Handwriting Animated Text - SVG & Responsive

Handwriting Animated Text - SVG & Responsive

SVG handwriting font plugin.

Create animated string from any svg font file.

  • Compatible with any browser, including Internet Explorer
  • Use your own font file. Any font can be used
  • Publish your animation anywhere with a few lines of PHP code.
  • Using presets.
  • Filled or outlined mode. View example 1 and example 2
  • SVG Icons font supported (test the font “Modern Pics” in the live demo)
  • Gradient mode or unlimited multiple color mode. Define a sequence of colors or simply choose the base color and the final color to create the gradient
  • Set the size, line thickness, background color, write speed or time between each letter and customize your animation
  • Create stylish animations unlimited and publish in 5 minutes.

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Copy the file “font_anim.php” on your server. This file must be present in the directory. Create your animation with the control panel and get your code by clicking “Get Code”. Code is automatically generated from dashboard like this :
        font_anim( array( 
        "text" => "Hello", 
        "color" => array("#a0e660","#a00960") ,
        "color_blend" => array("#a0e660","#a00960"), 
        "stroke" => 19,
        "outline_color" => "#a0e660",
        "background" => "#c25dc2",
        "mode" =>1, 
        "height" => 600, 
        "width" => 1500, 
        "size" => 150, 
        "speed" => 1, 
        "type" => "cubic-bezier(0.250, 0.250, 0.750, 0.750)", 
        "font" => "Sevillana-Regular.svg", 
        "transition" => 300, 
        "fill" => false, 
        "vertical" => 1000 
        )); ?>  
Paste code anywhere in a PHP file. First you have to include a file called “font_anim.php”.
<?php include ('font_anim/font_anim.php'); ?>


Changelog :

Version 1.12 – 10 August 2014
Added the control of the outline color
Added the control of the animation type
Fixed bug
Version 1.11 – 05 May 2014
Improved browser compatibility (IE)
Added premium color input
Improved administration control panel
Version 1.10 – 20 April 2014
Added possibility to publish many animation on the same page
Fixed bug on the IE browser
Added features to control panel