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Hi, could you send me the capx file for the new version ? Thanks

of course, pls send me your email :)

I sent you private message, thanks

Done, pls check your email :)

hi there, i want to buy but im dont sure, this is construct 2 project? you give the capx file? i can look the with free edition ? let me know, THX

hi there, i send you a message from contact form. please send me the capx file. and please if you can let me know if i need to install some plugins or something.

Thanks, and nice game!

Hi, before i buy you answer very fast and now after i buy you dont answer man. Please send me the capx file. Thanks.

Hello, sorry for late reply. pls check your email

I just bought the game but there is no capx file?

No Capx file! Can you please send it, email mario.s.galea@gmail.com

hello, Thank you for purchasing my item, pls check your email.

My game runs out of money how do you add more money to play because the credit button goes to Google dot com

if you have an idea to add more credit. pls contact me via email. Thanks :D

i did

Is there a way to start the game with more money

i sent you screen shot any idea or how to change the key or signer or do you have another idea

pls check your email

the game still does not let me upload to the playstore why? this is suppose to be a new version but its treating it like the same version i get the same error in the google play store when i try to upload it can you help me?

I’m sorry, I can not accept it! I watched you sell the game all the comments all the games are $ 14 including the complete code. Why i buy $ 110? You are not honest enough

you can buy it with $14. but it is simple html5 not include the php. Pls check the category of the game (http://prnt.sc/evifwk). The php script is not sell here. you can check the demo ( http://chupagame.com/phpslot1254 )

Are you tagging PHP version in the game introduction Why now tell me $ 14 can only buy HTML5? Why do not you explicitly explain there are two different versions of the game? You are deceiving again

Are you see my description “Contact me if you interested.” ?

You contact me via my email. and i explain about information clearly. And now you are criticizing me?

the game still does not let me upload to the playstore why? this is suppose to be a new version but its treating it like the same version i get the same error in the google play store when i try to upload it can you help me?

Can you give me your capx file, app ID, KeyStore(*.keystore or .jks) and some information about: your certificate, current version via my email. I will help you to build it to android app. thank you!

Hi, could you send me the capx file? Thanks

Hello, you can find the capx file in the download package. Regards

I did not buy the capx file, please send me 25588632@qq.com

html5 and capx file included in the download package. pls check your download file again. thanks

I just rather going to buy this but I saw the PHP version WEIJIEGAO talked about not includes. So pity but maybe I change my mind.

Bạn có dịch vụ nhúng game vào PHP để cập nhật tiền cho thành viên khi chơi không? Mình có gửi email hỏi hỗ trợ nhưng chưa thấy trả lời. Nếu bạn có cung cấp dịch vụ tích hợp game vào PHP (code đơn giản không phức tạp) thì mình sẽ mua hết toàn bộ slot game của bạn. Và tất nhiên chi phí tích hợp mình sẽ thanh toán riêng cho bạn.

Hi bạn, rất tiếc mình k hỗ trợ tích hợp PHP , bạn thông cảm nhé

How to send the result to ajax with ajax?

pls contact me via my email. thank you

Find error : 1. Rotate more than 3 bonus, scatter There will be special effects

2.Two bouns + can not enter bouns game

img: http://www.mu987.com/error.jpg img: http://www.mu987.com/error02.jpg

Thank you for your report. I will fix it soon.

Just got a personal license in Construct2 . Where do you find Youtube player plugin and how do you install it?

Hi, thank you for your purchasing my item. You can download youtube plugin here. https://c2rexplugins.weebly.com/rex_youtube_player.html.

Please give me PSD file 25588632@qq.com

hello, the PSD not include

Hi, you can control the % of payout? Thanks.

Hello. Yes. Can you contact me via email? Thank you

Do you have any manual document to config it? because I want to config it more than editable.xml

Sorry, you can config only on editable.xml

I want to keep win score and credit to database. What file I have to edit to bring that data to my database? Please advise me. About number credit and number of bonus I can config it into editable.xml file but I want to keep the credit and winning score & bonus to my database

Thank you for your purchasing my item. But the game not connect with database.