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smswing Purchased

Will this script be updated , its been long time?

I intend to publish completely upgrade on next month, upgrade process in progress

Hi, i mailed you a couple of days ago but havent heard back from you. I have a couple of questions.1.How many times does the script need to be updated?2. Can i add shared revenue adsense to this script? 3. If site gets more visitors can the script handle many visitors? i am interested. thank you

1- really busy but i will updates it asap
2- yes it have a bout 3 ads places you can embed with the website
3- yes it can handle unlimited visitors


pre order question, would you be able to update your theme? it looks old. thanks

Sorry i’m getting an error please help

I want to return it don’t help my friend

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1064

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Filename: /home/wikihowtr/public_html/controllers/site.php

Line Number: 209

I get an error like this, please help

thanks :)

demo not working

i test it working fine

Pre-purchase question: does the video url work with Youtube, etc? I tried adding a youtube video link on demo and it isn’t coming through.

you should use the youtube that found in the embeded iframe to working

I purchased, thank you. How do I get rid of the “buy now” , “close” top frame?