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Hi. Nice tool. Is there a way to preview a book? Or any plugin you would recommend? I would also like the option for people to be able to buy a book if they like it i.e. force users to register to buy the book. thank you.

please add me on skype (phppowerarts)

Hi there a way to preview a book? Or any plugin you would recommend? I would also like the option for people to be able to buy a book if they like it i.e. force users to register to buy the book. thank you.

may be i do this features at next versions

I have 1 major question…. How can this script be called or named Bookstore Script when it’s not a book store? There is no way for anyone to make a purchase, theres no check out, why call this a bookstore script when its clearly a simple book sharing script.

Maybe I add the payment feature in the next versions

I would like to say thanks for your service and your customer support is awesome. Also this script will be very useful if you and some more features.

Thanks , You are welcome :)

Hello I can upload a zip file?

Can I Get A Refund

Hi :)

just you need to upload all the script files as zip then extract files on your remote server

not recommended to use filezila in the uploading process

Best Regards

I installed

Thank you very much, everything was very nice Fix Errors :)

I try to install the script but got an error. I contacted Support a week ago and still haven’t heard back. I ask my hosting to take a look at it and they said it’s an error with the application… issue. A test PHP script loads without issue: I also edited the index.php, and enabled error messages by changing the line define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, ‘production’); to define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, ‘development’); The site is now showing this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS) in /home/ebookoraudio/public_html/application/controllers/site.php on line 1 which confirms this is an application issue. If the issue is not fixed I’m going to ask for a refund.

Before any thing big sorry for late answer , all you need just to upload this file again (application/site.php)

Hello, need payment module so people can purchase books.

OK , please ADD me on Skype to discuss , phppowerarts

I am keen to buy this PHP program, please advice on shopping cart, discount voucher and payment module. thank you

Congrats on advance :)

Hello When does the new updates? Some bug fixes

please send this bugs you faced to me here and i will fix at next version soon :)

The seller was very frequent in replying mails until I bought the item. Soon after buying I had issues due to undocumented steps in the documentation, when contacted the seller, response was not prompt. Finally my web host sorted out the issue. Now the site is up, I do not see FB login in there. What do I have to do?

Thanks for the reply. Issue was fixed by my web host and site is up. It took few mins for them. You might have to fix only the FB login issue for which I can wait. I guess you should classify certain few issues priority like if the entire site is down.

Fb login , you have to add you credential at admin/settings to make fb and g+ work with you

Thanks, I will do that.

What updates do you plan next? I’m really interested of this one. Will create ebook feature be present?

I’m busy this days but will upgrade it soon as possible thanks for interesting :)

Hi there great script but few questions

1 Can you make like the downloads to be possible to members only 2 Can you set up download like upload local or links 3 Can you make a membership in the future like members pay for membership

thanks for your suggestions , i will upgrade it very soon


vijais Purchased

Hi, Can you help me out to enable downloads only available for members?

Unfortunately this feature not available at current version

After installation im able to login but the site images are blank and the admin settings / panel / options are not her.

yes you have to delete all demo articles and upload yours one it will working with you fine

How do i adjust the configuration to the script? I need to change www. to https://www. for the script to load correctly.

edit this file application/config/config.php

Hello, I copy the source files on my hosting server but I do not see the installation page how to do thank you

Thank you to answer me it is very urgent

It is a program that deserves to be bought I appreciate the quality of the program and the support

شكرا :)

Hi ,Nice work,

pre purchase quetion,

Can i use a “dropbox” , “yandex drive” or “s3” to store books ?


it is very nice script, This is the only script available in in this nature. Please do develop this script and provide support. i searched for many scripts but it failed. this is ideal match for our requirement. so we purchased despite the support.not offering.

i have following little issue needs your advice.1. we cannot login using FB and google account and also not possible to upload larger file like 6mb and above.

Please advice us.


please contact me here for fast reply whatsapp: 201015592334

Hi, Could you remove the book upload section? Can the link write section be added?

yes you can edit the view pages and remove the upload button

I really like this script, and wanna purchase it. can you please add 2 important features? -creating subcategories -adding an option to insert a download link at the download button

may be i do this later if i have time thanks for suggestion