HBLocker Locking Files

HBLocker Locking Files

Are you wondering how to protect your confidential data from attackers?

We offer you the exact tool for that purpose.

HBLocker uses high level of data encryption, which will protect your file contents from being read from 3rd parties with an line of code.

  • HBLocker must be used on your confidential files to prevent the reading or executing the content of a file or a whole directory.

  • HBLocker must be used on transfering files/directories between servers. The server pushing the files must lock them and the reciver must unlock them, so if you got man in middle, he wont be able to read or execute the file/directory.

  • HBLocker must be used on file upload forms where users have ability to upload diffrent types of files, like php, html, css, js, ini etc.
    HBLocker will lock those files to unreadable and non-executable files, this will prevent shellcode or any code uploaded who can harm your website or server.
    The only way to use those files will be when you unlock them by your control, NOT users control.

  • It could be used anywhere, anytime for anyting. It is a cross-platform plugin.
Encryption algo:
  • cipher = MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256
  • mode = MCRYPT_MODE_CBC
  • iv_source = MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM
  • Private static and runtime keys for encrypting

User comments:

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Main reason:
Code Quality
Extra comments from the buyer:
Script par excellence, indispensable to prevent internet fraud.

2. I can see this script soon becoming indispensable for users who wish to provide fortress-like security on their sites.

3. I see tremendous potential in the script.


  • Version 1.2 released.
    1. Added zip and unzip methods. You can now create a zip arhive with choosen files and locked or unlocked them. The newly created zip can be forced easly to be download with the second parameter – view method section in documentation

    If you are running php 5.4 in order to use the zip methods you may need to enable php_zip.dll in php.ini if is not auto enabled already.

  • Version 1.1 released.
    1. Added recursively and non-recursively(by your choose) directory loop with auto collect of files