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One of the features that you have mentioned is about the USB lock.

Now I have a laptop where the USB has been disabled by the admin. Becasue of which I can’t use my USB on any of the ports. Can I use this for enabling it?


SecureLock lets you lock your desktop. The ‘USB protection’ is to be able to lock and unlock the program directly. (Without the need to enter a password).

PS: You can download the demo version to try it.

Q1: Can you change the logo image in the bottom left of the lock screen?

Q2: Can this script replace the default Windows 7 lock screen?

A1: Not for now (but is a good idea for next version) (Thanks)

A2: Not, it is an independent program.

PS: You can download the demo version to try it.

The application shows that an update is available for download however the button to update does not work. Any fix?

Hello, first of all I thank you for purchasing a license for the program.

Yes, it is a error that another user has already told me.

Currently there are no updates available.

If there is any change I will warn you by email through CodeCanyon .

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Team,

I like your idea, but i would like to know it’s is possible to edit or remplace your logo and make it customizable ?


Ok Thanks Hakros, I’m Waiting…so we can have the code to edit source if i buy this version ?


Not sorry, the source code is not available, but i will put options to change the logo or just hide it.

Do program will set for encounter start of system automatically?

Not sorry that option is not available at current version.

Can be bypassed by CTRL+ALT+DEL or ALT+F4 or ALT+TAB? Works on Windows XP, Vista, Seven and 8?

-Works fine on Windows 7 and 8, but on XP is not tested. -At first can not be omitted under any combination of keys.

nice app when is nexy buying

Support and updates abandoned for this script?

No updates needed for now.