Discussion on Handyman Service - On-Demand Home Service Flutter App with Complete Solution

Discussion on Handyman Service - On-Demand Home Service Flutter App with Complete Solution

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Hi team i am facing proble,at the time of booking service , earlier it was okay when we done setup at demo url , now we made it live ,then after step 1 and step 2 , click button book now, showing blank plage but actually booking went thru and stored at backend . even i enabled the payment gateway strip m its now showing option to make payment ,

please support us and resolve it , what is your support email id share so we can share the details to resolve it


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you with that.

Thank You!

I can see that you have Select Earning Type For Provider *

Commission and subscription

Can you tell me more about that please?

Hello walterjoao20,

This is the earning type for the Provider.

For Commission Based, As soon as you add services they will be visible on the service list.

For Subscription-Based, The services will be shown only when the provider had subscribe to one of the plans he had chosen. So, the service will be added but not shown in the list because non of the provider has subscribed to the plan, once the provider will subscribe then it will be shown in the list.

Hello, how are you?

I really loved your app and I have been struggling to find an app here that does what yours does. I want to buy your app and I can see that you charge customization around 599, right? Where can we do that and how long does it take? is the code not complicated? because some codes here are the worst. if I buy this 99 product I can see that comes with everything right? I dont need to buy anything, right? I can also see that you have admin addon on your profile, is this include in this 99 package or not?

Hello, Please Contact Us On Skype: cid.5a5a1bb5f9c0ecb2 for further discussion.

I’ll need customization. How do I get in contact with you?

Hello, Please Contact Us On Skype: cid.5a5a1bb5f9c0ecb2.

some settings not have a translation option

Okay, thanks we will check and fix in the updates.

Hello,Why isn’t there an option to add sharing services to customer apps? For example to share to Facebook or Whatsapp and other platforms


We haven’t provided this feature as of now. You can add in your code easily as per your requirements.


Hi, as i check the demo app, when user hold the work at the same time provider has to agree to hold because when the service charging for per hour basis the no of hours will be collapse. One side provider working other sidee user hold it simply then there is a loss from provider side.

Okay, we will check the case and provide and update if possible.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi, I was waiting for add-on feature but what you added is a package feature and call it add-on! that really sad! please visit any food app, for example, the main product is Pizza but the add-on is the optional extra sauce: $1. extra cheese: $3. etc… and for the services app for ex: the main service is car cleaning and the optional add-on is polishing, nano-polishing… keep up the good job but please this logic to the app because your competitors have it but with very poor design. Cheers!

Hi, yes we realised this but thank you for your suggestion. We will rename this feature and will provide add on feature in upcoming updates.


You are most welcome, I really want to buy this, so can you please let me know if you can narrow down the order steps? for ex: the user places an order & p@ys – provider accepts – the provider starts the service – the user agrees – the provider marks it done – the user accepts the works. 2- the notification is not working for orders or chat when are you going to fix it?

1 Although it is possible, we do not intend to change the booking flow. If you wish, we can arrange to change it on your behalf with our paid support.

2 We have checked our side, and it is working well, and yes, we will provide a chat notification feature, but the the date hasn’t been set yet.

You can contact us on for further discussion.

hi! is there a way that the client can ask for a quotation for a service? sometimes the service need a quotation before been selled

Hi, we don’t have this feature as of now, but if you want we can help you with the paid customization.


Nathan333 Purchased

Is it possible when upgrade version we can skip one version? Or do we need to upgrade the source for for app and web in sequence of release?

Yes, it will be better you update in sequence, because if any one of the code is dependent on each other you will get error.

Ticket #10406

okay, we will check.

Dear IQonic Team,

Here’s a gentle reminder that one of the most important features to quickly add is the ability for providers as well as handymen to fill in their Bank Account Information. There’s currently no viable way to pay out thousands of handyman and provider daily.

Please please and please.

Many Many Thanks.

Hello gabeyy1,

Thank you for the patience. We are already working on the same feature and we will be providing an update very soon.

Hi guys…testing the apps….Using the chat screen, the customer or handyman or provider does not have a warning to advise that are receiving new messages..too sad… and the notifications system either work on that to, are you guys planning to update the app? Thanks.

Hi thedygoncalves,

I appreciate your suggestion and yes we are going to provide a notification feature for chats in the upcoming updates.

Great work but CUT the provder app off… that is no need that… Just customers and Handyman…. will be aswome dude…thanks.

Hello thedygoncalves,

It will be a very tedious task to remove the provider role for us now as it was developed in that way only. For the solution, for that we have provided an option for “Assign to myself” option as if provider doesn’t want handyman and they personally want to attend the service they can choose that and if you don’t wanna use this option we will customize it for you with our paid support once you purchase the app from codecanyon.

Thank you

1- Hi, when the provider os customers receive the notification about someting when I click on that, the app does not oppens and shows it, the app just open the app but does not open at that exacly notification and we can do something. 2- The provider or handyman app can send their documents to ADM approval or not? I saw on the adm panel the document list….what is that for? thanks

Hello thedygoncalves,

1 Okay, We will check.

2 As per the current flow, only a provider can submit his/her document to become a verified provider.

Hello sir are you planning to add affiliate system in this I like it very much but I want affiliate system in this till when will it be added sir in next update

Hello sefrojpvtltd,

We haven’t yet decided the update date yet. We will update our roadmap as soon as we plan for it.

from where provider will do signup, all form look same when i click on register page please send some guidline

means there no option at web frontend side for provider signup ? if not then it should be there if you provide web and app system , are you planning to add this in next upgrade version

coz most of company maybe want to launch web version first so that feature will be most prior to be available

As of now we are not planning to do so. As admin can add the new provider from backend. If you want we can customise it for you with out paid support.


Ticket #10406

Okay, we will check.

1. Can this system be deployed as just a web app and later deploy the mobile apps ?

2. Not understanding the distinction between a provider and a handyman. It the provider more.or less the admin or moderator?

3. How are commissions paid out? Does the admin just issue payments to the handymen manually outside of the system?

4. Can the handyman and provider t Roles be combined in the event that there is no middle man? Can this system be deployed functionally for a single man operation ?

5. How much does implementation cost for just the complete web application and excluding the mobile app?

6. Can sub categories be disable so that just categories and services are listed w out need to select a sub category?

7. Can the admin change icons and service thumbnail images from the Laravel admin app?

8. If you use the option to assign the provider to the job, essentially eliminating the handyman role…will each service still display the provider? This seems unnecessary if the provider is the one carrying out all services.

9. Is it possible to request credit card information at time of booking but process payment after work has been performed?

10. Possible to integrate twilio for sms notifications?

11. If a user requests a custom project bid…is there an established workflow in the system or does it become a manual process ? For example…can the admin review the custom request and then create a custom offer so the project and payment can be handled through the application.

Hello RobbyRicigliano,

1 No, the Flutter code doesn’t have support for the web.

2 Provider is the one in which the multiple Handyman will work and those work are assigned by the Provider.

3 Commission is for the Admin, the Admin will register the new Provider on the base of Fixed or Percentage based commission, now when the on service is being completed then the whole amount will be credited to the Admin’s account, then Provider will ask for the payout and the payout amount will be transferred to the respective Provider manually.

4 Yes, if you don’t want a Handyman then you can assign the service to yourself we have provided this option.

5 So you want the Flutter application to work on the web?

6 Yes, subcategory is the optional field only, so if you don’t want to add the subcategory, then too flow will work fine.

7 Yes, each and every images in the applications and Web can be customised or change.

8 Yes, we have not hide that option, but if you want we can help you with that.

9 Yes, it is possible but you have to customize the flow, we can help you but you have to buy our paid support.

10 Yes, we will try our best to integrate it.

11 No, there is no such verification process.

All the other aspects of the application is perfect it just lacks one thing that is proper cash flow infrastructure, a proper wallet system like ola/uber service provider’s app. How long do I need to wait to get this in an update?

Hello saatwiqdhiman,

Thank you for your suggestions. We are already planning for these 2 features and will rollout soon.


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