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Can I use this Plugin to center my page’s elements?

Yes, just write true in static property and “center” (with quotes) in the left and top properties.

Can I stop the ghost oscillation?

Yes, write 0 in the swing property to let it stay.

Can I let a pop-up to be activated by a click?

Yes, specify the “id” (with quotes) of the element that will activate the ghost in the trigger property.

Do I need to know how to use jQuery Library in order to run this Plugin?

This product is a jQuery Plugin. Some jQuery code is involved in the Plugin usage, but you can easily set it up following the PDF Manual included and the sample without any jQuery or JavaScript knowledge.

For any configuration problem, please contact me through email.

Is this Plugin WordPress compatible?

Haunted Site is a jQuery Plugin and it could be integrated in WordPress with a different (not simple) procedure.

If you are looking for a WordPress Plugin, please wait for the item to be released: it will be sold as a different App when it’s ready.

Can I place a pop-up inside another elementi in tue page?

No, this plugin is developed to generate pop-up like elements independently to other elements in the HTML page. It is, instead, possible to place them in any position absolutely and relatively only to page resolution.

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