find the php-script over here

Healwire Online Web-APP You can find the demo available there.

And Yes the admin-panel is available for the php script.

How push notification work in this app? Can I set custom push notification or does it have pre-defined push notification?

Currently, Push notifications have not been updated in this release, currently notifications are served through emails. For push notifications, we migrating from GCM to FCM as GCM being deprecated by google.

Looks very nice. Can it does COD, sms notification

Thank you Abaan. Right now, COD & SMS is not enabled, notifications are email based.

Downloaded the demo android app. Looks very simple and neat. After I purchase, can it be used with my own Pharmacy name and my own app icon? There is no login/logout. I am missing floating Cart button on the home page. When I uploaded the prescription, there is no way to find out whether it has uploaded or not – probably prescription uploaded can also be added into the cart as one item. All and all, it is and is going to be nice product.

Hello mi2l, Thank you for comment. Please find the answers below for your query, please note you are supposed to buy both web-app and android.

1. After purchase you can customize the the app name and icon. 2. Login screen will displayed when user try to upload the prescription. Logout function will be available in profile paga once logged in. 3. Uploaded prescription will be available in my prescription tab, with the status as unverified.

Hi, great script. But I need you to have Tax in the invoice and for the client or professional to change the order?

Also, is there a place to enter the Delivery Address in the order/quote/invoice?

Also, would there be a place to put the Pickup Address in the order/quote/invoice

Hi envriogex, these features can be implemented by providing extra charge, Please provide us your requirement to store@webandcrafts.com

I tested the Android App. Place order does not work. Keeps on asking for a script to be uploaded. Can you confirm that is not a bug?

Hi Envirogex, this is not a bug, For you to place an order, the prescription has to be verified by the admin, You can verify the order/prescription for the mobile from from here


username : admin password : admin

your app can be utilized for grocery store as well ? and what about IOS version ? and as asked above is there any option for delivery address ?

It can be made utilized as a grocery store as well, but this would require customization. Currently there is not a option to add delivery address and address mentioned by the user during profile creation is used, In the next product roll out, we will releasing the delivery address option

i need this android app right now, but i have to test it functions , how do i ? download a demo version, the one i downloaded is not working.

if tested and cool with it, i will need you to help me customize and set it us. i will need you to send me a price to that effect, my email address is; idevelopafrica@yahoo.com

my device model is infinix x507 thank you. please hurry up,, i might be losing a client. thank you

ple email me ur skype lets chat

Hi greatpralph5050, We have emailed our skype id to your following email id idevelopafrica@yahoo.com

Is this based on Android Studio ???

Currently this version, does not have push notifications.

Dear Team,

I found few issues in APP… 1) When user selects medicine which don’t required Prescription..but while checking out…app asking for user to upload prescription 2) In main interface unable to upload prescription…

Please look into these issues..

Hi Manikanta4, We have find the bugs and we will rectify it soon.We will sent you the updated code through email.

Nice app and php script.

Add 1. SMS Integration A) OTP while registration B) OTP While COD C) Order updates (Like courior pickup any other details )

2. Offers (Coupons) 3. Push Notification.

Thank you INDIBIZ,these features are under development and will be rolled out in next few updates, Please subscribe to get latest updates

Hello, Have you developed the App store App too?

With Android app, can someone still be able to pay with own payment gateway when integrated?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you

Hi ronelgon, Currently we have no application in App store. Regarding the second query you can customize the payment gateway as you prefer.

HI i have download the demo apk. The even if i have a 13 Mpx Camero phone, the picture sent to the application is a very bad quality and not readable. ho can we improve it? also on the admin side, the admin receive the prescription without the details i entered in my pourchasse order? is it the way it should work? and i notice also that i can send my prescription without any order. is it normal?


Hello @thierry27123, Sorry for the waiting. Currently we are working on the image optimization. It has to be done from our end.

Regarding the work, The customer has either two options. add medicine and upload prescription and upload prescription alone. Admin as the sole authority to prepare the cart unless, the requested item does not require any prescription.

Hi, any updates coming. We need the delivery address?

Hi, envirogex, Thanks for your message. Please click the follow button to get latest notifications https://codecanyon.net/user/webandcrafts. kindly elaborate on your query in order to help us understand your concerns or please drop a mail with your detailed requirements into store@webandcrafts.com

Can i use phonegap to develop the app?

Hi kinguest, Thanks for your message.

Really sorry, we are developing in Android as a naive app and can’t develop in phonegap technology.

Thank you for understanding Support Team

Any help with setting up if i buy the app?

Hi kinguest,

Thanks for the interest.

Sure, A Detailed installation document is included with the product and if you face any trouble in setting up please drop an email to store@webandcrafts.com our team will help you to sort it out.

Regards, Support Team


bvitbd Purchased

Pre-Sales Questions: Are you provide aps with souce code? Can I customize something as well as permission level and upload it to play store? Are you provide apple apps? What is the minimum server requirement to setup webpage and apps? On your page no link works of apps of the given two links/image!


wac_support Author Team

Hi bvitbd,

Thanks for your message.i Have listed the replies for your queries. 1. You will get the source code of android application with this product and you have to purchase the web application (https://codecanyon.net/item/healwire-online-pharmacy/16423338?s_rank=3) for the working of the android application 2. Sure. Customization is possible 3. We have accomplished the development of ios application of healwire and it is under the submission of codeacanyon. You can purchase the same once it released 4. The web app works on the server greater than php 5.4 and MySQl 4.x (PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x ) 6.You can download the demo apk at (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxfWjVDb6wu4cFVTNkExZW5JOTQ/view) and for webapp testing please visit the link http://store.webandcrafts.com/demo/healwire/

username : test.webandcrafts@gmail.com password : admin


username : admin password : admin

Please send your brief of your requirements to store@webandcrafts.com Our team will contact you with the customization details.

Regards, Support Team

Hi, I’ve change name URL, image as instruction of the documentation. Now how can I published this as .APK?

Hi bvitbd,

Thanks for the followup. Unfortunately we can’t understand your concern.Could you brief more about or send an email to store@webandcrafts.com with details. Our mobile development team will help you to fix the issue.

Regards, Support Team