HD Wallpaper Android Template App

HD Wallpaper Android Template App

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This application was created for purpose to improve the marketing of your or your client business. With this app, you can present your or your client business on modern way.
This is our (CreativeForm) portfolio, and if you decide to buy this source you will get the documentation where is precisely explained how to customized this portfolio in your portfolio.
Also if you want from us to do customization for you, please contact us on email to agree on the conditions.

HD Wallpaper Android Template App

Make your HD wallpaper android app – it’s possible and easy as never before. You don’t need to have any knowledge about coding. With this template it`s easy to use and you will create your HD wallpaper app in no time.

It’s complete solution for you to start new job and get some extra income. Coding knowledge is not required – set up your server, upload images and that’s it. Since there is no database required, you don’t have to worry about such matter. On server side you can upload images by bulk. No more one by one uploading. Also in this Android app template we provide all services that you need for server side. Every layout is designed and developed to be responsive and to fit small and big screens. The Android app template gives you freedom to choose from five different color themes – all designed as Material design by Google instructions (Android Lollipop 5.0).

When you add new wallpapers they are instantly added and downloaded to your app over server. So you can always put hundreds of cool, colorful wallpapers on your Android app. With this, you can add the most popular and best Android wallpapers out there with ease. Furthermore, you don’t need to try your luck looking for cool wallpapers, just make your own one met your taste. Your users are free to remove and add wallpapers to favorites, search, refresh, sort, share or crop them. It’s also possible to show random wallpapers. The HD Wallpaper App has a grid view and you can choose to include one or two columns in your app.

We added some new features – now thumbnails on server side are automatic generated and optimized so it will super fast load on users device. We also added “rate our app” and “more aps” features. We added too animated menu, about us page and of course complete new graphic by Material design.

It’s also Ad Mob and Google Analytics integrated. It’s backed by free support, so if you have any questions about it, you can contact the support team and get the assistance you need.

You can check our online documentation if you have some questions. It’s constantly updated with new material.

Full feature list


  • No coding needed – coding knowledge is not required. Set your server by our instructions and just upload images.
  • 100% Responsive design – App is optimized for small and big screens. On 7” devices there are 3 columns and on 10” devices there are 4 columns.
  • 5 color themes – You can choose between five different color themes. All of them are prepared by Google Material design instuctions (Android Lollipop 5.0)We added in code Material design colors so if you don’t like our color, choose another by your wish
  • Multiple categories – Android App template offers you easy way to add and change categories. It will automatic give names of categories by names of your uploaded folders.
  • Recently added wallpapers – Always show recent images first.
  • Add and remove favorite wallpapers – One of the categories where you can put images that you like the most.
  • NEW – about us page added.
  • Refresh, search, sort and random show images – You can easily manage images on main screen.
  • Share and crop – You are free to share and crop images.
  • Rate us feature – Just link your Google Play Store app link and incriese your rate.
  • More app feature – Link it to your other apps and get more downloads.
  • Animated menu – we add animation to left menu.
  • Google Analytics integrated – AdMob integrated – New AdMob with google-play-service-lib integrated.
  • Interstitial Ads – Show Interstitial ad on average, every fifth time when open full screen image.
  • Splash screen – Nice and animated splash screen integrated.
  • Grid view – The HD Wallpaper App has a grid view and you can choose to include one or two columns in your app.
  • List view – Show images in List View on main screen.


  • Comes with server side – Fully explained how folder structure must look like and where images must be implemented.
  • NEW Automatic generated thumbnails – using our cron.php script server automatically crop, resize and optimize your wallpapers and make thumbnails. Script also recognize changes in folders and add new or delete unused thimbs.
  • No database needed – full PHP service available. Also JSON service is provided.
  • Bulk upload – No more uploading images one by one. Package to ZIP or RAR your all folder structure with wallpapers and just drag and drop it on server folder. Unpackage it there and you will have all wallpapers on your app template almost instantly.
  • JSON service – PHP service that make JSON for the app.
  • Image titles – Name of image on server is title of image in the app.

Excellent customer support

  • We are offering FREE SUPERB after sales support around. We care about your apps as much as you and we will help you in any way possible.
  • FREE Lifetime Updates – get all the new features we add in each future update for free.
  • Once you purchase, you can use our dedicated support where we quickly answer your questions.
  • Includes great online documentation you can find and its constantly being updated with new material.
  • Contact us at
  • Working hours: 09:00 – 16:00h, UTC+01:00. From Monday to Friday.

Why our customers love us?

Thank you for renaming the app.. great support ! thumbsup.
Alexmarish, HD wallpaper android template app

Thank you for renaming the app.. great support ! thumbsup.
Alexmarish, HD wallpaper android template app

Thanks for this great app.
cmplxr, HD wallpaper android template app

Dear Developer, I recently bought this awesome app.
brargurshobit2009, HD wallpaper android template app

That’s great, thank you!
bluedot2030, HD wallpaper android template

Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales
EugeneRoiZ, WordPress Gallery Module For Android

It’s working Thanks a lot mate. You guys are the best!!
Sarayuth Punnasuriyaporn, HD wallpaper android template app

Hello, Thank you so much i am working on making an apk with changes and see if there is no error for me
Ayaz Malik, HD wallpaper android template app

Got it. Working. Thanks.
Neff Starr, HD wallpaper android template app

Thank you very much.
Alex Maris, HD wallpaper android template app

Fantastic, thanks. I’m sure I’ll be buying more sources from you.
Henrik S., HD wallpaper android template app

Sounds good, thanks. I’m now waiting for the update. Cheers.
Denis Sommers, HD wallpaper android template app

I am satisfied mate.. Thanks. Nice working with you.
Dilip Bagdi , HD wallpaper android template app

It worked – Brilliant. Thanks a lot.
Ali, HD wallpaper android template app

Hi! thanks for your messages.. i really appreciate
Abd bakerli, HD wallpaper android template app

xejay, HD wallpaper android template app

The app itself is great, beautifully designed, works like a charm… overall is a great app. The best thing is the customer support, just go through the comments section and you will see what I’m talking about. 10/10
BoratKan, Gallery module with AdMob/Analytics

I love Features and Design.
brargurshobit2009, HD wallpaper android template app

The only thing I would love to see added in the next update is so that when viewing photos (swiping) the three tabs (or buttons) at the bottom no to move only the picture.
ali907, HD wallpaper android template app

Best wallpaper app for android
dilipbagdi, HD wallpaper android template app

Great Design Quality
dedania23, HD wallpaper android template app


Version 3.1 Update

  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Caches only thumbs for reducing device memory.

Version 3.0 Update

  • A brand new design! 5 themes (Blue Grey, Grey, Cyan, Light Grey, Deep Orange)
  • The Grid of wallpapers is now running with thumbs, which ensures load reduction of working memory.
  • Automatically create thumbs on server side.
  • New php service for server side, for resizeing images on desired sized for thumbs. Thumbs in our demo have size 350×350px.
  • New php service can be used manualy, or it can be running in cron job.
  • Add About us page.
  • Add functionality “Rate app” and “More apps”.
  • Add full graphic functionality for favorite.
  • Add all material colors in source code.
  • Optimized source code for new functionality (for thumbs).
  • Animation in LeftMenu (Appearance animation)
  • Add newer version of library universal-image-loader.

Version 2.0 Update

  • Bug with adding in favourites fixed.
  • Change folder for saving favourites images (folder name is “App name”, HD Wallpaper App)
  • Icon favourite is now working. Full icon is now if image is in favourites and empty if image isn’t in favourites.

Version 1.4 Update

  • Material design (Android Lollipop 5.0) theme added
  • Interstitial ads (AdMob) integrated

Version 1.3 Update

  • New AdMob with google play services integrated
  • Little bug with scrolling images fixed.

Version 1.2 Update

  • New design (one column)
  • Refresh favorite automatically
  • Refresh images (new button)
  • Search images (new button)
  • Sort images (A-Z,Z-A)
  • Random show images
  • Add and remove from favorites
  • Tablet optimized
  • Landscape optimized

They help us to make this Andoid template more beautiful

List View Animations – For the most beautiful animations you want with your ListView items, use this project. To use this project with Sticky List Headers, use project below (Sticky List Headers).

Sticky List Headers – Sticky list headers project allows you to have headers drown above ListView (like the ones you have in Instagram application). For more information, take a look at a the link.


The images used in demos are not included in the downloaded ZIP file. All images belong to their rightful owners at


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