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nice plugin, good luck ;)

thanks a lot!

how to install this plugin! its not working for me?

never mind it works, however its not that impressive!! very low development! doesn’t worth the price.

Hi Joseph i am sorry you feel that way. I assure you that you can get refunded if you are not satisfied with the product. No questions asked. In this link you can learn more about getting refunded https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy. Also i can send you a different addon pack if you want instead. Just open a ticket with your email and request. Another option is that you can request what you would like us to add to any specific addon and we will add it.

I installed the addon locally it does not work, thank you to answer my request for support

It works but I have none of your demo

answered you in the ticket system.

So what do I do now? How do I add these to VC? No documentation included.

HI, all you need to do is to install the library, and to install the addons on it (import the zip included). The addons will appear in visual composer right away. We have the documentation how to do it in our website.

Can we adjust the width and height?

its responsive it adjusts automatically. And the height is factor from the image you use. but if you need help in changing any css we are on hand to assist you. We have an excellent support

Thanks for the quick response. Headers look great but, I really need the headers to be fixed dimensions width & height, as well as embed Vimeo video. If this possible I will buy.

HI, generally all posible. you have full control over html / css output and you can edit all the addon components. You can write us support ticket, we’ll send you the item to test if you want.

Pre order question.

It is possible add the menu over the header?

this is an addon for Visual Composer. Where ever you can put addons in your visual composer page u can place our addons . So i suggest you try achieving what u want with an addon u already have and if u can place it in the corect place u can purchase our addon bundle.

hi, does it possible to customize the plugin in way that each category of posts has a different header ? when i publish a post that belong to category ” 1 ” it use a header “1” and when i publish a post that belong to category “2” it use a header “2” .. that means different header for each category. thanks

shalom mirasnat, the addon is just static you can put it on any page you have a visual composer page builder and choose which addon to display. there is nothing automatic

I’m having trouble editing font sizes in the addon library. Can you give an example of custom css settings? Thanks!

can u give me your email send me an email to amitruppin@gmail.com so i can send u the fix ?

your talking about desktop version not mobile right ?

and do u have a link so i can see what u have done?


Pre-sales question: On the headers with the video playback button, is there an easy way to display/play a Vimeo video in a dark overlay when the user clicks the play button?

These look very nice btw. Thank you

i think you should look at our bundle video teasers

Hello I am using the wpbakery page builder on this site – http://al2s3.crazygecko.co.uk/ is there any add-ons or a way I can change the menu and logo to be like this – shawdaniels.co.uk. Thank you in advance.

we do not have this option

Does this include elements for custom navigation menus? For example: Can I build a custom sticky header with horizontal navigation that includes drop down sub menu items?

Just know I bought this ADD on, but unfortunately are a lot of problems on the responsive part. Are boxes that looks horrible on the small size, Example http://prntscr.com/inbrx7 )this print screen is from your demo link)

So, I`m very disappointed about this. Can it be fixed?

Best regards, Emil

hi orange wd – sure i can help you fix what ever you want. you can open a ticket here https://unitecms.ticksy.com with the name of the addon and backend access + a link to the specific page and i will help you. BTW in your print screen you can solve the problem by uploading a higher image or writing less text or in the fonts tab selecting a smaller mobile font, i can also help you via the ticket system and change the font to smaller on mobile by default.

Hi Please see screenshot link, can we build a header like this with your plugin? https://ibb.co/ntXXPn Please advise Thank you

ok thanks for getting back to me