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Gym Master - Gym Management System

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Update History

  • 26-08-2022
    - Fixed "Add Nutrition" issue of language other than English
  • 13-07-2022
    - Language Support for English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, 
      Japan, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-BR, Portuguese-PT, Persian, Russian,
      Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Catalan, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew (Israel)
      Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, 
      Swadish, Vietnamese, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marthi, Kannada, Bangali, 
      Malyalam, Urdu, Odia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Luxembourg, Latvian, Slovak
      Slovenia, Zulu
  • 10-06-2022
    - Korean Language Support Added
  • 02-05-2022
    - Fixed Spanish language translation issues
    - Added new currency support for 
        - Bahrain
        - Egypt
        - Iran
        - Israel
        - Jordan
        - Kuwait
        - Lebanon
        - Libya
        - Oman
        - Qatar
        - Saudi Arabia
        - Tunisia
  • 05-06-2021
    - Fixed Registration API same username and password entry issue
    - Fixed ActivityList API data embedded link issue
    - Fixed Get Username error when user not available 
    - Fixed View Activity page YouTube video preview
  • 11-11-2020
    - Fixed Class Booking to go back login page error.
    - Fixed Activity/Edit_activity edit time click on add more button field should fillup.
    - Fixed Report/AttendanceReport select date and end date after error message.
    - Fixed Report tab change on clicking any tab.
    - Add Payment/MembershipPayment on pay button showing due amount on amount field.
    - Fixed Member button removed on member login profile.
    - Add Workout/AddWorkout current date member workout form is show after the click on save button. 
  • 04-11-2020
    - Licence validation added on installer page.
    - Forgot Password module added on login page.
  • 20-06-2020
    - Add class booking module (demo as well as paid class)
    - Add hindi language.
    - Add stripe payment in membership payment.
    - Add listing in reports.
    - Take Attendance using QR code.
    - Change theme color dynamically.
    - Remind admin about coming soon membership expiration.
    - Activity video upload.
  • 12-03-2019
    - Support 31 languages in System language, Datepicker and Calander.
  • 29-01-2019
    - Fixed date format issue.
    - Make mobile friendly version.
  • 23-08-2018
    - Fixed DB issues. Updated DB for mysql strict mode.
    - Fixed GYM Members API issue.
  • 19-05-2018
    - Fixed API Connection issue.
    - Added API for accessright.
  • 21-11-2017
    - Fixed Date Picker issues.
    - Fixed Time Zone issues.
    - Fixed Manage Quantity issues.
    - Fixed Gym Logo and Cover Picture update issues.
  • 17-07-2017
    - [Update] Added more mobile api features.
  • 14-07-2017
    - Rest API - JSON Added
    - API files are located at "gym_master/webroot/nghome" folder.
  • 18-03-2017
    - Fixed Membership from date issue.
    - Class selection error message added in membership page.
  • 30-01-2017
    - Added auto select current member in add workout page.
    - Fixed add level popup issue for mozilla firefox.
  • 23-01-2017
    - Fixed Accountant Role Menus Display Issue.
    - Fixed dashboard calendar birthday year issue.
  • 11-12-2016
    - Added Language Support.
    - Added RTL support.
  • 16-11-2016
    - Initial release

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