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Hello Abhimanyu,

I just purchased the HackerNews script on CodeCanyon.

When I visit the installation page, I get an error: Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

The installation requirements are fulfilled: - PHP Version 5.6.21 - cURL support: enabled - GD Support: enabled - fileinfo support: enabled - mcrypt support: enabled

I mapped my domain to the public directory within your ZIP archive.

I added the following to the .htaccess file because it’s required by my hosting company: RewriteBase /

Any idea what could be the reason for the error and how I can solve it?

Many thanks,


The man has not responded to any comments or comments for months. How do we solve our problem?

Invalid Item Purchase Code

At present, I need to install from the new, why do I also suggest that the serial number is invalid? Please help solve!

Can users create their own categories or request categories?

Also can users request to become moderators of specific categories?


SnDer Purchased

Hello? Someone there?

Can you send me an update please to install the script. Like everyone else I get an “Invalid Purchase Item Code” error and the file app/controllers/InstallController.php is encrypted. Thanks!

Is it confirmed that this is not working? Want to purchase but no response from Author.

The author has a twitter account you can contact him at https://twitter.com/abhimanyu003/

@invisibleinki / @notaprogrammer: The script is 100% not working because the installer is encrypted and the purchase code isn’t recognized / accepted. I contacted the author via Twitter and he replied that he is aware of the issue and that he would provide a working version within 4-5 hours:

“Hey I will provide you updated version in 4-5 hours. Please also note that everything is unencrypted only installer require item code. Rest all codes are open and you are free to”.

That’s 2 weeks ago and nothing happened. I haven’t heard back from him. Envato wasn’t able to reach out to him neither. I don’t understand why Envato doesn’t take offline the script and rather offers / sells a script which is definitely not working …

Invalid Purchase code – how to resolve this

@ailola and others with this error “Invalid Purchase Code”: Replace app/controllers/InstallController.php with http://pastebin.com/KxMTcPYF

@invisibleinki that does not work

@abhimanyu003 I get a purchase code error too.. Just a heads up