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Parsing error :o(

Clean the code and try again or send a screenshot.

I have test it on Samsung and LG Smartphones … it does not work

Why I have Parsing error :o( please can you help me please ?

Okay quick question, why is it paid on here, when its free on the site?

Is it for the source?

Yes of course. This is for the source code.

seriously easy to use and make something super fast in.

If I export I have no errror messages, but If I want to intsall on my smartphone I have parsing error :o(

Please can you help me please ?

The problem is this app is not compatible with my LG Smartphone, can you make it compatible and make a new update ?

Also not compatible with HTC :(

Can you customize this with your own pictures and sounds?

can i change the image and sound and add multiple image