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Excellent design!

Thank you so much ^^ !!

Good Job. Do we always need this program in order to open our protected file? I guess its not that bad if we do because its a portable application.

Hello. First of all, thank you very much for purchasing a license for the program.

In answer to your question: Yes, you need the program to extract the data but as you mention the program is portable and you can use it from a disk or flash drive easily.

I think I might buy this from you in a near future! The video looked good and I could really use something like this!

Thanks so much

We are currently working in a new version that will include some new features.

-You will can hide more than one file within the decoy file.

-Set a master password for regular use.

-And other features.

Source code available?

Not for now, sorry.


Do you provide the source?


Nop, sorry.

Hello, I can not activate the program, I put the user and my license key Item Purchase Code: e3ac04d3-aac9-4710-b553-9fca29b808fc and it tells me that the license is already used Licensor’s Author Username: hakros Licensee: Tridan SLU Item Title: Hakros Concealer Item URL: Item ID: 4038072 Item Purchase Code: e3ac04d3-aac9-4710-b553-9fca29b808fc Purchase Date: 2019-07-16 09:27:53 UTC

Buenas tardes.

Antes de nada gracias por adquirir una licencia para Hakros Concealer y Hakros Classifier.

He revisado tus datos y son correctos pero he descubierto que hay un problema con el sistema de activación.

Me pongo a revisarlo inmediatamente y te aviso cuando este resuelto, no obstante una vez lo arregle tengo que enviar los cambios a CodeCanyon y puede que tarden unos días.

En cualquier caso te aviso cuando este disponible la actualización.

Un saludo.