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This looks absolutly amazing, GLWS




P.S. You should Ask Envato to put the price up !

hello! I think I’m doing something wrong because I could not make it work. Neither the examples I could make it work.

Did you guys could help me start from the beginning, or do a quick video tutorial to help other lay people like me?


Hi vangrey, if you want to contact me directly through my profile page I’ll be happy to help you get it working :)

Just what I was looking for but I could not get it to work with WordPress a video tutorial would be great.

Hi, if you contact me directly through my profile page with a link to your site I’ll be happy to look into this for you. Thanks!

What he said ^^ I would like to buy this and use it for a new site I will be creating in the next couple of weeks, If I were to buy it, could you assist me in integrating it for wordpress?
This is PERFECT, just what I will need. Oh and BTW, “voting against my own interest”, at first glance anyway, Envato should indeed raise the price on this beauty.

Absolutely. The only difference is the installation – using HawkEye in WordPress works exactly the same as covered in the docs – but if you run into any walls along the way I’m happy to assist. Thanks :)

Very nicely done :)

Great Code! Can you have multiple characters?

Hey paul0017, no not at this time. This script has prompted me to write a series of game engines though and I’ll be done with the first one fairly soon. It supports multiple characters as well as array driven conversations, a rotating inventory, easy scene creation, etc. I’m writing the docs now and am pretty excited since its a tool I’ve personally wanted for quite some time ;)

Very nice. Do you have an ETA (or more info) on the ‘game engines’ you referred to in the previous post?

Hi, thanks for your interest :) the first one has been close to completion for a couple weeks. I’m wrapping up documentation, and finalizing some things, but am also moving my family across the US. Thanks!

Is there a way to link to another page (new tab) in the popup to contain more information, with photos. I also would like to place small image in popup. This is for a local historical museum tour map of cemetery with images of the markers, so people know what to look for when doing tour on their own. This will be in a responsive Wordpress site.

Hi creativelydone! Sounds like an interesting project, yes the popups can contain any HTML content including images, links to other pages in new tabs, videos, etc. Please note that this isn’t a WordPress plugin, but it will work in WordPress. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through my profile page. Thanks!

Hi ! just a question, is it possible to add condition in you apps ? i would like to make a course with différents tests, and the idea is : you can try the second test if you have done the first (by “done”, i mean “you succed” or “you visited”) Thanks for this marvelous application !

Hi, so sorry for the delay. I’m in the middle of moving right now :/ If you can email me directly through my profile page with a link I’ll do my best to look into this as soon as possible. Thanks :)

My website is not online for the moment, i’will send you an email when it will be. Thanks

Ok, no problem – works out better since I’m really tied up for the next few days ;) I’ll keep an eye out for your email. Thanks!


Will there be an Responsive version in the future?

Thanks again! Mick

Hi, Is there an example on line? Thanks!

Hi, You have an example with an CSS Fluid Image ?

Hey Mick_, there isn’t an example – but all points/markers/coordinates of the characters, etc are all based on %. You can simply use a media query to change the master container / background image (the container used in the HawkEye plugin call) and everything should line up :) If you’re still having any specific issues with this please email me directly with a link and I’ll be happy to look into it as soon as I can. Thanks!

Nice plugin, but I have question, How to make the tooltip disappear on mouse leave and appear again in mouse enter just like the regular tooltip work?

Hi ahmedchan, I’m not sure I understand your question? The examples included in the main download ZIP already behave in this manner. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question? If you would like to send me a link you can email me directly through my profile page and I’d be happy to take a look. Thanks!

Can I load video in the tooltip/popup windows?

You can load any HTML inside the HE_Panel or HE_Tooltip containers, but there aren’t any built-in settings for playing/stopping video playback when tooltips/panels are changed.

I’m assuming this script is simply the “animation” effects? How are the actual floorplans designed? Importing an existing image? Or is this an actual floorplan builder, where I can design the room and place chairs/tables etc?

Hi, thanks for your interest. No this is not an actual floorplan builder. It is more for creating information walkthroughs / paths on top of images or other elements.

In local Hard disk, I run Examples/floorplan.html , it run O.K. But upload Hawkeye and examples to my server for testing, I run Examples/floorplan.html Outcome is very strange, in Chrome, IE and firefox. Text, icon and background images are all separate display for all browsers. They are not overlay grouped together to display, one by one, text, box, icon and image, same as my following images.

[ link removed ]

anything I need to do for installation? It is my test site only.

sorry, I guess my web sever setting incompatible. I test some light mini server. in PC. It is O.K.

I have a pre-sales question for you. There is no mention of how this is actually coded up so I can’t visualise exactly how I would implement it into a site?

Are there any documents or help files to support this I could check out?

Hi there, sorry for the delay – I’ve been moving. If you are still interested in HawkEye, please feel free to email me directly and I’ll send you a copy of the documentation so you can see how it works. Thanks! :)

Hi, I’m intrested in this plugin, but before I purchase how do you define a path for the sprite to target? is it simple and can be customised?

Yes, this is relatively easy. You set it up using “Markers” (which are essentially just nodes along a path). Each one is a DIV for your sprite to travel to and setup like so: where the “pos” defines where the marker is on your floorplan/walkthrough. You can have as many markers as you like and HawkEye provides some tools for customizing each one individually – all covered in detail in the docs. Hopefully this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Many thanks for replying, I will go ahead with the purchase

You are welcome, let me know if you run into any issues and I’m happy to help :)

Hi, I downloaded the file, but on the documentation, the link for WordPress Installation doesn’t work. Do you have the correct link? Thank you in advance.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. There is no WP version for Hawkeye, just instructions on how to install the JS version in WP. I’m not sure which link is not working?

No detailed documentation available , help me out .

I just downloaded the file. There is a documentation folder. Inside the documentation folder is the documentation.html. This clearly covers everything about the plugin including installation.