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How to import Libraries into Eclipse Workspace?

In this App, we are using Three libraries, the first one is (android-sliding-layer-lib-master) that allows the Sliding layer to be like what in wunderlist App for example. The second library is (android-support-v4-preferencefragment) that is used to be able to use the custom Preference Fragment. The third library is (facebook) that is used to be able to login, logout and share posts on Facebook.

The following Steps will help you to import libraries to Eclipse.
  • Right click in Package Explorer and select (import) from the list.

  • Select Android > Existing Android Code into Workspace.

  • Press (Browser..) and select your library like (android-sliding-layer-lib-master) for example, check (Copy projects into workspace) then (Finish).

  • And do the same steps to import other libraries like (android-support-v4-preferencefragment-master & facebook-android-sdk-3.5.2)

  • Note: when importing facebook-android-sdk-3.5.2 library consider selecting only facebook library and deselecting others.

How to make your own Facebook App?

  • Go to this link Facebook Developers Apps.

  • Click on Create New App button and Follow screenshots
  • Write the (Display Name) of the App, Namespace is optional meaning that you can either write it or leave it. You have to select the (Category) of your App.
  • After pressing (Create App) your app will be created and you will find it in the Apps list, press on it to open the details of it.
  • Open Settings Section and press (+ Add Platform).

  • Enter the (Package Name) of your app and the (Class Name) that do login to Facebook in your App.

  • Enter (Key Hashes) for your App and press (Save Changes) button. (See the part of generating key hashes for your App).

  • Cope the (App ID) and paste it in your (app_id) in res/values/strings.xml
  • Select (Status & Review) Section, and in the (Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?) make the switcher (Yes)

How to generate the keyhash for your own Facebook app?

  • Download openSSL
  • and unzip ZIP folder to simple location something like: c:\openssl

  • Copy your signing key file to your JRE installation’s bin folder. For example, in my case: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin

  • While in the bin folder where you copied the signing key, Press SHIFT+ Right Click -> Open command window here.

  • Run this command: keytool -exportcert -alias YOUR_ALIAS -keystore “YOUR_SIGNING_KEY” > c:\openssl\bin\debug.txt

  • For example: keytool -exportcert -alias healthytipcert -keystore “C:\Users\HalthyTipPublish\HealthyTipCert” > c:\openssl\bin\debug.txt

  • Enter your password for the signing key.

  • Type these commands cd\ then cd openssl\bin

  • Type this command openssl sha1 -binary debug.txt > debug_sha.txt then, Type thisopenssl base64 -in debug_sha.txt > debug_base64.txt

  • Done! The debug_base64.txt at location c:\openssl\bin\ contains your Key Hash. Copy this in your app console and you are all set.

How to customize and reuse the App?

  • Fill database with tips or with your data.
    Note: database file is locating in assets folder.

  • Replace design with your own one.

  • This is most important step which we link our application to Facebook and twitter.
    Just you open strings.xml at directory res/values and you will find this code.

  • Facebook: replace (app_id) value with your application id.

    Twitter: replace (TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY) value with consumer key for app and (TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET) with your consumer secret.

    Admob: replace adUnitId with your Publisher ID and you get it from your account on Admob website.

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