HD wallpaper app with Admob and Startapp

HD wallpaper app with Admob and Startapp

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Golakar Exclusive HD wallpaper Template is an Android application & it’s an Eclipse project. This application lets you to create a HD image based wallpaper app. This app is a offline viewing for your android device. These kind of apps are very popular in the Android market and drive huge number of downloads. The application is packed with startapp & admob ads integrated by separated template to start making money right away.

App Features:

  • 100% Offline version (No Need to maintain your app wallpaper by any online server)
  • Easy to customize
  • You can add unlimited images for your app.
  • Right & Left animated button to move next & previous wallpaper
  • Support android 3+ onward.
  • Optimized for the Mars version
  • Exclusive Splash screen.
  • Set as Wallpaper
  • Mail feedback from app user
  • Rate, share & more app
  • Fit to any device (Mobile & Tablet)
  • Startapp integrated with banner ads, interstitial & slider ads
  • ADMOB integrated with banner ads, interstitial ads
  • About (information) page by HTML template
  • Well Documentation with great customer support
  • Almost User friendly interface
  • & More…..

If you want to integration with other ADS network, Please contact with us.

We are currently working with bellow ADS networks:
  • AirPush
  • MobileCore
  • RevMob

Update made for You :

Version: 6.0 (Current Version)

  • Added Stylish Dashboard (like Windows8)
  • Well Organized App layout
  • Fixed some Issues
  • Change SplashScreen
  • Change App graphics
  • With more User Friendly
  • Startapp Updated SDK & Latest Admob Play service

Version: 5.0

  • Added Stylish Dashboard
  • Well Organized App layout
  • With more User Friendly
  • Startapp Updated SDK

Version: 4.0

  • Added latest Google Play service for the ADMOB
  • Well Organized App layout
  • Rate & share app
  • Mail feedback by app user

Version: 3.5

  • Added Animated button
  • Remove slider page & added HTML page for about page

Version: 3.0

  • Added ADMOB in this project by separate template

Version: 2.0

  • Change startapp banner position from bottom to top
  • Change few graphics
  • Added about page at bottom by eye catching slider

Version: 1.0

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