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Looks beautiful, any plans to allow any SVG file instead of SVG fonts?

You have to convert him to font. Various tools exists for that. Svg file contains colors, font contains only lines. You can test “modernpics” or “justvectorv2-webfont” icon font in live demo.

The options you included in the demo do not show up in the actual product such as transparency etc..

You’re right, I put the updated version today, sorry for the inconvenience

Hi Noodlez, The updated version is ready and online. You should have received an email. Don’t hesitate to tell me if there is something. And do not forget to assign a rating to the product ;). Regards. Antoine Rousseau

Last thing: if you like this, don’t forget to review.

i am interesting about this feature, but before i buy, i have a question. may this plug in can be exported to jpg or any image extension ?

Hi tavgreen. This plugin lets you create an animation in SVG. When the animation is complete, you can capture and save the result in JPG, PNG or another. For this you can use any tool that captures all or part of your screen :


- - ...

Tell me if it’s ok.

And don’t forget to review.


may I show an image after hand writings?

Yes you can. Just convert image to a font character. Many sites offer this for free (

Hi, great work, but 2 things I would missing. Can I inserting break lines or some additional text lines under the main text? And second version output for mobiles …? Because responsive is an strange thing. Thanks

Hi, I work to insert breaklines.I caution you when ready. Responsive is very complicated with SVG. If you have some exemple don’t hesitate to give me.

Is it possible to add my own fond?

Sorry… Of course it does ;o)


I just purchased this code and when I try to use the generated code, I get these errors

Warning: XMLReader::open() []: Unable to open source data in /var/www/font_anim/font_anim.php on line 144

Warning: XMLReader::read() []: Load Data before trying to read in /var/www/font_anim/font_anim.php on line 146

Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/font_anim/font_anim.php on line 228

can you please help

Hi, If you have copied all files in “var/www/font_anim/” and if after you copied the script in “var/www/” this is normal that doesn’t work. The script depends from other files : font, js script… And it doesn’t found them.

You wrote ” and if after you copied the script in “var/www/”” .... but I didn’t say that. What I am saying is that your script only works if the file that includes font_anim.php (eg. example.php in my case) is actually located in the font_anim directory. This is clearly a coding error on your side, in php you should be able to include and reference files from any directory under your /var/www in Apache. So can you please finally correct this error? Also your documentation says: First you have to include file called “font_anim.php” : <?php include (‘font_anim/font_anim.php’); ?> ... this is exactly what I am doing, but it does not work that way. It only works if example php is located in the font_anim directory

The script need the font file to work. Not only “font_anim.php”. Copy font folder to the root. I have to add this in my doc. Sorry.

Just so future buyers are aware: One of the JS functions in this script causes an infinite loop. That may or may not be an issue depending on how much you care about CPU strain.

Wich function is ?


Hey dude! That is a nice drawing-tools. My question I do have: Is there a oppertunity to get a sperrated Version with PHP and JS?


Hi. What do you mean ?

Bonjour, je viens d’acheter votre plugin mais je me suis trompé, je voulais le wordpress compatible. Comment pouvons nous switcher la commande? Très cordialement.

Achetez l’autre puis faites une demande de remboursement pour celui ci je l’accepterais.

Hello, when i try to use this. i’m getting error. i launch the index.php but it has this error. Notice: Undefined index: outline in C:\wamp64\www\intro\writing\font_anim_ajax.php on line 474 Notice: Undefined index: specify in C:\wamp64\www\intro\writing\font_anim_ajax.php on line 475

Add the same line at the beginning of font_anim.php

There are no errors but only notice.

I tried but it shows more errors not showing my text. C:\wamp64\www\intro\writing\font_anim.php:165:null




C:\wamp64\www\intro\writing\font_anim.php:165:int 32

C:\wamp64\www\intro\writing\font_anim.php:165:int 160

C:\wamp64\www\intro\writing\font_anim.php:165:int 33

Maybe your wamp configuration is not adapted and you have to try on a server.

At first I didn’t realize I needed to upload this to my server and had some problems creating an SVG font, but eventually got it working. Much easier than Inkscape + AnimateSVGText at github. Now if I could just have some kind of animated fill (like a moving image background) for the letters instead of color… Probably too complicated.

Hi, for created svg font you can use an online and free service. Search on google “create svg font” or other.

Merci for the fast response. Yes, I did find such a service and was actually able to create a SVG font and make the text animation. Now I just have to figure out how to insert the animation into my HTML document.

I’ve generated the code and I’m following the instructions carefully (I think). PHP is enabled on the server. How do I insert the code into a static HTML web page and have the animation appear? Is there a live example where I can view source and inspect? I’m not very good with PHP.

Any tips on how to include one of these generated animations into an existing HTML web page?

yes alright by iframe.

Can I move my license from one site and to another?

I created a new profile for Chrome but the oddity is still happening. I may completely nuke Chrome and re-install but in the meantime you can see exactly what’s happening via this animated GIF:

As I mentioned, this only happens on my own Mac but it’s odd that Chrome 57 (WebKit-based fork) and Firefox 52 (Gecko-based, not WebKit-based) exhibit the problem while Safari 10 (WebKit-based) does not have the problem. Brave browser (based on Chrome’s WebKit fork Blink) does not exhibit the issue.

In any case, I’ll end up reinstalling Chrome and Firefox and report back after I save all the settings and profiles. This note is just to let you see what’s happening in case someone else has the same problem.

Resolved. remove theses lines from “font-anim.php” and “font-anim-ajax.php”:
transform-origin: 100% 100%;
    -webkit-transform-origin: 100% 100%;
    -moz-transform-origin: 100% 100%;

Thanks for your feedback..

Yes, that appears to have fixed it, thanks. You’d not seen this before?

I keep getting an error when trying to upload this plugin via “upload plugins”. Are there different zip files? how do I get the wordpress compatible one? Exact error: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-6719796-handwriting-animated-text-svg-responsive (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Hi, plugin code is not the main archive. Main archive include documentation + plugin.

do you have onScroll Effect in this version? or it’s just for the Wordpress version?

if you purchase this version I can send you files of wp version by private mail. With it you have 3 different files (onload, onscroll and onhover). If you found difference between onload and onscroll you can report this difference on the php version.

Thank you!

I just purchased it, could you please send me the files :)