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im getting an error with the new intel xdk with the plugin admob http://prntscr.com/anfeyq screen shot com.cranberrygame.phonegap.plugin.ad.admob
okay got pass the admob but now it says only legacy cerificates found an its asking for key passphase and keystore passphase screen shots http://prntscr.com/anfhk8 http://prntscr.com/anfitk how do i get them


For edit the source in construct 2, do I need personal editor or the free edition will do? (not sure if your project use features outside free edition’s limitation)

Can you please send me the capx file, I’ve emailed you through the contact form, Thanks.

Hi, pls check your email, Thanks

Okay I figured out how to get the Keystore passphrase

Websexpert you need the personal construct2 if you want to build and export the apk to Intel xdk you can use it for editing or reskin the image’s

how do, you add the coin dropping sound fx we someone wins coins

pls send me your capx file, i will add for you

done! pls check your email.


affover Purchased


Where is capx file for this game ?


affover Purchased

pls check your email I send u in message

okay, pls check your email


affover Purchased

Got it Thank you

can you fix the scoring when i spin and not win it still adds score

hi i change the winning sound but when i win one time its ok but after that the sound goes off key it comes back on the bonus round and sometimes when i win i dont hear sound at all i think i did something wrong can you fix it please plus i sent you it to your email thank you

okay! pls wait me.

Hi, pls check your email

there is a problem after i win when i win after i spin it again is keeps giving me a win percent thats is inside the tomb stone amount the score changes even when i dont win the score goes higher but i dont win i sent it to your email

okay, i will check email & reply you soon, thanks :)

Hi, pls check your email :)

i still have a small problem with it the win table does not match what i win on the new pay table how do you change it to match it or can do it for me.i sent to your email

Hi, I will help you modify the code with your new pay table. pls rank me, thanks you!

yes modify the to match my pay table it should be two more zeros at the end of each number compared to your if you look at my pay table its two more zeros higher at the end of each number compared to yours. to pay out on a spin but its not doing that like you see in the video look at the cat one see how much i win it does not match my pay table.so. can you check all the number in the pay table .because its not matching what i win. and look in the game pay table to make so all the pay table match the winning spins match.

Hi, pls check your email that i sent you before. There is missing one symbol in your pay table.

i sent you an email today please check it

Hi, sr for late reply, pls check your email

not sure which symbol can you add it for me i sent to ur email thanks

Hello mate

I was waiting for your reply! You have not told me anything. In the end I managed to install your game, but there is a problem, one annoying thing you can not do !!! I found hidden links that leads to your profile theme forest !!!! What is this?

I paid your game, I have not paid to make advertising on my site. This thing can not be done. 1. Do not mention this detail (as you have hidden link that leads to your profile ThemeForest). 2 You keep the hidden link on the tab to add credits. (This thing is not done). This way no one will put your game on your website … I’m sorry, in these conditions I am obliged to give you a very low punctuation.

a greeting

Hi mate, thank you! :D I will update the documentation.

how do i change the bet table to add two more zeros at the end and i sent you email

done! pls check your email :)

not sure whats happening but i am getting a parse error when i try to build it with Intel XDK i updated the intel XDX

ok like i said i fix the problem with the apk but now i got another one when i try to upload it goolge play console it gives me and error of You need to reduce your APK file size to 100MB or use APK Expansion Files do you know to fix that size of the apk or use the Expansion files the size of my apk is 112.01 or something

This game only support html5 fully compatible with all most common mobile devices, not an apk. However, you can reduce the size to images before build apk by using the link https://tinypng.com/

i finally got it down to size but now when i upload it to the google playstore i get this error for google do you know how to fix this error

Upload failed Your APK cannot be analyzed using aapt. Error output: Failed to run aapt dump badging: ERROR: dump failed because assets could not be loaded

can you help with this error

i try to upload to the google playstore and i get this error can you help with this error

Upload failed Your APK cannot be analyzed using aapt. Error output: Failed to run aapt dump badging: ERROR: dump failed because assets could not be loaded

hi, i will help you to build apk with this capx file. pls give me your App ID

which app id you need

your game app id. ex: com.yourcompany.halloweenslot. reagards

Hi, can you please send me the capx file ? I just send you email from the contact form. Thanks.

pls check your email, thanks

already arrived. excellent service – thank you very much!

you are welcome :D

hi i was trying to do it myself but i get this error in the intel sdk can you tell me how to fix this error http://prntscr.com/c7320z

please follow these steps http://prnt.sc/c74idz

Okay thanks but it’s says to make a www folder and put some files in it which files is they talking about

It is an exported cordova folder (main game).

So when after I export the folder I make a www folder and put the main game in it and is that the html icon or something else can you show me

pls note: this game is a html5 game, so i’m not support you to export mobile app. however, you can try to build one by follow the tutorial. https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/5027/intel-xdk-how-to-build-with-new-intel-xdk-project-format

You can make a system about it with the person’s ability to buy credits and chance she gets something, and if you win type can receive by paypal? Working with real money?

Hi, yes! please leave your email. i will contact you soon. thanks!

contact-me please e-mail: ( e.brazil@ymail.com )

nhandsig I sent an email to you, about the system. Please respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.

how a player can get new credits? I don´t want to use the “ads” is it possible to start the slot new with a “reset” button? i hope you understand me ;-)

i will custom the slot with your idea. so please me your idea :D