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Hi Can i change quality of images better in normal mode?

In “manual mode” you can change between ‘normal’, ‘high’ and ‘extreme’ compression and also indicate if you want to reduce the original resolution.

In “automatic mode”, the program ‘always’ keep the original resolution, and only change between the three compression modes in function of which is better at this moment.

So in answer to your question if you uses always one compression quality (‘normal’, ‘high’ and ‘extreme’) sometimes the result will be better and other times worst.

How is this different from optimizing images with software like irfanview which lets you choose the percentage of optimization? Please explain

This program contains an automatic mode able to select the best optimization possible, among other things.

Hi there I cannot seem to find the license code – under download I have no options. Can you please check ASAP.

Found it – Browser error – thanks… Great software

Ok, don’t worry.

I like this program, it compresses the images very fast and the resolution change is a great feature.

I had to compress over 100 images and I had to change the resolution which this program did in less than 10 seconds, after that the size of the website went from 56MB to 6MB.

I strongly recommend this program.

I really don’t what can be the problem….. i’ll try to fix it but i’ll need to do some test and for this i’ll need some time.

i’ll keep you informed.

Hey Hakros, I know the problem already. I had to run it as admin.

This solved the problem, so stupid of me that I didn’t try that at the beginning.

I’m glad you’ve solved by yourself… :-D !!

Usually is not needed to be admin to activate it, then is possible that the problem depends of the ‘instalation path’,

Remember that on Windows some paths as ‘Program Files’ have special execution requirements.

Thanks for solved it….. ;-) !!

hi, my windows8 showed me a warning : “The windows master screen system protected you, and blocked this program”

What can happened? please help me…



First of all thank you for purchasing a license for the program.


1 – When you tried the demo, did you get the same error?

2 – Can you send me, a screenshot of the error to the support address to evaluate the error ? help@hakros.com


I managed to make it work… now is ok. on real the windows block your program because dont know the manufacturer

The plugin work perfectly


Hi, what comes with the purchase. the source code or just the application. I am in automation and would like an API. is there a way to compress with out human interface i.e. dll. I will be using c#

The purchase allows you to get a license for the program. The source code is not included.

Hey dude – just bought it but how can i change the prefix …. it just says your name….

wow… okay how can i get my money back. I want to be able to use a prefix…. this is not going to work for me

I really so sorry but I can’t give your money back, because it depends of Envato website.

Please also note, that this software is to optimize images.

After the optimization you can rename the files with any another tool.

In the demo version you could have seen such limitation.

Finally I’ll try to add the option to change the prefix and suffix in the next release.


Hello again.

New release 1.2 available.

In this new version you can now change prefix and suffix.


Release 1.2

- New optimization options.
- You can now customize optimization values.
- You can now customize prefix and suffix values.
- You can now reduce the resolution without optimize.
- Interface & stability enhancements.

Why does it only optimize the first 10 of the 50+ images I download from a file and no other? Basely its not Optimizing all the images..

Please send me an image of the window operation to:


will this work in compressing png files?

No, sorry currently only works with JPG images.


I am trying to overwrite the files but the program will not do anything

I untick “create a subfolder for the results”

and choose “none” and then hit “save”

Then, on the bottom is ticked “overwrite existing files”.

Then I hit “optimize” and the program will not do anything, please help

Hello,You’re right.

It’s an error that i hadn’t seen.

I’ll try to fix it asap.


Problem solved.

You must download the new release 1.3

Thank you very much for your patience.

I have purchased the program but the purchase code will not allow me to activate the program.

Hi Hakros, that’s exactly what I did, typing, then cut and pasting. Uppercase, lowercase, it did not except it.

Please, send me your envato username and purchasecode to: thephoenixprod@hotmail.com Thanks

Hello again.

I’ve got the solution for your problem.

The license file is correct, the problem is the username, you wrote it incorrectly.

Try again with the data that i sent to your email.


Hi, is this compatible with WordPress 4.2.2?

This is a windows desktop software

The software worked very well. However, the image quality has been reduced when I change the image size to large size. Well, i think i should upload medium file size after using this software.

All depends of the parameters selected and the original image quality.

How stupid… I bought this. And then found out it only works on JPGs. What about PNG files which is most files these days. So disappointing.

I really sorry, but it’s specified in the description.

Anyway I always recommend trying the demo version before buying the programs.


“Unable to check current version” Es lo que aparece sobre un fondo color rojo, enla parte superior de la interface (debajo deIMAGE OPTIMIZER (Título)


Estoy usando Windows 10×64


Hola, disculpa que no te haya respondido antes pero he estado teniendo problemas con el servidor puede que tu problema haya estado relacionado, ya que es un problema que sucede cuando no estas conectado al servidor.

Conseguiste que funcionase en estos días ?

En caso contrario comentalo por aquí y buscaré una solución.

Hola. Pues de funcionar funciona (solo lo borré del todo y lo reinstalé después); pero igual me sale el mensaje que dice “UNABLE TO CHECK CURRENT VERSION”... si eso es un problema, tal vez deberías tratar de arreglarlo.

Hola de nuevo, he estado mirándolo estos días y de momento no he podido reproducir el error, en cuanto tenga una solución publicaré una actualización.

Muchas gracias por avisar y disculpa las molestias.

Can this program be used in API form? We would like to run it on our linux server.

Not for now sorry

Hello, Do you have a tool to compress png images or to convert png to jpg before you convert them with the program?

It seems like it’s doing a really great job!

There are a lot of them in internet but it is a good suggestion for next version thanks.

Hello, can I customise the desktop tool? e.g. change logo?

Hi, i’m sorry not answer you before but i was very busy.

Not for now, you can’t change it, but it’s a good idea for next version thanks.

Hakros Images Optimizer – the best Image compression by up to 95%

Thanks so much for your commentary ^^ !!