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Hello bought your code its walking for me very well and I conveyed the APK but the problem that I import it on google play a dominates me a privacy policy and I do not know how it got. If you can help resolve this problem

thank you

Hi, mailed to you at earlier.

Hi How to install startapp sdk Version 3.6.3

Hello, we don’t test it yet..but if you update this…may be some code will be deprecated…so, better stay cool & we will update as soon as possible.

Hello. this code can import to android studio?

Hello dear, it has already describe in item front page. One things is very common that, 75% eclipse project can be possible with android studio if you have good knowledge of that & understand the code. any way, it is also possible to import in android studio too.

I want to buy this app but I want to ask can I make more than one app by using this code source and upload it to my google play without any problem ???! If yes please tell me how ?

Hello Dear, try to extended License if you wish as much as you can do..

I already buy it but not sure about which Eclipse program that I need to download as it have many program, or do you have a link of it

Please contact me as I can’t export file to APK, Need your help

Skype ID : vindimear29

Hi i just purchased this code but the ads admob banner and interstitiel don’t show I dont know why I change the id of banner and interstitiel in the folder values.

Hello, sorry for late reply..I was traveling. All included in the help file. please read carefully.

Thanks It’s work

android studio ile calisiyormu

Hello, if you have good knowledge of android studio, then it may possible to work on there too….

I’m favorited with this source code, And I also favorited with source code https://www.codester.com/items/comments/702/wallpaper-app-android-source-code. If can, you can sell both for me.

Thank you

Yes, please contact us by mail- support@golakar.com

Can I use my google photos as source ?

Hello, you can use any kind of photo which you want to use in your app. because its self hosted in app based photo storage. There are no need to link of any online server. All guideline include in the project.

Hi, is this a good code for beginner’s to reskin? Also, Can I integrate Smartapp into it? Thanks for your time.

Hi, Thanks for purchase our code. Yes you can reskin as your wish & if you have enough knowledge about android platform then you can integrate any other ads network in our app.

Hey , How to Show Interstitial Ad every X Seconds in this code . thanks for your time .

Hello dear, sorry for late reply. if you have enough knowledge about android eclipse or android studio then you can do easily.