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emilytran Purchased

I sent you an email a few hours ago asking for the full documentation for the plugin. Could you please re-upload it or send me by email (ngocdung5890@gmail.com), please? Thank you.

Other than that, the plugin seems to be perfect for what I need!

Only a small suggestion: it’d be great if I can save the shape/area in the Geo-location pricing. I have 17 zones and the fact that I have to re-draw the shapes for almost 300 times is quite overwhelming.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into that. As for set up, everything you need is in the downloadable documentation.


Antaboga Purchased

The geolocation pricing has a mind of its own. In some geolocations I get a ZERO value for no apparent reason. I put the pinpoint in the center of the geolocation and drag it half a street further and I get a zero value. This happens quite often. Do you know what is causing this?


Antaboga Purchased

Here’s another one. I deleted all my designated areas and only created one simple square area. I get estimated quotes for different hotels in the same designated area and some give me the correct rate while others just show zero.

Link to screen video; https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=FhPS1pLqghU


Antaboga Purchased

Could it be a Google api setting? These are the correct api settings for Google maps right? Screenshot; http://prntscr.com/epcg43

Please send your URL and some admin login details to halio@timgreen.biz


zaki1306 Purchased

Where’s the full documentations..???

All the instructions you need to set this up are provided in the downloadable file. The online documentation has been decommissioned.

Hi. This is a presale question. I need this customized for food delivery. Can you help?

Unfortunately I do not provide customisation work.

Hi Tim, I am trying to fix the return update to the return journey, this is not allowing me to update the script.js file can i please get an answer or a possible upload if possible that i can replace this file?

How can I update the code thankyou? As the return code does not double the amount to allow for the return journey. How soon could this please be completed? of can a file be sent to me via matthew.bennett@newfrontieroperations.com.au

What is the value of your return fare multiplier in the settings?


bizon505 Purchased

Last Update plugin: 18 March 17

Last Changelog v1.4.8 - 27/11/2016

Those are updates to small things such as the documentation, not the plugin itself.

We are having an issue with the pricing condition where it you are meant to select a specific location but we can not see a map, only a ‘delete shape’ button. The map in the front end works fine and an Google api is connected.

Please send some admin login details to halio@timgreen.biz along with your URL

All I need now is to find how to remove/hide the ‘duration’ field, because we can’t promise customers the COURIER delivery will arrive at a specific time.

Go to the Form Design page and change the ‘Show duration in price estimate box’ option.