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Good job! Going to purschase lare.

Thank you very much! Let us know if you have questions

You’re exposing your css with your live preview allowing yourself to just be ripped off. May want to switch to a screencast dude.

Thanks for the heads up!


I’m having a little problem with scaling at small resolutions. Images scale well until:

With even column layouts (i.e. two-column and four-column) the images degrade and layout changes to a single column with a resolution of <= 480px.

The same occurs when using an odd numbered layout i.e. (three-column) when the resolution is <=600px.

I’m targeting mobile devices so really need to scale (or wrap) down to 320px;

Any hints?


Try change @media only screen and (max-width:480px) to @media only screen and (max-width:320px)

This way you will get restrictions for smaller dimensions.

Perfect – changing the media query did the trick. Thanks Kevin

No problem!


I have a single image about 250 * 162 per page. When I copy across the type 4 css code, and put the image under the div, the shadow does not display. Can you please advise what I am doing wrong see below :


Hi, can you please provide us with the link, and we’ll see what we can do :)

do you have an email address i can send the link to ?

Email us to Have a good one :)

hi i dont seem to be able to get your code to work. i appear to be doing everything right. i have css in place invoking using <image.. etc> all i get is a grey bar at the bottom of the image. any advice? cheers

i have sent you some screen grabs – i must emphasise this only happens on the first image.

Hey, Can you reproduce this bug on our preview page?

thats a very good question. just so as i know what you mean are you speaking about the haze-css3… /download/html/index.html file?

Hi … i work with wordpress. How do i use this plugin with wordpress ?.


Yes, you can use our code with Wordpress, but I want to point out that it’s an HTML/CSS solution, not a Wordpress plugin.

Hi, Are transparent .png’s supported? I’m finding that any I drop into the relevant styled divs lose transparency. When I ref the same .png out-with the styled div the .png renders perfectly.

Working perfectly with .jpg. But I work with transparent background .png’s mostly. Please tell me I’m doing something wrong….

Thanks, Stuart

Yes, please give me the link or send it to

Dear Reader, The dev identified and fixed the issue in about 17 seconds, a simple CSS tweak was the answer. Should have noticed it myself actually. 10/10 for webcodebuilder and this product. 100% happy! Thanks, Stuart

Thanks for the kind words! Enjoy!

Hi, going to sound like a complete newbie but using this within wordpress I understand its via css and html. So do I need to create a div in the themes editor first? and then apply the css class say to an image module? or do I need to do something else to apply these shadows to images?

Thanks in advance

Hi, you need to copy our structure (div) and apply the css to it. And put the image to the structure.

I’m new, can someone send a tutorial how to install, I have limited HTML understanding

Hi, thanks for the purchase. Did you read the instructions in the download package? Please let me know if you need any help

Great ideal…Good job

Please let us know when you have working demo.

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