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Hi, can i separate the date and time from each other. Because my form is aligned to the right sight of my website. And when i press the date. i cant see the time.

Not with the current Halio settings, no.

is there a way to achieve it ?

With some customisation from another developer this is possible. I am not currently available for customisation work but there are many other developers that will be able to do this for you.

Hi, Can I use this plugin in my local business website, I can start booking any kind of loader vehicles in location pick and drop load.

Sorry I don’t understand the question?

Ok, My business is booking loader or mover vehicles, I mean Heavy vehicles like truck, dumper or any other vehicles. so my question is

01 – Can I add every kind of vehicles name and picture? 02- Pic and drop addresses will received to me? 03 – how can client pay me? 04 – This is complete vehicles booking system or I need any other plugin also.


1) You can chose between the name, not the picture.

2) Yes

3) Any way that is compatible with WooCommerce

4) Yes


RMMD Purchased

So i love the plugin!

I just have one very important question. I’m currently developing a website on wordpress and need to install the plugin on a demo website and activate it then remove it when i come to migrate it to my clients website.

Is it possible to change the license after i’ve registered it once?

So long as they are not active at the same time that will be fine.

So long as they are not active at the same time that will be fine.

Hi Will this plugin work on non woo commerce themes ?

No, WooCommerce is required for this plugin to work.

hi, is there mobile app version for this application? android and ios

Hi Guys.

Is this plugin compatible with WP4.7.2? I had the Stern Taxi plugin. happy with it. but the dev, doesn’t relpy to comments and the plugin is broken after updating to 4.7.2

many thanks in advance Dave.

Yes it is.

I’m having a glitch on the acceptance region. When someone tries to book from outside the region to the region it works like it’s supposed to and gives them the region error message. But when someone tries to book inside the region to outside the region it is letting them book a trip. My region is around sierra vista, az to tucson, az. And it let someone book from sierra vista, az to phoenix az.

Please let me know if I need to do anything manual to fix this glitch. Here is the url to where I have the plugin installed.


Please send some admin login details and your URL with a reference to this comment to halio@timgreen.biz and I will look into this.

Sent you an email. Thank you so much for your help with this!


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hi tim, nice app, having a big headache getting the api’s to work, the map shows and can zoom, but the pickup destination is not working any ideas please thanks


fmahmood Purchased

hi tim seem to have got it working by reading through comments

Good to hear!


fmahmood Purchased

hi tim stuck again at the book button, any chance you could tell me how to get to the checkout screen, many thanks


fmahmood Purchased

hi tim i think ive figured this out through the woo help files

Hey I have a presales question – we need this solution for a client based in Ireland. I tried to use the front end demo to test a few journeys, but it wasn’t picking up on the locations at all. Does it work for Ireland? Can you show me where I might test it for this please?

Hello, I just installed this great plugin on my website. Everything works fine, except I have a little problem. When I visit the home page, the page scrolls down to the Halio section. I have put the shortcode in a page. Do you know what I can do so the home page opens at the top instead of the Halio section. Here is the link to the website http://vanaramtransport.nl Thank you in advance!

Hi, thanks for the great plugin, it works very well!

1. The problem is that I would like to use it for different cities in different countries, is that possible ? If not, will it be possible in the near future ? 2. Concerning the coupon code, where can I apply one in the back office ? Could you please indicate where to go to apply one? Is it part of your plugin or woocommerce’s? 3. Is the coupon code only applicable once for each IP address so I don’t get people cheating and entering it each time they book? 4. Can I use different coupon codes with different reductions (like -10% for one and -20% for another) ?

Thanks for your help!