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Very Nice Bro, Well Made, Works Great, I have over 40 Websites to keep check on, this is the best and the easiest to use available to my knowledge & I’ve seen a lot of them.

Great Work, your in my Fav List for sure :-)

Thanks so much… ^^ !!

New release 1.2 available

Hi, I see an update today. What was updated?

How do I delete an URL only or edit only one URL from the list of 50 URLs?

Thank you, can’t wait for the update. Tu eres el hombre! YOU ARE THE MAN! As we say around here in my office.

You’re welcome… :-D !

New release 1.2 available

Great app, I’d love to see the following features: 1. Option to limit the number of emails received when a site goes offline. —This is important in case the alerted user is unable to immediately fix the issue and the receiving mailbox is not bombed with emails.

2. Option to specify custom ports 3. Option to customize the email being sent. 4. App Version information from the “About” link

Issues that I am seeing: 1. It is telling me that there’s an update but I already have 1.1 (latest version based on your changelog) 2. I am unable to delete URLs using the “delete” key

New release 1.2 available

Very nice!!! Thanks. I am testing the new release at this time. Thanks a lot for implementing some of the the features I have requested.

You’re welcome.

I ‘ll try to add the other features that you requested, at the next release.


Very nice program bro ! Congratulations :-D !!

Thxs so much.

Hola Saludos, acabo de encontrar un problema por ejemplo en el envio de email cuando colocas un correo que su extension es dos palabras da un error, ejemplo

Greetings Hello, I just found a problem for example in sending an e-mail when you place your extension is two words fails, example.

Hola, gracias por avisarme lo cambiaré en la próxima versión.

can this be converted to offer a dll library of functions to be used?

Hi. It’s a good idea, but i don’t have enough time at this moment, sorry. Maybe in a few months, although I can not be sure.

can this be converted to offer a dll library of functions to be used?

No, the source code is not included.

i know its not included, but is it available? email me at

No sorry.

Does this program keep a log to display how long a specific domain(s) were offline, before they came back up?

Not it doesn’t.

But it’s a good idea for next release.

PS: You can download the demo version and try it.


Can I have different email alert for each domain or is just one email for all alerts?
Can this be install on a server or is just a windows app?

Any plans to update this?

I’m sorry but not for now

Is been 2 years, Thanks for the quick copy and paste.