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what is with rss feed ?

sorry i can’t understand what you exactly want

hello phppower, I need recent or random images in home page.

Thank you

ok connected with you on skype :)

Hello I am interested in buying… is it easy to add pages to the HD Images Storage? example: glossary or links, ect… Thank you for your time.

I can support you to add pages manualy , may be I add this feature At next versions

hi I installed script. everything is correct but there is just white page? I am waiting your helps..

Hi :)

just you need to upload all the script files as zip then extract files on your remote server

not recommended to use filezila in the uploading process

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hello I bought your script yesterday and installed it but I have trouble with white page

Hi :)

just you need to upload all the script files as zip then extract files on your remote server

not recommended to use filezila in the uploading process

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Wow, this script very amazing, I have questions before making a purchase. Can I disable the thumbnail information when the cursor is directed over the thumbnail? Can I access the admin demo for the column? thank you for the extraordinary item.

Thank you for your support. Can I know? when the update item? I experienced problems on the post repeated, can you help me? thank you.

soon may be it will available next week

Hi, I need nginx configuration instead of apache. I can’t install it on my server. urgent support required.

please add me on skype (phppowerarts)


Script seems to be perfect. There is major short coming related to SEO when we add wallpaper. There is no “alt” text option to add which is major thing for Search Engines. Please add this feature on priority basis.

OK will upgrade soon


I have my domain, , I also want to support mobile resolutions as well.

Currently it only have option landscape images and it will resize as per resolution.

For mobile , is it possible to add resolutions ? 600px X 800px , 1080×1920. While we upload for portrait mode.

Ok. Your demo sites looks very fast.

1) What are the minimum-server requirements?

2) Any documentation available before purchase?

3) Is it possible to select crop-position as available in (AV Script wallpaper script) like , top left, left, right ?

4) Title Name are seo friendly, is it possible to for image name SEO friendly like flipkart-logo.jpg , flipkart-logo_800×600.jpg

Hi :)

1- you can preview this information at the item description page>
2- yes please add me on skype i will send it to you
3- unfortunately this feature not available now
4- yes ,
about the file name seo friendly , note that if the users uses the multiupload button the system grab all files from pc with it’s original name

best regards

After last update, Images in Mobile Phone looks stretched. vertically ..

Do you have plan to update to codeigniter 3.0.3??

Codeignitor mvc

I mean it’s build using ci mvc not hmvc

I tried downloading a few pictures. But, they does not download. Why? Also; We need to increase the content/code rate. Can we add excerpt all article to homepage?

yes you can customize as you want it’s very clear script and documented , i will support you after buying if you need to do any thing with it :) , thanks in your interesting in my item

How to install HD Images Storage – Viral Media Script

Hello, I am getting this error when trying to install An Error Was Encountered The Encrypt library requires the Mcrypt extension. How do I fix this for domain

just enable the (Mcrypt extension) from your host cpanel

Hi, Website settings do not work. “Save” when I click the button does not save. Page refreshes?

Problem solved…


Hi, how do I make flexible picture in the article page?

Which one ? , can you provide me with more details please

ok will remove this text next version , thanks


I get this error when image uploading: “Your server does not support the GD function required to process this type of image.”

You have to contact you server customer service to Install the gd library to allow the script working

I sent you an email from your Envato profile.

I really want to buy this theme , but the frontend is not up to mark ;-(

sorry can’t understand ?

Hello, the demo Version is not working correctly. I think there are some bugs with css and bootraps?

thanks a lot for helping dear , i fixed this issue today , please contact me on my skype phppowerarts, i will give you a script with one use licence for free cause your positive report here :)


Miks101 Purchased

Awesome script, how do I make the homepage show the most recent images uploaded?


Miks101 Purchased

Site comments doesnt work on my site, once you enter a comment it loads to a blank page, when you go back to the image the comment isnt there

please contact me on skype for support : phppowerarts