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Hello! no Ads support ?

can I pay for this modification ?

Yes, but we’re currently not available for freelance works due to lots of urgent projects to get done, we’ll let you know when we’ll be free.

GREAT APP! Re-skinned and submitted in 1/2 hour..

Great job ;)
waiting for a review on your Downloads page, we appreciate your support!

All set! You guys are the best. How can I find out about new projects and find out the second they are released?

Thanks for nice feedbacks, we appreciate them!
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Hi…the app was rejected in Apple Store…can you fix it? 10.1 – Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the applicable Apple Human Interface Guidelines: iOS Human Interface Guidelines OS X Human Interface Guidelines Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines

10.1 Details

The Menu button on the Siri Remote does not behave as expected in your app.

When the user taps the Menu button once a game has ended, the app does not return to the previous screen.

Specifically, when the user taps the ‘Menu’ button while on the Game over screen, the page only refreshes.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Launch the app 2) Select a Genre to play 3) Complete a round by losing – end up on the Game Over page 4) Tap the ‘Menu’ button and witness as the page only refreshes 5) Click on the ‘Home’ button located at the bottom of the screen – land on Home screen of the app (Genre selection screen) 6) Tap the ‘Menu’ button on the Siri Remote and witness as the user is only taken back to the Game Over page, where they are unable to navigate using the Menu button

Due to this, the user is not able to navigate back to the Apple TV Home screen once a game has ended.

Next Steps

Please revise your app to ensure that the Siri remote buttons behave as expected and comply with the Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines.

Hi, we’re sorry about that, so it seems that they want the Home button to behave as it normally does, so just go into GameOver.swift and delete the whole method that prevents home button to go back. Cheers!

No problem…i sent you an email..please tell me which method i need to delete. Thanks for your support!!!

You’re welcome, we actually thought to do a good thing to prevent the Menu button to go back, but Apple didn’t like it :) We’ll reply to your email soon.

Can you update the code to fix the issue mentioned above? Easy fix for you guys, not so much for me. Will buy once code has been updated. Thanks!

Sure, we’re going to do that tomorrow, we don’t work on weekends :)

Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to the update.

the update should be available tomorrow. Cheers!

Just purchase and unzipped the download and it wasn’t the Apple TV version, but the iOS version. Was this an error?

We’ve just submitted the tvOS version of this game, hopefully it’ll be available today, later tomorrow. Cheers!

I’m glad I could report the error.

App updated, the right tvOS version is available on your Downloads page :)

Did the source code get updated per the discussion above?(claudiosouzamattos)

Thanks for the update!

you’re welcome!

App updated, the right tvOS version is available on your Downloads page :)


I have knowledge of objective c, we develop iphone apps basically. Can i upload this app(new to swift and TV OS)? Where this app gets published? Is there any separate store for TV Apps? Any new developer account i need to take? editor is xcode? I am really interested to buy this code. Thanks

Hi, with updated iTunes Connect interface you can submit binaries for iOS and tvOS in the same app, just create the iOS app and then add a new platform from the same page. Cheers!

Hello thank you have great apps, any timeline on the Xcode 7.3 update for this one?

Hi, we’ll do that soon, anyway you can do that on your own, XCode will popup warnings and suggestions, you just have to double-click them and have XCode automatically fix them ;)

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!