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Hi, i have following questions before purchasing your plugin please answer if you have these functionalities in your plugin or recommend a best one.

I need it to have 2 more options on booking page 1- hourly booking 2- distance 3- flat fares 4- More important Is it have an option at the back end system for me to set rates of each car by a mile.. longer the journey is, the system itself brings a rate charged by per mile down

Please if your plugin has following functionalities tell me or recommend a best one ..

Looking forward to your response Thank you very much

Guys, for those who have problem with the Book button on the main form that don’t go to the checkout page, after hours of trying I’ve figured out that you’ve to create a “checkout” page, set it as checkout default page in Woo commerce settings and then, in this page, you’ve to set up the Woo commerce checkout widget. Once you’ve done that when you hit the “Book” button the form will be redirect correctly to the checkout.

Have a nice day, you’re welcome.

we installed the plugin but it not like your demo CSS is totaly out. Please help me to fix it.

Did you stop supporting this plugin? Nothing works. I can’t add vehicles, can’t add price conditions. The customization tab doesn’t work. Time of day tab doesn’t work.

nevermind, I found out I have to install woo commerce first. What a relief :P But I can’t seem to understand how I can set fixed prices from A-B. eg New York – New York Airport

I have the same problem as virtual360webdesign. CSS is totally out

This Plugin works or not?

Its work! The secret is the Google Maps API !

Great plugin, works fine. Suggestion for the selection: Area search in Google, maybe on zipcode and then it can select a zipcode area for you. So you don’t have to do it by hand. There is also one little issue, the Return Pick Up Time label on the checkout page is not translateable. Translated it in the admin and in Poedit but it is not working.