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Hello, I just activate and have some issues….using avada.

1. The original menu is not being removed even though I checked the correct output.

2. The icon is not changing color after changing in settings

3. The menu close “X” button is not working, (does not close the menu)

Hi! I answered to your email

We are seeing strange white boxes in Mozilla browser, but it looks great in Chrome. How do we remove these boxes?

I tried using a background image (instead of just color) but it didn’t work – darker color still appears.

Hello! Please try to resave settings and clear browser cache. If this doesn’t helps – please send me PM, I will try to fix this (I will be online on monday next time)

Hello! Ability to add word “Menu” near icon now available on Hamburger Icon Menu

hi, i need to have 2 menus – 1 in hebrew and 1 in english. is thius possible? thanks.

Hi! You can use multilingual plugin for this purpose

thx. wpml works – polylang not :)

Hi, I want to buy this plugin because I really think its a great job, but I wish to know what are my options if a need it for 5 or more sites. There is a way to get a better price as most pro versions plugins offer? Thanks in advance.

Hi! As I know, on Envato market there is no option to set discount depends on number of purchases, but If you are going to purchase 5 licenses, I can set price $10 for a limited time, so you can purchase it with this price.

Hi Again and thanks for your kind attention. I will buy my first one to try full features on one site because I’m using your lite version and I can´t find animations or google fonts, also, for some reason my sub menu items are not showing correctly, I mean, they appears all at the same level and disorderer in hamburguer icon, but if I use both menus (hamburguer and standar), or standar alone they works fine in the classic menu. Also I have a little question. Is there a way to show 2 different menus on the same hamburguer icon? One on the left and the secondary on the right side for a fullscreen layout? like a two columns screen, or split cell.

This is the version I have installed

Thanks again, I’ll buy the premium version in the next hours anyway, but I’d like to know your opinion.

Hi! There is no option to show 2 different menus, but animation and google fonts is available in pro version

Hi, I want to buy your item but I need your help with the following question. Is it possible to use it as a widget in a left side bar like in the following link?

Top – Left Corner, “Click” text:

Hope you can answer, I will appreciate it, thanks in advance.

Hi! Unfortunately, but this is not available in my plugin.

Hi, Is it possilble to just hover over the icon and navigation will open? Right now, I need to click it in order to open it. Let me know asap. –

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no such option in my plugin

Hello, I have the same issue of the users dakine1 partylikearockstar, when i open the menu the close button doesn’t work and will not close.

Hi! I can upload it to your site again

Well, we actually need the package for future instalations (in case of migration or reset on the website). So, if you cand send us the file on email, it would be great.

Hi! I sent it to you via email

Hi, I have a website fullpage, and I’m looking for a hamburger menu that can be used with a shortcode. Does this plugin have a shortcode that I can use anywhere?

On the other hand the Fullscreen Vertical function, when I use it and click on any menu and it takes me to a certain page… This can be used with Row ID and not URL’s?

Hi! There is no shortcode support. Menu works without shortcodes. About Row ID and URL – I’m not clearly understand what do you mean.

I means if support one page Menu with row ID as url

Hi! You can add custom links with HTML anchors to your WP Menu

Hi borisolhor, how can I hide a hamburger menu in a unique static page? example: I don’t want to show menu on home page (in our website, it’s a static webpage). Could you help me with it?

I send it.

Hi! I fixed it. I added CSS via Appearance -> Customize. Also, there was an error in CSS. Right CSS for this is: .page-id-2654 #iwpmenu_icon { display: none; }

Hi! It’s working now! Thanks for support!

Hey there, what is the main difference between this and the free version?

Hi! In this version, there are many new options: Responsive behavior, ability to add images and video background for a menu, animation settings for item appearing and disappearing and ability to add social icons.

Hello again, was it a choice to remove the dropdown functionality in mobile?

Hi! Unfortunately not, you only can disable hamburger icon on the desktop and show it only on mobile

What? I meant the sub menu items. They don’t show in mobile.

Hi! Can you give me link to site, where you use it.