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Hello Tim, I really need to know if it is possible to add the booking to the shopping cart instead of sending the user to the checkout. I want them to be able to purchase different services and one payment. Please let me know.

Is it possible to get an answer?

Hello, Your plugin is exactly what im looking for, however, Im using your demo system where i have established different geolocations with fixed prices, the thing is that the quote is displaying the vehicle starting fare instead of the geolocation fee. Why is that happening?


What part of the plugin doesn’t work for you?

can you mail webnettime@gmail.com to me? my google map not working , api was right, and another plugin can use google map, only halio map can’t , please mail me and i will give link to you to check

If someone is interested in es_MX contact me.

Is there a deme where prices are set up by zones?

No support means we can request for a refund?

Hello there, I had a problem this morning with a customer since his booking was only the minimum charge. It seems that you can bypass the booking if you don’t select suggested adresses. Looking back to comments, “Gadam” did already a comment about it 6 month ago. Any news about this fix ?

So i installed this plug-in and it doesn’t work. I set up all the varibles, set up woocommerce, but when you go to book…all it does is just resets the form. It doesn’t take you to check out or anything. it just resets. How do I fix this?

Hello, I’ve something wrong with this plugin : I set up all Halio and WooCommerce settings but I don’t know how to make the form appear on a page. Could you help me please ?


Ukanda Purchased

can the price depend on both geolcation and time of day i want to specific location and both time to developer please help add this

Hello, I bought this plugin, but it does not help me at all. The geolocation does not work, nor the rates. Nothing Everything is in red. And to top it all they do not have support I NEED A REFUND, MY MONEY, PLEASE.

Don’t by this plugin or Stern Taxi one. None of them offer support, they just take your money.

Hello… I would like to purchase your plugin and set it up for a Greek TAXI company. For that I have the following questions: 1. Does it work with the latest Worpress Version 4.9.4? 2. Does it work with the latest Woocommerce Version 3.3.3? 3. Does it come with .po & .mo files so that I can translate it into the Greek Language? 4. Is it possible to make necessary code changes to be able to prompt again for a return trip? Like are you sure you don’t need a return trip? Can I go back from the checkout / basket with a link to the form including the datas that I already filled up? This way the client would be able to pick up a return trip. 5. Now since I would like to “connect” webhotelier API to this booking sytem is there any posibility that I can do that either using a woocommerce API plugin or you could program this for me? What will be the cost and delivery time? Thanks

Hello I buy a plugin from you I use it only on my local host I want to use it on the internet now but this plugin does not work What can I do please help me Thanks

Can you please know me how to create a page for booking ??

Hello I am buying an add-on from you I just use it on my local computer I want to use it on the internet now but this add-on does not work What can I do please help me Thanks

Hi, It is possible to Show the user’s current location.

It’s very important! Thank you


Is compatible with wp4.9.5? and I am going to install it on wpmultisite (only 1 instance), will it work there?

Finally I manged to tweak the code in order to change the book now to send the product to the cart instead of the checkout. My last question again is how to set up prices by zones and vehicles?