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“WordPress 3.0 and higher required. The plugin has now disabled itself. Upgrade!” – – Im using 3.9

thank you! no problem

love the product – got a couple of suggestions – i went and removed the css in the admin css file – because I already have my own admin theme - maybe just a on off switch for that - (not a big deal at all , just idea) – I would like to be able to incorporate woo commerce into the items in that menu – i may play with the code to do so – but this would be a game changer for me—any way great work and thanks for the opp to buy – #recommended

1. The plugin need the admin css to display the toolbar in page. I overwrite the default color to white like the page background. I can switch on/off the white color only ! this is your request ? 2. For the woocommerce menu, give me more details on the functionality.

And feel free to rate my plugin. Thanks

This looks great. Will it show all menu bar items that are being displayed in the normal admin menu bar, such as menus that are generated from plugins?

yes it’s the default bar with graphics changes only. You have all the same functionality as default!

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So this will display all custom admin bar menus I’ve added like WooCommerce and Buddypress?

Yes, it keeps all menu items.

I need to see demo.. pls..

Sorry, only screenshots for this plugins.