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Hi, 1. Is there a way to mark certain days as unavailable? 2. Is there a way to add a surcharge for specific days like on Xmas?

2. Yes, go to Pricing Conditions > Time of Day

1. Sorry I was not clear. I meant like specific dates, not days of the week… for example 5th of december I dont wont to take bookings as the vehicle is in for repairs.

2. This again only lets me select days of the week, I need to add a specific date. +25% on the 25th of december

This is not possible. You would have to create the rule a week before then delete it after the date has passed.

hi is it possible to make this script in php version ????

No, sorry.

Access: http://www.taxiviagens.com.br/494-2/

I include the Google API and the address fields are not automatically fetching as we type.

Even these fields can not even calculate any estimates.

Give me some help, please

That URL is not working, what page is the booking form on?

Sample Question never answered … is the plugin working on pho7.2 ?

anyone who bought this plugin can email me on kingmub147@gmail.com please thank you.

Hi just brought this plugin. Downloaded and The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Please refund

Please send me your URL, some FTP details and some admin login details to halio@timgreen.biz

Hi Tiim !!

Plugin is not working I have enabled it here but it’s not working https://www.cartrip.in/halio/ please help me out :(

@tiimgreen please tell me how to remove calendar from halio form as I have already enabled calender in woocommerce billing page and don’t want to select the date on halio form.

That would require customisation of Halio. Unfortunately I am not available for customisation at the moment.

One of client is Purchased Halio Plugin. He want some customisation he added Time of day pricing conditions. Condition name is late night supplement.He Charges extra Rp 50,000 for planes that arrive in Bali between 21:00h and 05:00h. he current calculation of HALIO late night supplement uses 2 constants.

1. start time 2. driving time

The driving time will be added to the start time. The end time will then be the deciding factor on whether HALIO will add the late night supplement or not.

E.g. I have a customer who lands in Bali at 20:00h. The estimated driving time is 1:30h.

Normally, there should be no late night supplement added because my customer lands at 20:00h and I only charge late night supplement for transfers between 21:00h and 05:00h.

However, what the plugin does is calculate: arrival at 20:00h. Driving time 1:30h. Arrival time at destination 21:30h. Consequently the HALIO adds the late night supplement.

Are you able to change the formula (?) and tell the HALIO plugin to base the late night supplement on the start time of the transfer and not the end time?

any update please ?

Sorry I do not offer customisation services at the moment.


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Is it possible to add/draw multiple zone in acceptance Region (General settings) ? Within the same country, I want to add two cities in different region.

At the moment this isn’t possible, sorry


Alain78 Purchased

Could you please provide us with a quotation to add this feature pls? Indeed, we can draw several zone within the “Pricing condition” but it is not supported in General settings. Or could you point out what we have to do/change in the script to have it working.

Unfortunately I am not able to do any customisation work. Also, this is a complex feature request so would need a developer to implement.

Hi, how do I go about adding more than one destinations in one route. I need to have the option of one starting address and two destinations

That is not possible with Halio

More details on multiple pick up location:

Their will be an option, where user can enter number of pickup locations. Default value will be 1, i.e. starting address

If user enters 2 pickup locations, one more textbox should appear where user can enter second address.

Kilometers will be calculated (distance from starting address to Pickup address) + (distance from pickup address to destination address) which will also effect on cost obviously. – Have seen this comment from another user, has this been implemented yet?

Currently only 2 addresses are allowed on the booking form.


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Hello Tiim,

So this i’ve contacted you before regarding this issue and the issue still remains…

I updated the plugin and made sure that the WooCommerce is the exact same like the one you are using…

I’ve also reinstalled the plugin on multiple local and live servers (for testing purposes) and the issue still remains…

Every time i come to click book, it refreshes the page…

Please i need a reply back with a solution.

I already sent you the server credentials as well as the backend credentials.

What is your email address?

Hi Tiim at least do update the app to select time formate eg 12hr/24hr and I don’t think adding a form on or off button will take much of your time and it can be helpful to many guys over here who purchased this plugin.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will add this to the list of features to be implemented.

i have juste purchased the plugin, and surprise ! it doesn’t work !! i’m soo upset, realy

What issue are you having?

Pre-Sales question: Can i use it with WPML plugin? Is it necessary to install WooCommerce ?

WooCommerce is required yes. It is not compatible with WPML