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I have a question so I send the mail. Thanks in advance.

i have as Website in ASP can we implement this ? the server support php ..

but we wont be able to call an include in each file if that is something you are using unless its an JS file call.

Yes, you can implement this.

And yes, you are right with that. You need to work with JS to make the implementation happen.

If you need help with that, please contact me.

what’s if a hacker hides behind a proxy?

Then you will not be able to get the user’s IP. But is not really a problem as the hack will be prevented and successfully reported.

Considering purchase but would like to see the demo which appears to be inaccessible. Please let me know when you have it running, thank you.

Bought the script despite the lack of any response, and do not regret the decision. Customised, installed, and put it to work without trouble. Thanks.

Hello. I’m sorry for the late reply.

I did reply to your e-mail. Thank you for buying and I’m glad you don’t regret that decision :D

Anyone getting any help on this ? sent an email but haven’t heard back yet :(

I guess not.. Well $12 bucks gone for nothing

Hello. Emails have been replied. Thanks :)

No hay demo, no encuentra el servidor… :(

Disculpa la tardanza, hubo problemas con el servidor y no cargaba bien. Ahora ya está funcionando.
Saludos :D

Once correctly installed
How can I test to see if it is functioning properly
Or, do I have to wait until attack to see ?

Hello. Your e-mail has been replied.

Thank you.

I’ve found that my parameter includes the number 2
or the string exec the routine treats it as an injection attempt

for example fails passes’exe’ passes’executive-page fails

Hello. Please email me at tecnovirtu[@]gmail[.]com


if i change ip-address using add-on X-Forwarded HackerCatcher not log info attacker into database :)

That’s right, thank you for pointing that out, I’ll fix it soon.
How did you know about that bug?

Your demo is broken. Seems like you’re using old mysql_connect instead of new mysqli.

Based on comments and reviews I’m buying anyway but I recommend you update the program and fix the demo!

hey any new updates for tis.


Sure! Please take a look here

Best Regards,