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Hi Tim!

First of all, love the plugin! The functionality works brilliantly! I’ve tweaked the css a touch for responsive screen sizes – if you’d like to see what it looks like chuck me a message and i’ll send you a link!

I’m wondering, as i’m not versed in PHP, is it possible to have the catchment area in reverse? What I mean is it only allows for pickups AND drop offs in this area?



At the moment that isn’t possible, sorry.

I’d love to see what you’ve done with Halio! Please send a link over to halio@timgreen.biz


PedroI Purchased

Hi There

I have a few customers that manage to book a return trip for the price of the single trip. I have tried to reproduce the error but cannot do it. Any ideas on how to resolve and make sure it does not happen. Thanks

I will look into this, I haven’t had any earlier reports of this issue.


PedroI Purchased

Hi There, I now know why it happens. If some one copy and paste an address that is not recognized by goggle the system assumes no distance and calculates the price by minimum fare. Even if you choose return it does not duplicate the price. I have now played with the requirement of minmum distance to stop this from happening.

hello ,just i bought this plugin but i tried to setup and I dont know how .can you help me how can i do this .thank you

What menu are you referring to?

my mobile website menu dont work with this plugin.halio block my menu and my webiste is not working properly.

Do you mean the header, which menu are you referring to? Also, in what way is it not working.

I have not tested Halio with any WooCommerce extensions so wouldn’t be able to comment on that.

the link i given is for Ionic Mobile App or can i embed it with REST API

Halio does not come with an API unfortunately.


altuner Purchased

Hello, i have a question. How can we disable the Pickup time on the fare? Thanks.

That would require some customisation to do.


altuner Purchased

When we calculate it from phone it wil not resize the date and time on the screen. I will show only the current price without pickup time for the customers. Can i disable it from css or other code?

You would need to remove it in the HTML and then edit the validation in PHP and JavaScript to make it work.

hi tim

i have entered all of my fixed addresses and now need to create pricing conditions to and from each of them – but when i attempt to create pricing conditions with fixed addresses using specific locations i still need to find the locations using the map rather than just selecting from my fixed addresses.

is there not a way of just creating pricing conditions to and from all of my fixed addresses without having to use the map?

thank you in advance

ok, please bear with me but what is the need for fixed addresses if we cannot create pricing conditions based on the fixed addresses?

To restrict customers on where they can be collected/dropped off from.

hi tim, apologies if i’m missing something but my aim is to be able to restrict customers to where they can be collected/dropped off from but need to input fixed prices based on journeys to and from my fixed addresses.

if i cannot not use a fixed price to and from these locations how do i control the cost of each journey?

Also, is there a documentation available with instructions as when i downloaded the documentation within the plugin files it does not have any instructions apart from how to download and install??

thank you in advance

Hi, can I get time to be using the AM and PM format instead the 24 hours ?

That would require some customisation.

it would just be a JavaScript logic. Maybe like a case statement that converts to 24 hour format, correct?


karolmaj Purchased

Hailo everybody, For me it’s the best plugin I’ve ever used. My last thing to do to launch the website with this plugin is setting the price per person per mile because price depends on the passangers number AND distance. Have you got any idea how can I change it?

This is the behaviour Halio has by default.


rupas Purchased

The plugin its good, but the author not offer any support. I send a email but the autor never response. I have a problem. This plugin need integrate the possibilty to change route distance, by distance route, fast route or near route. Beacuse the plugin every time make the route more fast, but the fast route not is the best option sometimes then the estimate cost its very heavy, how I can change this?

That would require a lot of customisation to do.

Hi Tim,

I bought this plug-in couple of days ago, and it has been working perfectly so far. I noticed that now I have an issue. Since my theme is already using the Google API for some other maps on my site, when I activate your plug-in, my maps wont show on the site. The problem is that I can not use the API twice. Is there a way to make a small customization and make Halio use the existing API or something like that. I contacted my theme support, and they told me to ask you this. This is my page with Halio plug-in (which is working perfectly):


And the issue is on every tour here (the map wont show):


Please, I am desperately looking for the solution, and would be very grateful for any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Wanderlust team

This is possible with some customisation but I wouldn’t be able to provide that customisation for you at the moment.

Pre-sales questions: - Can drivers use their own dashboard, eg see what trips they have done.


Hi do you have app for this ?



RMMD Purchased


Love the plugin!

I have a problem every time i click on book or any customer clicks on book after setting all the values and destination it doesn’t go to the checkout or cart! it just refreshes the page.

Do you know what the problem might be or how i can solve it?

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your reply back.

Thank you in advance.


RMMD Purchased

Here’s a link to the live site: http://hamiltonairbus.com/airport-travels/booking/

Hi Tim,

I want to buy your plugin, but I want to know if I can get this result http://www.vtctropez.fr/ It sounds to me that the form on this site http://www.vtctropez.fr/ was created with your plugin

thank you in advance,

The customer who bought Halio has customised for their own needs. I was not involved in the customisation.

Will this work on the latest wordpress?

Hi Tim,

the plug in is working perfectly. It is matching all the needs. Just a quick question. I made a couple of test bookings, and none of them appear in my calendar. Do you have any advice on how to fix this? Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards, Kreso & Wanderlust team

Is there a way to get reports on each taxi sales and pickups etc?