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Wow. Amazing. App

Thanks for appreciation.

Nice app. Good luck for sales.

Thanks buddy.

Nice app. Good luck for sales.

Is it easy to replace the images? And where are the images stored? in the asset file?

Also is there a way to display the images – a preview of the backgrounds, instead of just listing them as Item 1, 2 etc?

You can customize it easily.


Very Good product Thanks for sharing. i will buy it soon Thanks

Yes. You can buy.

Nice One it will be best app for 2015 Live wallpaper Good Luck man

Thank you.

how add admob ?

If you have any further issues you can contact me at passiontocode@gmail.com . May be i will be not available here on evanto,


please can you help me to integrate the admob code ? please give me a screanshot of the code

I have sent you mail. Thanks,

Nice work, GLWS! :)

what format are those animation/wallpapers files?

All image are png and jpg formats.

Falling objects are also png or jpg formate files.


is it possible to change particles ? can we use bubbles instead or that particles?

Yes it is possible.


Hi – can we hire you to customize the app for us?

Yes You can hire me. I am available for any freelancing work. Please mail me at passiontocode@gmail.com


HELLO, its works for GIF file or no??

No, GIF image does not support in Eclipse.

Hello! I’m interested to buy this app template. Could you please tell me is this Android Studio project or other? Thank you in advance.

Yes this app is developed in android studio. Thanks,

How many page are there in the app ? Let me know. Thanks

Please test apk file. Make sure every thing is working according to your requirement. Thanks,