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Hi, i mailed you a couple of days ago but havent heard back from you. I have a couple of questions.1.How many times does the script need to be updated?2. Can i add shared revenue adsense to this script? 3. If site gets more visitors can the script handle many visitors? i am interested. thank you

1- really busy but i will updates it asap
2- yes it have a bout 3 ads places you can embed with the website
3- yes it can handle unlimited visitors


pre order question, would you be able to update your theme? it looks old. thanks

Sorry i’m getting an error please help

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1064

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’’ at line 5

SELECT COUNT AS `numrows` FROM (`articles`) WHERE `ar_state` = 1 AND `ar_active` = 1 AND `bridge_category_id` =

Filename: /home/wikihowtr/public_html/controllers/site.php

Line Number: 209

I get an error like this, please help

hi it seems that you not purchased from codecanyon

demo not working

i test it working fine

Pre-purchase question: does the video url work with Youtube, etc? I tried adding a youtube video link on demo and it isn’t coming through.

you should use the youtube that found in the embeded iframe to working

I purchased, thank you. How do I get rid of the “buy now” , “close” top frame?

go to index.php and change the enviroment to production

Does not work – gives errors after signup as well as data not entering into DB – even cannot login as admin – the db tables are empty for users table when i checked at phpmyadmin

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1364

Field ‘currency_id’ doesn’t have a default value

INSERT INTO `users` (`user_username`, `user_email`, `user_password`, `user_state`, `user_created_date`, `user_group_id`) VALUES (‘radionazir’, ‘’, ‘ddb4eff55c6d536a87d5fe9181e8f245’, 1, 1494338481, 3)

its working fine with me please send screen shots to me to see , put default value to currency_id , i hope this help

Hello, I need to remove buy now and select theme on header, on the top of the theme, can you help me! Thanks in advance.

in index.php change environment mode from demo to production

It’s already on production mode sir.

sorry for late reply , please contact me here for fast support on whatsapp 201015592334

I want to buy a script When there will be updates

can you add adsense sharing? so users can make money off their articles and we share commission

how to do this ?

Been over a year any updates we can expect?

i didn’t know , but may be i add updates later , i just worked as a full time job and time limited with me


I can`t install the script, the webpage default is in blank.

I run the installer all ok but when I visit the website is in blank ???


Thankyou :)!

you are welcome :)

demo does not work

yes, bandwidth limit exceeds , will be available soon

Hi, It’s long time your demo doesn’t work. when it will come to live ? when will be the next update ?

Its working now